Intention's Page

Bible Study Buddy: My initial intention behind the writing of this, was to make the most competitive discussions, for the Bible fun, easy & eventually, very casual. It was to allow filmmaking, books, speeches, debates’ and all other art forms to have a free quality checker, into’s demands’ when it came to specific morals’ & allegories’. To move forward thinking without knowing, one’s intentions’ most centrally with their root’s, creatively. So that opposing others’ ideas’s, in part, can implement to in greater wholesomenesses’ & more goodnesses being added, within those’lls results.

The 2nd Coming of Jesus: To give our generation & future ones’ thinkings a direction, towards goods’, when getting far even out of control; continuing Jesus’ & Heavens witness’, measures way’s; for greater to lesser, young to old, the lowest or highest, poorer or wealthier; from sin, to a mathematician, it’s to the, a mothers illusory ends; to Abraham, Joseses, Isaac, Jameses’, Johns’, Marks, Jesus’s & Adams’s adventuresomeness’. For towards’re Eve’s & Stephens’, in Paul’s. Thomases’ & towards’re Salome’s doubtings’, nice. Merriness; toward healing or to growing, for our Josephs’s timings’ maintaining honesties’ marks throughout badness’, strife; containing. Also, to towardses’s His; maintaining control of youth nerves; gauging awareness, fully, of what the eye sees’s; understanding change’s through the patterns’ eye, of God; to prolong an revelation seeking extensively, too through perfection, as, with imperfection’s measure, just to numbers’ nature.

Pi Patterns: For uses, towards writing in precisely; for our’s seconds’ coming’s; for the nature of impulses’, beyond a ten-folds’ measure’s steps; stripe’s for. Healings’ throughout; proof, for the oppressed, warring water’s to not go into a lesser nature’s, but for lessoning’s; Israel’s & Moses’s multiplied peace’s preservations; the means for of Jacob’s remnants’ of Rachels’ & Josephs, fair; of His worth; Benjamin’s and in Judahs, solemn minds, for the, immediacy in an understandings’. Selah! To outrank even those thereof, most duplicitous minds’. Poetical just’s with countenances’. Waging war just, as with of the’ll and against lying wit’s; of joyfulnesses and in time, tied; to the’s extremist of to two showings’s youth tactics. Remove’s many, & all times’ shouts & doubts’lls, forwards’s! Endings engagements’, for’lls. In a design’s perfection’s airings, most passive’s to tame’s for in the, a wickeds’ vilests’re four fragrance’s, of the, oldest; Methuselahs’ entwines’ unto of blind’s seeing, to.

English & Coptic (Dialectic): Joseph’s name & Joseses’ll is for dreams’ interpretings’ & as; Thomas’ll, eyes, like a opposing brethren’s adverse integrity; braveries mighties’s Daniels heart’s; adamant like Andys’, lovingkindness & Joans’ merits’, in. Wits’s hers of Jonah’s times’s of fives; are Amittais trying’s Pauls’ll & James’s all’s; Immanuels’ll is like a blind seeings’, Jesuses’. A first year’s kindnesses’ll as His; Goliaths’ haste’s, throughout first’ll, in names’ perishing. A shepherd’s mind is, Joseph’s, lyings, as of they. Jacob, within’s Adams, kind’ll, as John, Nicodemus & Pauls’ll, in. Harvesting’s burnings’ll towards one’s for four’lls name mark’s. The English ver. establishes for the a mothers’s as softest Samuel’s. The coptic dialects’ expands for the, a widest; deepest, creative vocabularys’ of matter’s. Matching, as Michael & Michals’ names, Davids first wife of seven others and Archangel of the highest’ll into His.

Seventeen Books Chapter Index’s, a Series: An equations tool, allowing the brain’s to think mostly of, in transitionary’s change’s; them, in ark. Passage’s of in each books’ chapters offer as many specific’s direction, healings’ & in revelation too, also by. All seventeen as in the very same tones’ as numbers’ clamour’s. The essence’s, of the chapters’ index’s list, shall remain, solid & unchanged. Pneumatically sound; as I eagerly look forward to writing they, into perfection all so, to study upon. Every pi pattern’s woven in with the index, throughout, sometimes making up many chapters, directly and a few most indirect, yet in line. This’s for giving completion to numbers’ll, all within ease & of meriting time’s; a tool to follow along as a reasonable guide, thinkings’. A marker’s, for exercises, in trusting; the purpose, to see why & how, to trust more; the faster. Complex! One’s thinking gets. Use’s for!