Book 1

The Book of Joseph

Gospel for the Age of Aquarius
2,150 – 4,300 A. D.
January 20 – February 18


θɛ Bøỏk øf Żøsęφ

Gôspɛl fỏr ðē Ażɛ øf Åquârius
2,150 – 4,300 A. D.
Żånuâry 20 – Fębruâry 18


Book 1 (Aquarius) {Pi Pattern #1 – Mercury}

Chαptęr 1 – Pârαblɛ øf ðɛ Lαdybug αnd Spidęr

Chαptęr 2 – Pârαblɛ øf ðɛ Rhinôçęrœs’ Hrn αnd Alligâtør

Chαptęr 3 – Pârαblɛ øf ðē Hαmmɛr Riding in α Hôt Air Bållỏœn

Chαptęr 4 – Mαtðɛw Cœmɛs t Discuß Errœrs Wrôngs αnd Dɛfēαts Wið Żēsus

Chαptęr 5 – Żēsus Tęlls Mæry θαt Mæry’s Brøðɛr Hαs Diēd

Chαptęr 6 – A Drôøf Wαtęr Frøm His Nęighbøur’s Fôuntαin

Chαptęr 7 – Żēsus αnd θē Mærys Hēαl Låzârus Frøm His Tmb

Chαptęr 8 – Żēsus Hēαls Œnɛ øf Hɛrød’s Çęnturiøn Męn (A. Immαnuɛl, & B. Żēsus)

Chαptęr 9 – Żôhn ðɛ Båptist’s Risɛ αnd Tråditiøn θɛrɛøαnd Åbôut Hē

Chαptęr 10 – θɛ Låst Suppɛr øf ðɛ Twęlvɛ Apôstlɛs αnd Hē

Chαptęr 11 – Lukɛ Sęlls His Swỏrd t Purchâsɛ α Cløαk (Prēquɛl)

Chαptęr 12 – Żøsęφ øf Arimαðâæ αnd Nicødēmus Ēclipsɛ Gôd’s Knôwlɛdżɛ Frøm Hårm

Chαptęr 13 – Żēsus FrɛēÆdæαnd His Sôns Frøm Hęll

Chαptęr 14 – Pētœr’s Apprēçiâtiøn fr Môdęsty αnd θɛn Påul

Chαptęr 15 – Pârαblɛ øðɛ Scârɛcrøws Lying in Żudåh’s Cœrnfiɛld

Chαptęr 16 – Sαint Stēφęn’s Nâmɛ αnd ðɛ Virżin BrøðɛŻâs

Chαptęr 17 – Żøsęφ ðɛ Cårpɛntęr’s Hômiliēs αnd Żôhn’s Gręαt Rɛvęlâtiøn by Rɛcøgnitiøns øf Ærchαnżœl Michæl

Chαptęr 0.2 (1:0:205) – Żēsus’ Møðɛr Mæry’s Wisęst Dây

– C O M I N G – S O O N –

Book 2

Capricorn 4,300 – 6,450 A. D.
Book 2 (Capricorn) {Pi Pattern #2 – Venus}

Chαptęr 0.2 (1:0:205)Żoesus’ Môthɛr Måry’s Wisɛst Dαy
(Jesus’ Mother Mary’s Wisest Day) (Aquarius)

Chapter 18 (2:1) – Saul the Grape Gatherer From Tarsis Stumbles at Hearing Sheep Seeing of an Eldest True

Chapter 19 (2:2) – Saul the Sinner Could Be Saved By an Awesome Shows’ Faiths

Chapter 20 (2:3) – Saul’s Vision of Jesus and Paul’s Full Allies

Chapter 21 (2:4) – Moses’ Tabernacle Burns Twelve Præying Lambs a Week

Chapter 22 (2:5) – Paul Can Say Why Saul Wouldn’t Dream What

Chapter 23 (2:6) – Luke & Paul Give of Their Families Gifts

Chapter 24 (2:7) – Dual Hands’ Force in Paul and Lukes’ Hands Writing on In

Chapter 25 (2:8) – David Might Receive Saul’s Daughter and Tax Exemption Status If He Defeats Goliath of Gath with a Sling and Five Smooth Stones in His Pouch Pocket Bag

Chapter 26 (2:9) – Jesus May Only Be the Best That’s Ever Been for Healing Earth If He Might Be a Loud It

Chapter 27 (2:10) – A Lampstand and Shewbread Decorate a Table’s Abound Men’s

Chapter 28 (2:11) – Moses and God’s Guide Aaron Follow Ten Plagues Brought on the Pharaoh’s Hard Earned Heartland in Egypt’s Daze

Chapter 29 (2:12) – Dream-Interpreter Joseph and Jacob Adopt Twins Manasseh & Ephraim Establishing All the Land Israel Before of Jeroboam’s Children

Chapter 30 (2:13) – Parable of the Small Caterpillar on a Fig Tree During Job’s Bleak Days in Uz’s Land

Chapter 31 (2:14) – Simon the Magus Takes a Golden Calf for an Eye Doll

Chapter 32 (2:15) – Simon a Magus Leads Israel’s House of Forty Lamb Before the Wilderness’ Shearer

Chapter 33 (2:16) – Isaac Takes Rebekah as a Sister for His Wife

Chapter 34 (2:17)God and Abraham Burn Seven Ewes With Wood at Isaac’s Altar Rinsing

Book 3

Sagittarius 6,450 – 8,600 A. D.
(Saggitarius) {Pi Pattern #3 – Earth}

Chapter 35 (3:1) – Abram’s House Uproots Not a Thread With Praise to His Sandal’s Toward Five High Priest’s Name Sodoms’ King Melchizedek’s Dividing Gomorrahs’ Force Admahs Flaming Fury Zoar’s Inner Strength Nor Zeboiim Hardest Biggest Most Vile Kingdoms at War Against Chedorlaomer’s Harmony Withal Four’s Forces of Tides Within Elam’s Nexus for Amraphel the Shinar’s Accordances and Ellasars’ Heir in Arioch’s Coordination

Chapter 36 (3:2) – Guiltless Joses of Cypress Pine Joseph’s Son Intrigued By Paul Into Bringing His Word to Box Tree Barnabas’ Spare Sword’s Tip for Saul From Tarsis’ Shewbread as David Pondering Bethlehems’ House Thereof Jesse and Obed in Gad’s Garden Inside the Hereth Forest

Chapter 37 (3:3) – Queen Esther Sent Sackcloth and Garments Wherewithal Mordecai’s Chamber Cries in Bitter Destruction to the Great Nemesis Haman Relieving Deliverances Before Any Golden Sceptor’s Provinces Thereof Men or a Woman Perishing Inside Inner Court of Thirty Days

Chapter 38 (3:4) – Coal Kindled for Even Nicodemus’ Witness to Pontius Pilate the Court Magistrate’s Into His Non-Condemnation of Within Him

Chapter 39 (3:5) – Simon Iscariot’s Cod Therein His Two Son’s Timing Thereof Thinking’s Rhyming About the Tough Crises Cries Wherewithal Tepid Turns Events to Coming Awhile on Back Again

Chapter 40 (3:6) – Baptized of His Mother and Father Zechariah’s Life Wisdom John the Baptist Receives in God’s Word Jesus’ Laid Intentions for the People He Calls His Sown Seeds

Chapter 41 (3:7) – Cornelius’ Journeys Within Peter’s Encouragement and His Righteous Start Praising Forever Him in Words for Singing Toward Heaven Bright

Chapter 42 (3:8) – Nehemiah Needs Thereabout His Alms Enriching Youth’s Praises About Thereof in Words of Bushes in the Purest to Vines

Chapter 43 (3:9) – Worshipping Nicodemus Devours Pontius Pilate’s Sin in Time Even Enough Before All His Harms Airs’

Chapter 44 (3:10) – Paul’s Age for His and All Jesus’ Act of to Coming

Chapter 45 (3:11) – The Sons’ Wise Hand’s Proverbs Foolhardy His Provide a Dog Bread Crumbs Jolly By of Her Ears

Chapter 46 (3:12) – Mary Magdalene’s Appearance Before the Virgin Mother’s Eyes Honourable

Chapter 47 (3:13) – Parable of a Harmony Into Sanctifying Heretic’s & Heresy Sanctimony But to Two in Times’ Too

Chapter 48 (3:14) – Two Too Many Lost Harmony’s Laws Exalted Well Esteemed and in the Pit Towards Selah’s

Chapter 49 (3:15) – The Heavens Strike a Harm in an Age Toward Solomon’s Great Peace and Acts

Chapter 50 (3:16) – Andy and Lazarus Live in Bethany Praying Beneath an Almond Tree’s Flowers Not Free From the Eves’ Hours Nor of Harmony Sour Too’s Well

Chapter 51 (3:17) – Judah’s House as Ten Thousand Crying Envisions Defense From Hezekiah’s Extremities Killing Their Noble Air’s Kind With an Outcast Right With Whining in His Mind for Far Too Bright to Worshipping Him of at All

Chapter 0.3 (3:0:207) – Philip Rejoices in Philosophy

Chapter 0.4 (3:0:208) – Jesus Echoes Before His Pea Ship Hull

Book 4

Scorpio 8,600 – 10,750 A. D.
(Scorpio) {Pi Pattern #4 – Mars}

Chapter 52 (4:1) – King Josiah’s Daughter in the Potter’s Fields of Moab Devours Insult Arrogance and Threatens Jealous Fires By Inside Her Seeings

Chapter 53 (4:2) – Paul’s Perfect Fierce Tempered Joy Saves Lives Like a Strong Hardened Stone’s Against the First Adamant Foreheads of Man’s

Chapter 54 (4:3) – Job’s Soul Barren Refuses Food Requests of Lebanon Come Away Up Tender Grapes for Top Near Amana

Chapter 55 (4:4) – Nathan Confronts David on Bathsheba’s Dwelling in Tent Curtains and Tamar Lays Inside Her Brother Amnons’ House

Chapter 56 (4:5) – David Son of Jesse Friend in Jonathan Marries Abigail and Samuel Gathers Against His Mother Hannah to Six Childrens’ Enemies From the Zobah Kings Harassing Hands on Plundering Amalekites’ Attacks

Chapter 57 (4:6) – Joseph and Benjamin Fall on the Brother’s Neck and Weep Before a Pharaoh

Chapter 58 (4:7) – Judas and Jesus Discerns Among the Apostles’ Friends and Family Plans of the Coming New Ages’

Chapter 59 (4:8) – Joseph the Hebrew Interprets a Butler and Chief Baker’s Dreams Pharaoh’s Anger Ranks They’re Hanging in There Their Three Days of Waiting to Hear & See

Chapter 60 (4:9) – James and Jude’s in Relationship Within of Laws

Chapter 61 (4:10) – Moses’ Lips Uncircumcised and Aaron’s Rod Swallowing of in Serpents Up

Chapter 62 (4:11) – Solomon’s Remembrance Grasping the Wisdom Within Wind to an Eternity of Hearts

Chapter 63 (4:12) – Peter’s Ship Below in Ninevah’s Bottomless Sea Even Lower Still Than the Lesser Heard’s Hearing

Chapter 64 (4:13) – Jonah Son of Amittai Frees His Eight Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Hardened Hearts in Shelah’s Pool and Antiochus’ Genealogy Swallowed Up By Heaven’s Dew

Chapter 65 (4:14) – Artaxerxes’ Thirty Second Year as Babylon’s King and Shealtiel of Jeconiah Serves Gold Vessel’s Drinks as Bakbukiah Begins in Thanksgiving Prayer for Soil Budding Starts Sprouting Into the Springs

Chapter 66 (4:15) – Clemency Improves Inside of the Pharisee’s Catastrophes

Chapter 67 (4:16) – Joses of Cypress Pine Turns Toward a Box Tree Known as Barnabas

Chapter 68 (4:17) – John and Mary Mark the Good Word Given to Readers

Chapter 0.6 (4:0:209) – Bartholomew, the Father and Jesus See Twelve’s Might in Harnessing Two of Them

Book 5

Libra 10,750 – 12,900 A. D.
(Libra) {Pi Pattern #5 – Jupiter}

Chapter 69 (5:1) – Antiochus the Sixth a Child of Seven Grows Cold and Filled With Hatred as He Refines’ Family’s Honour

Chapter 70 (5:2) – Simon of the Father Iscariots Children and a Gain in Saint Thomas Twin Lover to Zealots Challengers

Chapter 71 (5:3) – Moses Strikes the Rock in Kadesh Two Times Pouring Out Water of Meribah

Chapter 72 (5:4) – Cornelius Draws Plans for an Attack of the Age’s Salvation Coming

Chapter 73 (5:5) – Adam and Eve’s Judgment Sent of Eighteenth Generation Father Abraham Ninety-Nine Years in Age

Chapter 74 (5:6) – A Prophet as Moses Will Come of Mount Horeb With Bronze Overhead and Iron About the Earth

Chapter 75 (5:7) – Terah’s Years Numbered Two Hundred and Five Then Abram Takes Sarai His Wife Departing Haran of Seventy-Five

Chapter 76 (5:8) – Jesus a Friend in Mary Magdalene Shows How She May Match Her Faith of His Not Afraid

Chapter 77 (5:9) – Antiochus the Thirteenth Father in Son Amittai Escapes Idol’s Dwelling to Jesus Lightening Within Claims Though of Heart Pontius Pilate Rejects Them Anyways

Chapter 78 (5:10) – Balteshazzar Throughout Daniel’s Vision Into Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream None of Arioch’s Chaldean Astrologers Nor of Magician Soothsayers Might Perceive in Seeing

Chapter 79 (5:11) – Peter Jesus’ Life His Renews for God’s of He

Chapter 80 (5:12) – If Judas Betrays the Lord Savior of Jesus to Complete Barbellos’ Perfection Existence Far Below Peaceful Green Acreage

Chapter 81 (5:13) – Tychicus Faces Change With His Faithful Brother of Onesimus Bringing Titus’ Faith in Chains and Timothy’s Perfection on Timing Within Graces

Chapter 82 (5:14) – The Sound Virgin Mary’s Constant Equal Countenance Immovable Without Intermission

Chapter 83 (5:15) – Peter Can’t Scare Against Divination Tactics Easily as Andy Doesn’t Appreciate His Friends of Lying to Him

Chapter 84 (5:16) – We All and Paul Behold the Mirror Before a Mere Face Unveiled

Chapter 85 (5:17) – Queen Esther in Mordecai’s Beauty Finds Favor Within King Ahasuerus’ Eye Seeking Haman the Agagite Jew Enemy Dangling Above and to of His Hanging Up High

Chapter 0.7 (5:0:211) – James Not Afraid Being of Too Great

Chapter 0.8 (5:0:212) – James Cuts More to Honour the Less

Book 6

Virgo 12,900 – 15,050 A. D.
(Virgo) {Pi Pattern #6 – Saturn}

Chapter 86 (6:1) – Nehemiah Promises Vineyards and the New Wine Will Restore of Oppressors

Chapter 87 (6:2) – Ezekiel the Watchman for Israel Sees Winged Creatures in Fours and Faces With Wheels of Beryl Beside Each

Chapter 88 (6:3) – Joel Removes Israel’s Borders Dripping New Wine From Zion’s Fountains Watering the Valleys of Acacias

Chapter 89 (6:4) – Daniel’s Vision for a Daily Quest Through Fire’s Transgression Before His Bread

Chapter 90 (6:5) – The End Has Come on the Wicked and Righteous Land’s Four Corners Against Transgression to Their Designs

Chapter 91 (6:6) – Jesus the Christ Mary a Virgin Mother and Joseph Not Willing to Invest in Perceptions of His Time’s Mediocre

Chapter 92 (6:7) – Horsemen in Chariots Press Harlotry on Virgin Youth’s Bosoms in Ezekiel’s Egypt Times

Chapter 93 (6:8) – Three Wise Kings From Casper Bring Fragrant Incense and Gold to the Child of God’s

Chapter 94 (6:9) – Jesus Teaches the Blind to Heal and Seeing

Chapter 95 (6:10) – Job Answers His Friend’s Generations Forever to Heart’s Pitiless Ends

Chapter 96 (6:11) – The Shulamite Adorns Dross’ Fruit No Tongue Could Speak an Evil To

Chapter 97 (6:12) – Copper Coins of Two for Five Numbered Sparrow

Chapter 98 (6:13) – Lord Jesus Christ and Paul’s Given Up in Multitudes of Seductive Harlot Harlotries for Vile Passions

Chapter 99 (6:14) – Courageous Nicodemus Meets the Jailed Mathematician of Arimathaea Joseph With Heart

Chapter 100 (6:15) – Parable of Wild Geese’ Correct Timing

Chapter 101 (6:16) – Parable of the Peacock’s Majestic Walk

Chapter 102 (6:17) – The First and Last Prophecy Preaching in Love’s Beginning Life’s Great Glory Doctrine Counseling Naked Mystery Four Just Soul’s Creations Jesus Christ Alpha Omega the Lamb Raising Saints Also Martyr’s Bodies Drunk Onto Covenant’s Blood Contending Harlot’s Abominations With Saul Washing Firstfruit Judgment’s Sins While Cornelius’ Stripes Reveal God’s Invisible Key Lighting Ten Crowns for a Scarlet Lake of Fire’s Blasphemous Name to Open Apollyon’s Bottomless Pit Ending

Chapter 0.9 (6:0:213) – Judas Iscariot Carries a Carriage of Jude’s / Jude’s Carriage Carries Judas Iscariot

Book 7

Leo 15,050 – 17,200 A. D.
(Leo) {Pi Pattern #7 – Neptune}

Chapter 103 (7:1) – Matthew Collector Propitious With Taxes Makes a Date for to Jesus Goes and Fishes in Sea’s Harmony Without of the Watcher Mary Magdalene Coming Wherewithal Inside He

Chapter 104 (7:2) – Luke’s & Judes Cornfield Sworn Believers of on James’ Wherewithal Inside in Jesus’

Chapter 105 (7:3) – John the Baptist’s Shifting Tides to of in Holy Water’s and His Rim for a Blessing’s

Chapter 106 (7:4) – Balaam the Wicked’s Sacrificing Seven Alters for in of Bulls and Rams Towards the King Balak’s Request to Israel’s Cursing

Chapter 107 (7:5) – King Solomon’s Well-Roundness Appeals of Many a Noble Youth Mind’s

Chapter 108 (7:6) – Saul the Grape Gatherer From Tarsis Watches in Seeing Butterflies to Gods Emerge Out of Their Cocoons

Chapter 109 (7:7) – Sixty-Six Books and a Way for Heaven’s Goal

Chapter 110 (7:8) – Paul and Barnabas Meet at High Places Inside Elisha’s Way Paving Toward God to Elijah Wherewithal Good Grace’s for the Age’s Coming Up

Chapter 111 (7:9) – Pauls’ Grass’re Graces of in Him to Saul’s Plain Raisings’ Into He and Heaven’s Days

Chapter 112 (7:10) – Marthas Roses Standing in Fragrant Days Raining to of Clear Cloud’s Brightnesses in a Skies Delight’s

Chapter 113 (7:11) – Jesus and Gods’ Close Tide in Matthew’s & Bartholomews’ Father Aiming Talmai With He Too to Ptolemy

Chapter 114 (7:12) – Time for Mary Magdalene Is as Tychicus in an Ending’s Engagement

Chapter 115 (7:13) – Shelah’s Painstaking Aim’s Staking Claims to His Mind’s in of Inks Falling

Chapter 116 (7:14) – Alexander of Cyprus’ Cloisters to the Sanctuary Towards That Barnabas Which’s Joses for in Him

Chapter 117 (7:15) – Parable of the Snails Meeting of a Strong Bird’s Beak

Chapter 118 (7:16) – Paul’s Harmony Drawing of on Judas’ Potter’s Field Airs to a Song Toward an Ages’ Coming Up

Chapter 119 (7:17) – Johns’ Days Noble Down Overcome

Chapter 0.11 (7:0:214) – Luke Must Account for Sins / Cornelius Must Account for His Sins

Chapter 0.13 (7:0:216) – Mary Magdalene is Freed of Honour

Book 8

Cancer 17,200 – 19,350 A. D.
(Cancer) {Pi Pattern 8 – Uranus}

Chapter 120 (8:1) – Simon and Peter Make Friends Though Are Still an Enemy of God and Gods

Chapter 121 (8:2) – Cornelius Documents Peter’s Sovereign Battles Peaceful Shade and Simon’s Multitudes of Misinterpretations

Chapter 122 (8:3) – Peter Set Against His Person Same as Him

Chapter 123 (8:4) – Paul Holds of James Esteem High His Releasing

Chapter 124 (8:5) – Cornelius Lodges Alms in the Ninth Hour of Day Four’s

Chapter 125 (8:6) – Josephus Preserves Roman Catholicism Even Pauline Angelic Thinking Thin Christians

Chapter 126 (8:7) – Naphtali Loses His Tribe’s Identity to of Jacob Being Invaded By Joshua’s Army

Chapter 127 (8:8) – Luke and Paul Council Zeus Not of Following Gods in Men’s Likenesses

Chapter 128 (8:9) – King Saul Gives David Daughters Mehab Then Michal to Marry as Thanks Fearing From Him His Light Esteems

Chapter 129 (8:10) – Joseph From Arimathaea and Simon of Cyrene Carry Jesus’ Cross and Bury Him in His Sepulchre

Chapter 130 (8:11) – Joses Jesus’ Brother Enjoys Paul and the Joy of Understanding Revelations in His Readings

Chapter 131 (8:12) – Jesus Selects Men and Women of Proven Valour for His Peace-Filled Army

Chapter 132 (8:13) – Ceasar Nero’s Displays in Grand Embarrassment Defines His Role as One Seeking Recognitions to Recognize Divine Recognition

Chapter 133 (8:14) – Hear All Women and Judah in Egypt’s Land

Chapter 134 (8:15) – Cornelius Inside His Quest Dim of Immortality’s Slight to Remembrances’ Recognitions

Chapter 135 (8:16) – Joseph’s House Gains the Strength to Dan’s Children Dwelling Inside of Mount Heres

Chapter 136 (8:17) – Jesus Christ Jude and Judas’ Ass Brave Bad Behavior

Chapter 0.15 (8:0:218) – The Testament of Cornelius Pit Simon and Peter as Enemies of Gods

Book 9

Gemini 19,350 – 21,500 A. D.
(Gemini) {Pi Pattern #9 – Pluto}

Chapter 137 (9:1) – Moses’ Burning Bush Tells Him a New Home Lies in Harvesting His People’s

Chapter 138 (9:2) – Satan Brings Choice to Children of Over the World

Chapter 139 (9:3) – Paul Writes the First Received Book & a Lords’ Blessing

Chapter 140 (9:4) – A Puffed Up Paul Makes the Proud of Worthy to Not Upright

Chapter 141 (9:5) – A Weeping Prophet and Prince of Peace Isaiah the Wonderful Counselor

Chapter 142 (9:6) – Paul and Saul Removes His Demons From of a Girl Jesus Removes Seven to the Same Too

Chapter 143 (9:7) – Parable of the Child Leading By an Elephant

Chapter 144 (9:8) – Parable of the Crab in Its Shell

Chapter 145 (9:9) – Nicodemus Writes Letters to on Satan in of Pontius Pilate’s Judgement Toward the Savior’s Crucifixion

Chapter 146 (9:10) – Joseph an Arimathaean Mathematician of Believing in Jesus’ Way

Chapter 147 (9:11) – Joses of Cypress Pine Sacrifices His Intention’s to Meek Pauls’ Even Message Clear

Chapter 148 (9:12) – The Pharaoh’s Loathing Kindness of Moses’ Ten Plagues Into Aaron’s God Delivery

Chapter 149 (9:13) – Luke Can’t Resist Healing a One or Two’s to Hurting of Faith’s No More

Chapter 150 (9:14) – Bartholomews’ Mouth Spills Forth Heavy Whines and of Heated Breezes

Chapter 151 (9:15) – King Solomon Builds Benjamin a House Inside of Judah’s

Chapter 152 (9:16) – A Leaning Shulamite Daughter of to Jerusalem’s Sister Sings Long Before the Baptisms in Him and John’s

Chapter 153 (9:17) – Nehemiah the Messenger Known for Doing Great Things Builds of Walls Inside Jerusalem’s Wings

Chapter 0.17 (9:0:220) – Joses’ Barnabas Interpolates Prophet Paul’s Vision of Jesus as the Messiah

Book 10

Taurus 21,500 – 23,650 A. D.
(Taurus) {Pi Pattern #10 – Eris}

Chapter 154 (10:1) – Benjamin’s and Josephs’ Cup Bring Harmony to of Children in Rachel and With Inside Jacobs’

Chapter 155 (10:2) – Shelahs’ Pit for All of to Falling in With Selah Too as Wells’

Chapter 156 (10:3) – Shelahs’ Dark Wisdom for in of Inner Sanctities

Chapter 157 (10:4) – Selah Chance Toward Change of Men’s Hearts & Minds’ Step on That a Stones’

Chapter 158 (10:5) – Mary Magdalenes’ Harmony’s Within for Too as a View Wavering Inside Her of For

Chapter 159 (10:6) – Mary Magdalene Leans’ Onto Calves Hidden Entrails’ Hide Inside About the Sins Toward Jesus Gods One True Sons Onliest Eye and’s Joseph the Carpenters’ Light in Purest His Way Sown Into a Delights’

Chapter 160 (10:7) – A Grain Puzzle Sands’ Throughout Time Hither for True Emergence in Stone’s Not Been Thrown of But Selah Towards Inking to an Innocence Message’s Within Lofting Airs’ Filled By the Needies and It Works Into a Peaceful Words’ Massaging Through Him and Alive in Heaven Too

Chapter 161 (10:8) – Peter and Andy’s Make Up True

Chapter 162 (10:9) – Jairus’ Daughter With an Illness Inside & a Father and Mother of Wails in Weeping Seeing Her Lay on the Bed Beside She’s Healing Jesus

Chapter 163 (10:10) – Parable of an Ant Living Within Immanuel’s First Eight Days Before His Names’ Jesus

Chapter 164 (10:11) – Immanuels’ Sown’re Toward His Father’s Furthest Reaching Kindnesses Wherewithal Virtues Afoot Him and the Way Too in of Up High

Chapter 165 (10:12) – Men in Harms’ Way’re Struck By a Force of Toward an Army Into Heavens’

Chapter 166 (10:13) – Adam & Eve’s Even Abel Lives Lifting to Be of in He Nine Hundred & Thirty Years as Stable’s It and Toward’s Him

Chapter 167 (10:14) – Obediah’s Seeds’re Sown By the Merry Grape Gatherer’s Hearts and Sold Afore His Gate Leading Inward Into a Center at in Edoms’ Garden

Chapter 168 (10:15) – Mary a Virgin’s Son Thereof Christ Jesus One True Son Only in Gods Just Army and a Man Too of as Well

Chapter 169 (10:16) – Andy & Cephas Forces Graces’ Finds Lighting Into a Holiest Leading Places’ and the Well to Simon’s Too

Chapter 170 (10:17) – Thomas at Righteousness Entwines to the Holiest Sight Seeing His Hands Two Sign of Too

Chapter 0.19 (10:0:222) – Simon the Zealot Has to Shade His Time Throughout Casting of Shame’s

Chapter 0.21 (10:0:224) – Simon the Brother of Joses Sells Pottery to a Friend for Judas’

Chapter -1.00 (10:Neg(-):8∞00) – Righteous Proceeds for the Wicked and Justice Lessens Their Laws Not on One Sordid Soar Lesson Sure Onto Even Men to of Kindness Too

Book 11

Aries 23,650 – 25,800 A. D.
(Aries) {Pi Pattern #11 – Haumea}

Chapter 171 (11:1) – Paul’s Soliloquies as Saul Making Christ His in Essence of to the Sinner’s

Chapter 172 (11:2) – Jesus’ Tears Make Men of Cries Try Hardest

Chapter 173 (11:3) – The Christ in Cornelius’ Invincible Name

Chapter 174 (11:4) – Michaels’ Gateway Into Paradise in Heavens’

Chapter 175 (11:5) – Matthew’s Against Taming Tactics to Withstanding a Beast’s Attacks on the One of in Christ Jesus’ Childrens’ Imaginations Way to Kindness

Chapter 176 (11:6) – Timothy’s Time Supports Unexpected of Others

Chapter 177 (11:7) – Marthas and Mary’s Stand Up at Seeing

Chapter 178 (11:8) – Mary Assures Peace & Harmony Within Her Intent’s Retraction

Chapter 179 (11:9) – Pauls and Mary Magdalenes’ Brother Timothy Honours Not to Serve Willingly of Direction’s

Chapter 180 (11:10) – Shelahs’ Lake for of Horses’ Spurring Forward on the Bridge Courtyards’ Entrance

Chapter 181 (11:11) – Parable of the Fishermans’ Yarn in a Deep Blue Sea’s

Chapter 182 (11:12) – Parable of the Mans Divisions to Force’s in a Fires’

Chapter 183 (11:13) – Obediahs’ Sown Seeds Four Toward His of Growing To

Chapter 184 (11:14)Ruth a Moabitess Wife of the Dead Mahlon Marries Boaz Son to His Brothers Father Nahshon

Chapter 185 (11:15) – Immanuel’s Life Leading Toward a Rise Up of His Miracle Birth Into Ringing an Order From the Childs’ Ages Glances and Wherein Inside Heaven’s Too

Chapter 186 (11:16) – Shelahs’ Intent’s Acting of on a Hoping Disaster’s Reigning Coming Toward Him

Chapter 187 (11:17) – A Madrigal Alms Stays in a Fisherman’s Great Grace Towards Psalms Inside Davids’ Praising & Prancing About His Days

Chapter 0.23Γγ (11:0:226) – Mary Magdalene Uses Jesus to See Her Strength, Lying Of

Chapter 0.24 (11:0:227) – Thomas Didymus Leads Jesus the Twin Riding on Iscariots’ Chariot

Book 12

Pisces 25,800 – 27,950 A. D.
(Pisces) {Pi Pattern #12 – Makemake}

Chapter 188 (12:1) – John the Baptist and Luke Waters Down Below Inside of Beneath He

Chapter 189 (12:2) – Rachel the Daughter Within Laban a Wife Smiling Thereof on Jacob’s House and Friend in Dinah’s as Kind of Esteeming to Her Twelve Brothers

Chapter 190 (12:3) – Tychicus the Righteous Servant of Athens Greece Teaches an Art in Blinding Imperfection to Farther a Truth’s Helping Reach

Chapter 191 (12:4) – Parable of a Small Pea’s Lodging From Inside Its Pod

Chapter 192 (12:5) – Joses’ Miracles Travel of Farther Into a Blessed New Time’s Too

Chapter 193 (12:6) – Mary Magdalene’s Castle Within Towards Dreaming of in on the Clouds

Chapter 194 (12:7) – Mary Magdalene’s Grace’s Within a Sown Show’s for in of Her’s

Chapter 195 (12:8) – Job & Johns’ Eye in Toward the Making of Their Time’s the Greatest

Chapter 196 (12:9) – Joses’ Tree for in It’s Time & of Miracle’s Too

Chapter 197 (12:10) – Magdalene & Sarahs’ Skies for the Tireds’ and Sinful Eyes

Chapter 198 (12:11) – Thomas’ Heart’s in His Mind & Soul’s

Chapter 199 (12:12) – Nicodemus Is in of Times’ Merit

Chapter 200 (12:13) – Tychicus Is in of Time’s Merits

Chapter 201 (12:14) – Tychicus’ Time’s Not Worthy to Praise

Chapter 202 (12:15) – Magdalene’s Merit Falls Into the Pit

Chapter 203 (12:16) – Man’s Aimful Gain Inside a Good

Chapter 204 (12:17) – Thomas’ Hand & to Marys’ of Cyrus

Chapter 0.25 (12:0:228) – God and Jesus in Pisces (Pisces)

Chapter 0.27 (12:0:229) – Andy’s Semitism Holds Contempt to the Coming Ages’ Principle Christ

Chapter 0.29 (12:0:231) – Peter Rocks God’s Polite Hard Right

Book 13

Ophiuchus 6,672 – 8,081 A. D.
(Ophiuchus) {Pi Pattern #13 – Sedna}

Chapter 233 (13:1) – Ephraim Sacrifices Baals of in Aven’s High Den Places

Chapter 234 (13:2) – The Daughter to Mount in Zion

Chapter 235 (13:3) – Jesus’ Cross Carries Throughout Golgatha

Chapter 236 (13:4) – John the Baptist Reject Testimony to in Jesus

Chapter 237 (13:5) – The Shulamite’s Dream Having a Husband Before the Samarian Woman of at Five

Chapter 238 (13:6) – John’s Hesitation About His Fishing Trip

Chapter 239 (13:7) – The Preaching of in Modest Timothys

Chapter 240 (13:8) – Dragons’ Eggs About Israel Inside of Benjamin

Chapter 241 (13:9) – The Mourners to Elijah’s Great Disastrous Day

Chapter 242 (13:10) – Simon’s Gold Calf of on Sorcery

Chapter 243 (13:11) – Peter’s and Tychicus’ Words That Touch Many a Noble Right

Chapter 244 (13:12) – Matthew and James’ Father the Timely Alphaeus

Chapter 245 (13:13) – James’ Great Voice One Can’t Even Describe It’s Worth of Well

Chapter 246 (13:14) – Two-Thousand Swine Enter Running in the Sea Galilee

Chapter 247 (13:15) – Simon Peter’s Dueling Takes Place Inside Misinterpretations of Sought

Chapter 248 (13:16) – Jesus’ Beatitudes Give Praise to of Hands for the Meek Less

Chapter 249 (13:17) – The Wisdom in Jesus From Nazareth Heals the Daughter Within Jairus

Chapter 0.31χ (13:0:250) – Jonah and Peters’ Turtles / Near Haven’s Bay

Chapter 0.32 (13:0:251) – Andy and Joan’s White Quail

Chapter 0.33 (13:0:252) – God Save His Lost City of Zion

Book 14

Cetus 20,358 – 22,124 A. D.
(Cetus) {Pi Pattern #14 – Orcus}

Chapter 253 (14:1) – Unknowing Samuel Takes an Amorite Eli Over to Handsome Beersheba Among the Levites

Chapter 254 (14:2) – Eli the Ninety-Eight Year Old With Dim Eyesight Came From the Battle-Lines of Ashdod and Dagon

Chapter 255 (14:3) – One Hundred and Eight Days Haman Decrees the King’s Commands for Esther’s Maid’s and Eunuchs Destruction

Chapter 256 (14:4) – Simon Shouldn’t Be Confused With an Iscariot the Zealots Father

Chapter 257 (14:5) – Simon a Cyrenian Father in Alexander Bears the Cross for Jesus Coming Out to Joseph of Arimathaea

Chapter 258 (14:6) – Timothy’s Remembrance of His Flesh and Mind’s Neither Jewish Nor Greek of an Archangel Caught in the Air Up Alive

Chapter 259 (14:7) – Parable of the Doves and Swans Within Our Ponds

Chapter 260 (14:8) – Simon the Cyrenian Compelled Father for Roofus Might Lay the Country According

Chapter 261 (14:9) – The Salutation of Paul Is in Every Epistle’s Sign

Chapter 262 (14:10) – The Fast Titus Didn’t Consecrate Inside of Troas

Chapter 263 (14:11) – Judah’s King and Seven Counselor’s Love Offering Silver and Gold Freely of Israel’s God

Chapter 264 (14:12) – My Abominable Mention Far Away From Me in the Pit Shelah

Chapter 265 (14:13) – Royal Queen Esther Invites Not a Miserable Disgraceful Indignation From Job of the Womb and Grave

Chapter 266 (14:14) – Parable to the Rich Not Choking on Thorns Bringing Life’s Noble Pleasures and Fruit Into Maturity

Chapter 267 (14:15) – Homilies of Joseph the Carpenter’s Diary (#1-3)

Chapter 268 (14:16) – Nicodemus Writes Letters to Joseph the Carpenter About the Mind’s Law of Sin and Warring Against Members in Captivity’s Flesh (Epistle #1-2)

Chapter 269 (14:17) – Through Corinth Greece Pontus and Priscilla Travel North to See the House of Justus

Chapter 0.34 (14:0:270) – King David’s Twelve Thousand Men of Absaloms’ Monumental Pillar

Chapter 0.36 (14:0:271) – Neriah Recalls Emilech on the Last of Orpah and Ruth Moabitess’ Trial to Restore Naomi

Chapter 0.38 (14:0:273) – Jacob Boasts the Days to Being in Place of God in Rachel’s Womb

Chapter 0.39 (14:0:275) – A Vile South King Borders Seizing the Norths’ Multitude By Raging Intrigues

Book 15

Leap Year 26,511 – 26,528 A. D.
(Leap Year) {Pi Pattern #15 – Quaoar}

Chapter 276 (15:1) – Jesus’ Stance Is Taken at Center on the Highest of Way

Chapter 277 (15:2) – Mary Magdalene’s Time in Lazarus’ Dying Needs

Chapter 278 (15:3) – Mary Magdalene’s Multitudinous Mountain’s Oranges’ Harmonies Within Delightfully Tasting Of

Chapter 279 (15:4) – Jedidiah’s Solemn Crown in Achievements of Mens’

Chapter 280 (15:5) – Joses the Pine Tree’s Pointing

Chapter 281 (15:6) – Mary and Johns’ Honesty & Their Mark

Chapter 282 (15:7) – Saul & Joseph in Paul’s Step

Chapter 283 (15:8) – In Joseses Name of Maries

Chapter 284 (15:9) – Thomas and Marys’ Great Lying of Away

Chapter 285 (15:10)All Saul’s Spring for Obediahs’ Gardening

Chapter 286 (15:11) – Joses Is of Josephs’ Name

Chapter 287 (15:12) – Mary Magdalene’s Old Autumn Tree’s Bark

Chapter 288 (15:13) – Paul’s Ocean Into a Halting Way’s

Chapter 289 (15:14) – Johns Fartherings’ at a Pit’s Sand in Jacobs’ Well’s and an Earths’ Coming Endtimes’ for the Age’s That’re of in It

Chapter 290 (15:15) – Abrahm and Sarai’s of in the Other’s Eyes

Chapter 291 (15:16) – Abrahams’ Amazing Puzzle Book Game for His God to Worship of Him

Chapter 292 (15:17) – At Earliest an Traveler From Arimathaea of Young Joseph

Chapter 0.41θ (15:0:293) – Elizabeth’s Pregnancy Grows Within / John the Baptist Her Barren Sea

Chapter 0.42 (15:0:294) – The Son of Perdition Opposes His Self

Chapter 0.43 (15:0:295) – Eubulus Blames Insubordination for Children Less Faithful of Wives to Husbands

Chapter 0.45 (15:0:296) – Adam’s Nine-Hundred-Thirty-Year Long Add Venture

Chapter 0.46 (15:0:298) – Moses’ Thirty Shekels Silver for Healing Stripes to Stone Oxen of Sinai

Book 16

Clocktower March 1-19, 9,273 A. D.
(Back to the Future, Lightning Strike) {Pi Pattern #16 – Titus}

Chapter 299 (16:1) – James and Peter’s War Inside Peace With Help From Cornelius Then Joses of Cypress Pine Who’s Box Tree Barnabas Giving Peaceful Vows Healing Stripes Building a Noble Follower Army While Simon the Magi Misinterprets God’s Word When Tychicus Within Luke’s Tempered Age Withdraws Paul’s Ministry at Times to Raise Difficult Knowledge for His Esteemed Destined Soul’s Might to Brave

Chapter 300 (16:2) – Thomas of Aquinas Italian Scholar for the Church Expects Godly Men to Respect Metaphysics and Mathematics in Understanding God’s Word Because Many Doubt His Wisdom’s Timing Working Therein

Chapter 301 (16:3) – The Shulamite Dignity Wrests of Uncertain Time Testing Water Within Herself Esteem and Honour Resting on Things Impossible Explaining in Fair Simple Temperance and Into Two to Harmony’s Taste

Chapter 302 (16:4) – Peter the Littlest of His Biggest Secrets

Chapter 303 (16:5) – Parable of the Rat Cheese in a Mice Maze

Chapter 304 (16:6) – Peter’s Sunken Ship Lost Underneath the Dark Sea That Simon Only Forgives By Begging for of He

Chapter 305 (16:7) – The Shulamite’s Lampstand Candles Draw Lighting Forth Throughout Deep Dark Corners From Inside the City of Shiloh’s Wall

Chapter 306 (16:8) – Jesus the Compassionate Friend Takes Root in Antiochus’ Thirteen a Christ By God as Them

Chapter 307 (16:9) – Haman a Wicked Agagite Son to Hammedatha Casts His Lots Into Pur Him Been Destroyed in Consuming Jews Within His Annihilations and Purim the Fourteenth Day Inside Our Third Month of Adar

Chapter 308 (16:10) – James’ Humility Tried and True to His Aim’s Taming Hides of Dead Sea Scrolls Within Qumran Far West for False Heresay’s Lamp Training

Chapter 309 (16:11) – Mary Salome Great Mother to James the Zebedee and Her Son of John

Chapter 310 (16:12) – Bartholomew’s Lantern Lasts Fire Lighting His Spirit and He Can’t Even Do Math Too Well

Chapter 311 (16:13) – Harlots Lay Their Hands Onto a Nicodemus as He Catches His Airs Inside That Israel

Chapter 312 (16:14) – Breaking Bread From the Giving Jesus King of Jews and Ezekiel Earns His Baking Buys in It

Chapter 313 (16:15) – Solomon of Joseph’s Dream Comes Forth at Night and Spies on a Child Not From Our Earth But in Two the Shulamite’s Esteems

Chapter 314 (16:16) – James the Just Brother to Jesus God’s One True Son Begotten Fair Father in Thaddeus Jude’s Eyes Even a Tempered Friend Finding Judas Iscariot’s Silver Coins of Thirty Directly Towards Pontius Pilates Crucifixion’s Harvesting His Words Inert and Him Dormant Laying Innards Healing Inwards Hidden About He

Chapter 315 (16:17) – Timothys’ Team’s Leading a Peaceful Guilty Matter About Cornelius’ Swift Principled Sharp Refined Timing Within Tychicus’ Sword Correcting Into Prosperous Footings in Paul’s Delighted Wits and Archangel Michael Toward God’s Gate Esteeming to Heaven’s End

Chapter 0.47π (16:0:316) – An Odious Bug’s Labour / Paul’s Cocoon’s Red Vines

Chapter 0.49 (16:0:318) – Obediah’s Sown Grapes in the Garden of Edom

Chapter 0.5 (16:0:320) – Jesus’ Parables Keep the World’s Foundation a Secret

Chapter 0.52 (16:0:321) – James Dove From the Stair’s Top By Paul in Damascus

Book 17

Christmas 6,092 – 6,163 A. D.
(Christmas) {Pi Pattern #17 – Sun}

Chapter 323 (17:1) – Sins’ Way’s as Approaching Harmony

Chapter 324 (17:2) – An Holiest of Matrimony’s

Chapter 325 (17:3) – His Whose Name’s Too Enchanted

Chapter 326 (17:4) – Parable of the Mustard Seed & in a Grape-Gatherers’ Garden

Chapter 327 (17:5) – Mary the Virgins’ Garden of Even-Tempered Thinkers

Chapter 328 (17:6) – Luke’s Light From His Forces in the Cornfields’

Chapter 329 (17:7) – Holiest Queen Esther in the King’s Favorite of Maidens

Chapter 330 (17:8) – Sin’s a Measure to of Christs’ Depth

Chapter 331 (17:9) – James the Just & His Brother of in a Jude

Chapter 332 (17:10) – Jesus Blesses John Whose Cause Salome’s to Behead

Chapter 333 (17:11) – The Merriest of Mary Magdalene

Chapter 334 (17:12) – Parable of the Porcupines & a Fast Hedgehogs’ Way

Chapter 335 (17:13) – James & Jude of a Most Servicing Last Laugh

Chapter 336 (17:14) – Salome’s Time of on a Day Laborer

Chapter 337 (17:15) – Lazarus a Gate-Keeper’s Intents’re of as the Sisters His

Chapter 338 (17:16) – Cephas Coarse Regret in Its’ Time & an Intent’s Whine

Chapter 339 (17:17) – Andies Compliances’re Tills’ at in His & Towards of Mother Joans’ and Simons’ Two Best of Friends to Naming Their Marks’

Chapter 0.53 (17:0:340) – Egypt Copies Joseph’s Tithes Before the Three Month Child of Moses

Chapter 0.55 (17:0:341) – I Paul Am a Slave No Longer of Great Joy

Chapter 0.56 (17:0:343) – Nicodemus Can’t Even Believe Witness

Chapter 0.57 (17:0:344) – Loaf Filled Town Bethlehem

Chapter 0.58 (17:0:345) – Brook Kidron Weeping Crosses Over the Country in a Land of Israel

Chapter 0.59 (17:0:346) – Those Good a Sun See

Chapter 0.61 (17:0:347) – Gentiles Foster Fathers From Land of Daniel