About the Books

What’s it like for me to write with numbers’ in mind: There exists a divisibility, which can be correlated with only specific words’ & their sound’s paralleling openness’ way. It’s important that each passage’s, both, mean one thing but sound like it’s saying another; doing that, every time, it begins to sound like information, but echo, as if also a command. Allowing for thinking shallow & in even deep conversation.

The mathematics’ symmetry, when perfect, grammatically & dialectically, too; not only to me, the number becomes clearly visible within & at its’ end. Finely tuned for future historical purpose’s. That other’s may enjoy seeing it in all, so, too! Its’ correlation’s serve’s ends’, four, where reason in building rhyme exists; in arguing even extremist clear opposition’s, clear’s day; as a common sounds’ look’s, to sense.

I started this process because I knew I could write to numbers’, not to boast the outragest claim’s. Writing the first few chapters’, I noticed, were hardest for me, to see the numbers’ and that by making the coptic version, I was able to see them better & eventually, even saw subtler indication’s when developed. The point’s most about the number’s and the language, as just whatever that is, you get; to have. By knowing the number is most important, the obscuring language gets to be forgiven, so. There’re many times it’s beneficial I speak obscurely, as it may help another person revelate in their idea’s. For me, the numbers also tell me confidently when’re the most appropriate times’ to embellish for people, when they doubt what’s good & its’ volume. Both obscuring & embellishing can be practiced and at the peak of positivity.

Seeing this work, one’d get the idea to imply the Bible’s written just so, same as this way, to pi patterns’ but as only unseen. That all the confusement’s served as a real reference point, in their times’, in trueness to heal & for growth. To me & of many others, they might see translating this would entirely lose it’s purpose; it no longer would look like each numbers’, respective in any a direct translation. This couldn’t be translated to another language. It’d no longer look as each corresponding number, since it would not be interwoven to pi patterns, as only an innocent child can see; by that way one may feel as if pi is unwinding the brains’ tense muscle’s, inside.


Joey Lawrence Blackburn, was born Catholic in Manhattan Beach of Los Angeles, CA on the eve of Jan. 14, 1990 to the mother and father a Daniel Joseph B. & Maria Centrella. At 5, he moved to Paso Robles with his parents, unwilling to let go though of how vast & in the entertainment industry’lls. He’d been. His mother’s a marketer & father’s an author, too. He can remember being’s a child, feeling His father of Josephs’ yearning’s, to find & have a way of writing, perfectly, without a mistake; for time & enjoyments’ sake. He can remember looking in His mother’s eyes’s, looking to the baby, to be smart enough to play kind, but funny jokes onto. Her, for!

Joey could recall a closeness to number’s meaning, always, becoming more difficult to keep near, as with time. So near to Joey, His first impression of the Bible came in immediacy, with knowing it wasn’t clear & helpful for the expectations’. He’d! Joey refused to adhere to a religion who some’d taught by believing in what easily, seemed as misinterpretations’ only to He. Joey yearned for being good at math & numbers’s; He looked all over to’ve an outlet, with it. To help the head relax and think clearest, while continuing to move into storytelling & movies’ll, ark within. Yearning, to make a great film, the story most excellent, that it’s success’d seem marketably, guaranteed. He always wanted to live an easy life, to develop artistry’s; for’ll, that people could be proud & cheer, on to. Unwilling to compromise the seconds’ that go by. His’ll, creativity’s being in the front, of every truth’ll. Never willing to let go of an childhood sense of truths’ root. Holding onto a peaceful, true’ll just revenges’ against a societally torturous claim’s.

Always arguing against. His mother’s doubt, is as the real enemy. “ðɛ dôubt, øf tỏ in His møðɛr; ðɛ prɛsęnçɛ øf His frięnds spirits’ ænęmy trânsfỏrmɛd, ôutsidɛ, øf hē.” {7:12}