The Book of Joseph

Gospel for the Age of Aquarius 2,150 - 4,300 A. D. January 20 - February 18

Book 1 (Aquarius) {Pi Pattern #1 – Mercury}

Chapter 1 – Parable of the Ladybug and Spider

Chapter 2 – Parable of the Rhinoceros’ Horn and Alligator

Chapter 3 – Parable of the Hammer Riding in a Hot Air Balloon

Chapter 4 – Matthew Comes to Discuss Errors Wrongs and Defeats With Jesus

Chapter 5 – Jesus Tells Mary That Mary’s Brother Has Died

Chapter 6 – A Drop of Water From His Neighbors Fountain

Chapter 7 – Jesus and Three Marys Heal Lazarus From His Tomb

Chapter 8 – Jesus Heals One of Herod’s Centurion Men [a/b Part]

Chapter 9 – John the Baptist’s Rise and Tradition Thereof and About He

Chapter 10 – The Last Supper of the Twelve Apostles and He

Chapter 11 – Luke Sells His Sword to Purchase a Cloak

Chapter 12 – Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus Eclipse God’s Knowledge From Harm

Chapter 13 – Jesus Frees Adam and His Sons From Hell

Chapter 14 – Peter’s Appreciation for Modesty and Then Paul

Chapter 15 – Parable of the Scarecrows Lying in Judah’s Cornfield

Chapter 16 – Saint Stephen’s Name and the Virgin Brother James

Chapter 17 – Joseph the Carpenter’s Homilies and John’s Great Revelation By Recognitions of Archangel Michael

Chapter 0.2 (1:0:205) – Jesus’ Mother Mary’s Wisest Day

Chapter 1 - Parable of the Ladybug and Spider

Joseph 1:1
All creature’s might acts as one; feeling another’s heart’s beats; could a ladybug undermine a bloodthirsty spider; can a spider take mercy on a gentle ladybug?

Joseph 1:2
A ladybug must become strategic; staying alive means responding, quick.

Joseph 1:3
A spider doesn’t worry whether his confidence will last above the measure of her’s.

Joseph 1:4
Always precarious, a ladybug’s not got a guarantee; she might lose her lot timing things, insufficiently.

Joseph 1:5
She ponders over a spider’s blood; may poison from his fangs be as lethal to him, as a bite into any other creature?

Joseph 1:6
A spider may not suffer a great fall; his walk gracefully aligned. Weaving webbing along his hands, he decorates the high den he rests within.

Joseph 1:7
Might a ladybug rule a spider? May she be steadfast with her lot remaining reigning above him? Can he be blinded and might she stay far from his sight’s; could she be kept of harm and not be engaged in fights?

Joseph 1:8
May her intentions remain true since the times’ her root’s entwine to cross; can her eyes show a spider whose hopes’ lies behind hers?

Joseph 1:9
A spider can be kind yet the ladybug treats him impious; maintaining distance assures that she still has her lot.

Joseph 1:10
A wandering animal could see a sojourning spider before laying eyes on a ladybug’s enentanglement’s.

Joseph 1:11
May a wandering animal take drastic opposition, toward the spider?

Joseph 1:12
Once a spider and wandering animal arrive; next to each other, can they become unhinged?

Joseph 1:13
Pray any wandering animal’s worry cares none for a spiders’ aid.

Joseph 1:14
May no wandering animals’ might’s entreat a spiders’ safety.

Joseph 1:15
May a spider’s tools fall short of the ladybugs’ survival tactic: patience, care and rectitude.

Joseph 1:16
The ladybug desires harmony; setting peace aside, a spider could not seem trustworthy yet still trusts her, being there; she desires him to die, not seeking his death.

Joseph 1:17
A ladybug holds no shame to plot against a spider’s days; may God’s wisdom allow her nature not to stray; that she might escape this phase to a brighter sunny day.

Chapter 2 - Parable of the Rhinoceros’ Horn and Alligator

Joseph 2:1
A rhinoceros has a horn, for employing the rhino.

Joseph 2:2
The rhinoceros horn tests it’s ability to crush anything.

Joseph 2:3
The horns’ nobility dignifies the rhino’s pride. The rhinoceros wards off shameful creatures that prey on small animals; giving protection and a show to the horn’s display.

Joseph 2:4
Do the birds misguide amusement by dishonoring the rhino’s expenses; do they attest wrong awaiting the rhino’s orders of judgment?

Joseph 2:5
The rhino’s tail jitters at the birds’ shamefulness; relishing the joy of one landing on the horn.

Joseph 2:6
The rhino acts upon excessive indulgences as a crocodile would.

Joseph 2:7
The alligator watches as the rhinoceros exceeds in desire from a far.

Joseph 2:8
An alligator urges the rhinoceros’ sight from at a distance, not wanting to be near the rhino’s feet stomping.

Joseph 2:9
More than double the size of an alligator, crocodiles are triple as likely to attack; the rhinoceros’ desire to do good weakens as the glorious light from the horn, burns, dim.

Joseph 2:10
Ants fare well better than alligators underneath a rhinos’ foot stomps.

Joseph 2:11
Even an elephants’ trunk in excellent shape could not maintain the solidarity to a rhino’s horns’ base.

Joseph 2:12
The rhinoceros kicks it’s legs to scatter the birds from its back hoping to encircle them before they make their escape.

Joseph 2:13
After two seconds, the birds catch wind and are far from the rhinos’ horns’ landings.

Joseph 2:14
The birds flaunt the unlikely chance of a struggle; after making their taunting gestures to the rhinoceros each one pulls away.

Joseph 2:15
Nearing the edge of sky, birds can neither rest their wings nor eyes upon the earth. Are birds subjects to land mammals’ prejudice of their sky’s epitome?

Joseph 2:16
One bird is on a mission with no other birds watching lookout; footprints lay on the ground behind its’ trail yet none are willing to follow, immediately.

Joseph 2:17
All others take to the skies carefree; the leader sees them as mistrusting, to return home and of virtues in their wandering gazes’.

Joseph 2:18
Could the rhinoceros hit birds with the horn on it’s nose’s?

Joseph 2:19
The alligator applauds the rhinoceros reflection of earnest immodesty harmonized unto a croc’s.

Joseph 2:20
The other birds’s delay takeoff, slowing their wings’; diverting the rhino’s attention away from their lingering companion; the rhino’s aim becomes zealous from several of the birds lining up.

Joseph 2:21
The rhino fails at imbuing itself care; could the rhinoceros use the horns’ glory to gain authority over even the croc once the croc begins to supersede the rhino? Is wisdom from the heart known better from the rhinoceros’ or crocs’?

Joseph 2:22
The alligator lays an egg; growing for sixty-three to sixty-eight days; before hatching.

Joseph 2:23
Mothers to alligators roam freely and uninhibited; watching and aware in plain sight. Could she move the days of spring to May; she would have them made that way.

Joseph 2:24
The November egg’s hatches; the rain attests to washing earths’ cracked stones.

Chapter 3 - Parable of the Hammer Riding in a Hot Air Balloon

Joseph 3:1
Steadfast hands rest a coarse hammer across darkened, tranquil floors inside the hot air balloon; two sandbags hang from all four of the wicker baskets’ uprights in each intermediate direction: northwest, northeast, southwest & southeast. O divine, hallelujah! Day is at its end, bless the evening. Night peels the sky back; begging being joined.

Joseph 3:2
Air dispatches from the hoses’ pressure regulating system; aimed to not let a hole burn through the nylon’s synthetic polyamide bond fibers. The burner dispenses fire into the balloons’ skirt’s center raising up high above earth; the hammer looks down over even a fair princes’ lot’s square.

Joseph 3:3
Boasting avails may entice more hands in joining esteeming unities; ignite a torch to the highest cultivation of goods on earth’s empire.

Joseph 3:4
Syphons of oil administer fire from the dual-burners’ base. The balloons’ shadow wanes lustrous moon’s sheen from off of Samaritans, piously toasting candlelit wine; raising rich cadency to the balloons’ ascendancy far down below on earth.

Joseph 3:5
Lights turn out inside of the complex apartment windows looking down over the streets. The hammer’s claw reposes onto the engines’ lever employed as a handle for the pulleys’ fire. May flowers’ petals run throughout. Spring & summertime, time none can desire to lose faiths’ graceful merits; gains in faith might be lost and yet remission may restore yesteryears’ days.

Joseph 3:6
Hallowed be the hearts to those likening their way’s unto God’s; mαy they be of certain hands and firm in sober mind’s. They seek increasing their wisdom and foresights by cruising to anothers’ depths through revelations. Oaths are covenants amidst God, vows are promises to kin of mankind. Those who recognize Heaven’s highest graces might liken parables to forefathers: Adam, Cain, Noah, Shem, Salah, Terah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon known also by Jedidiah, Jeconiah, Shaeltiel, Matthan and Joseph; blessed are those who might trade double honour for thrice integrity; undermining code’s in conducts’ inadequacys in favour of articulating better, clearer unforeseen foundational adversities! There’s no problem in earths’ existence that the fruitful hands from Heavens’ couldn’t solve within a helping hair’s breadth, of.

Joseph 3:7
Not yet touched down from winters’ gleaming night; soft heartbeat’s entwine throughout the eve; worries takes flights, winds lifts joys.

Joseph 3:8
Hallowed be the hearts, willing words’.

Joseph 3:9
Travels run on far; long as injections mainline oils, may no cares nor troubles linger in sights.

Chapter 4 - Matthew Comes to Discuss Errors Wrongs and Defeats With Jesus

Joseph 4:1
Matthew may rarely be edified above being unchastened by Jesus of Nazareth’s prolific personified wisdom bearing a parable’s relationship above all humane likeness’; He shadows fear in those’s uncertainty, by guiding their hands of His, the Holy trinity’s. The Pharisees’ questioned Jesus’s messages whereabouts’ and the eternal shepherd refrains from any insatiable smiling as they unlock their inventive gazing, off of Him; no one catches Jesus deny any importance in His leaderships’ qualities, his devotion manifests Gods’ Spirit & fecundities, the time’s here lest we fail, inspiring esteems’ clearance in His graces’ visions’ eye’s.

Joseph 4:2
Matthew could lead a strong example with his multitudinous engagements of affection; may he strive with likenesses of Jesus in the Kingdom of Heavens’; among the eleven other disciples were Jesus’ and Matthews’ virgin & vegetarian brother’s, James the Just and Thaddeus Lebbaeus Judah of Alphaeus; John and James the Great of Zebedee, given the sobriquet Boanerges, meaning “Sons of Thunders’.” Philip, an early follower to Judean, John the Baptist, from Bethsaida, as fishermen Simon who’lls Peter & brother Andy whose mother & father is Joan and Jonahs; the poetic naturalist Nathanaels’ Bartholomew; mathematicians’ of Ptolemy, that in Talmai from Cana. Three of Simon Iscariots’ children: Thomas Didymus, the Twin, Simon the Zealot & then Judas Iscariot, the eldest sibling with thirty pieces of silver casting chaises for riding drunken all throughout Gethsemane; Jesus extends His benevolent ways’ amid discussions onto Matthew for tidings’ of interpretive ruling’s; He befits His lost Judean sheep into Heaven’s communes, above the land’s ascending Israel.

Joseph 4:3
Matthew’s zest followed after Jesus’ immediate pursuit’s; His zeal as capable of committing an immensely immeasurable good’s; though danger were His closest ally and families’ ties reside, from at the heart.

Joseph 4:4
With His embellished faith, felicitous enthusiasm and well-versed reasonings’ Jesus beholds us Gods’ throne, ruler to the humble’s way; King for all of man.

Joseph 4:5
No man, nor men can withstand rising up against the resonance of you. Christ, Jesus! You wouldn’t accept any other man’s word than yours and your Holiest Fathers’. You would not accept anyones’ divine Holy wisdom, but His. You just, gave Him the gift of instructing the world, as defendant & attorney. Reciting ill-litigations poetic, perfectly, for necessity by a show in public resuscitation’s. Reasoning to the divine; those things defined His way.

Joseph 4:6
Jesus timed these public limelights between subtly tactful dedications, to the opposition; it was a petite sacrifice to the morale of the good; made for a poetically noble show of gains’. I couldn’t equate it to an hundred & thirteen years, gregarious acts of happiness, goodness!

Joseph 4:7
Couldn’t I beget what I might unearth, in my desire? You, my holiest journeyer. In contest, Heaven’s here, on earth and there’s a reward of it, Hereafter.

Joseph 4:8
This Man, who knew everything, became the center of my attention. My intents’, just, to ask Him and not beget forgiveness; every laden question I was smitten, to know.

Joseph 4:9
Jesus told Matthew, “men force us down, driving trodden means. Can any name an act of good, for goods’ sake? Your revelation stirs at reason; at the sounds of my voice. Matthew you’ll place to me, in the right hands’ insisting forever for Adams’ precise advice, to improving incorrectness; be of appropriate & precise to the doctrines among good, as lookout to scaring the repulsions of mans’.”

Joseph 4:10
Matthews’ gaze left the earth. “Ah, my twin, Jesus. Your veracity comforts me in every part’s of feelings’.”

Joseph 4:11
Like an eagle Jesus spoke, swift. “A part of Heaven is written about mans’ progress, following in perseverance; he who leads by what he serves, also serves, in his Master. Matthew, you’ll be a bargain collector, collecting from those who’ll undermine villainy in dissociating virtue.

Joseph 4:12
Encourage them with the words, of your seed-pleats’. Echo, into the rolling hills’, of their minds.

Joseph 4:13
The future’s known; remember, you can shout it before even knowing it, so the birds know to respect by the honour.

Joseph 4:14
I would be surprised if one single converted child performed the Son of Mans’ tasks, wouldn’t it be wrought of poorly-timed miracles’ & good-for-nothing, sheerer. Would this be one to of Heavens’s lessened Hereafters. If there’s no concurrent, timed argument, for segueing in; it may be here, in Heaven a rainy day, after all!

Joseph 4:15
Anyone with Heaven in the mind is locked into this century’s. Their grace is of expert in the expecting mind, with their rewards in a day, it won’t spark the motion within virtuous goods; they’re fore-conscious, as of two; their perfect complexes soars’s, beginning to end; they mix in a competitiveness to of a Golden Rule’s.

Joseph 4:16
The Son of Man wouldn’t give up a lot of his share to any amount in men’s numbers, less than a thirty-eights’. If they walk camels through the eyes’s of a needles’lls, then Heaven’ll beknight’ll & unlock in a sale of two lots unto they, unforlorn & central; to diving in at winning to this life, everlasting.”

Chapter 5 - Jesus Tells Mary That Mary’s Brother Has Died

Joseph 5:1
Most men would’ve turned away at the thought of burying someone’s then bringing them back to life’ll.

Joseph 5:2
As though Jesus had the obsession, doing good. He was proud bringing others into life’s a reliable gift. He couldn’t have & enjoy, not using.

Joseph 5:3
Might one believe Jesus enjoyed to show off; may another know His duty was being godly; to be Lord of the superstitious classes didn’t build a fast reputation among peasantry’s firsthand with Gentiles; He wore the title ‘Son of God’ to the need for the, of glorifying; His path’ll, leading Heaven’s before a Jews’, with Himself atop, of Heaven, as.

Joseph 5:4
Jesus and Mary Magdalene prayed, at together. Jesus, committed; sincere and honest with Magdalene. Around Jesus evil’d no opposite. Evil was a limit to our own understanding. Jesus’ commitment to knowing prosperous applications’ made Him a guide & guardian to love and the art of it.

Joseph 5:5
All He had were three simple rules to meet of: the first He had’s to be respected as Lamb of God and King of the Jews. Second, it’d to’ve been believably by His ruling and superior & above that a pharaohs. Third, that He came before any and all men that includes even Joses, the speediest brother of His and to Cypress’lls often winning immediate families’lls reaction & support of all, as!

Joseph 5:6
Jesus’d martyr Joses’s interpolation’s, because he’d abuse his family; almost, with humility, for an excessive rise in rank; only through gracing self-effacements’ with a rhyme & seasonal uplift would he loft over the bar of interlocuting, only he himself demands and creates, as!

Joseph 5:7
From Jesus’ words’, He sought to preserve a strong doctrine of truth, to those in need; the lost sheep of Israel, many, sat without defense against the sin to perfect revelation; many had an inclination that there was nothing a fellow who’d maintained perfect revelation had left in life; it was embraced to an end’s & as a means rather not to following Heavens’ good graces.

Joseph 5:8
Those who followed their own means’re found in control of small self-aggrandizement’s, yet when altering course, their times’ took hold of they & the enemy grabbed onto them.

Joseph 5:9
Jude and James began to working together; not blaming each, the other. Jude outranked James’ leadership qualities, yet James fought to keeping in men’s rights’ by God for’ll Jeremiah; an inverse with laws’s bold & adamant leadership qualities both’re.

Joseph 5:10
Jesus’d come by, to help The Virgin Mary with supper’lls. Mary Magdalene had known for Lazarus dying of two days. Jesus didn’t hurry nor did He worry, “things must go exactly as He’d planned, then Lazarus’ll come to life,” once Jesus commanded him to doing, so’s.

Joseph 5:11
Mary Magdalene didn’t want to believe Jesus so, easily; also, she’s hesitant to interrupt things. She knew Jesus’s going to die one day. So each breath beside Him should be cherished, the same.

Joseph 5:12
The Virgin Mary knew, as expected, that Jesus was the Son of God. Though, she didn’t always understand the reason for His method’s. He’d list the names of His deceased relatives always stopping near Jesse to say “his was the 13th generation after Abrahams’”; it was believed He’s upset yet’ll that integrity remained a fortress, outranking mankind’s.

Joseph 5:13
The Virgin Mary felt the need to travel towards Mary and Lazarus, in Bethany; that morning, hearing Jesus’ need to go to Lazarus’ tomb. Mary felt the presence of God tell her He’d made a road straight for her to travel on, Mary entrusted Gods timing and visited Lazarus’ tomb with Jesus & the two Maries.

Chapter 6 - A Drop of Water From His Neighbour’s Fountain

Joseph 6:1
A fish just needs water to swim; without it, it cannot breathe.

Joseph 6:2
It’s not normal to obtain water from a man or neighbour’s fountain without asking permission. Yet once a drop of water hits the ground, it has no use to Gods’ neighbour, anymore.

Joseph 6:3
What a man does with otherwise spoiled water is subject to the fish, the plants and his own need; but he can’t give it in to the air and neither to the skies.

Joseph 6:4
The fish may gain minimal nourishment through wasted spoils’, yet aren’t we to see how we’d be withholding its’ truest of need’s? He who measures good, by the drop sees a human error as an virtue, not?

Joseph 6:5
May fish survive on drops of human error; is it not enough to maintain breadth of it’s air?

Joseph 6:6
If it be for the plants, give it to them. For every little bit of water will not be of a waste. They’ll be born again, with each drop, new.

Joseph 6:7
Their roots descend, deeper; below the grounds’, nutrients help keep them to grow big; roots’ grow the plant, at its’ centers’.

Joseph 6:8
What if a man claims his needs come, before the fish’s & the plants?

Joseph 6:9
May merely he be a selfless man; one who puts his needs before another’s, self- righteous, as?

Joseph 6:10
If he was selfless, why wouldn’t he have some water? Not needing it for himself, he’d certainly have some water, stored nearby, of his own.

Joseph 6:11
Why would a man need water for himself yet not venture to say he could not help but ask, in some rare instances?

Joseph 6:12
Suppose of a slim chance a dam’s built last night and’s in need of some water before the Sun warps its’ woods’; rays create dilapidation’s which cannot hold water in; letting loose the water in, to go flooding.

Joseph 6:13
If a drink of water’s asked for and then suddenly, no longer desired, neither it’ll bring good fortune to return of the cup nor will it quench the same satisfaction. Full, as first handed.

Joseph 6:14
Is time really that invaluable where safety must be comforted constantly, in an cycle? Not like in one who’s prolific to gaining foresight, at each new instance’s?

Joseph 6:15
Suppose he really were that thirsty, how much an error can be made to profit from, by men? If he fixes this problem he’s drawing of, doesn’t he have less wealth from where to draw, on?

Joseph 6:16
Man’s hidden mystery towards God’s what’s there to be entrusting of; otherwise there to employ subjects opposing revelates; pointing out bad and good to mix between the two; prolonging a framed state of revelation; forgiving man, for his potent longing to grasp how to make something, from nothing.

Joseph 6:17
To do this, would need be accomplished perfect, at every time; for if the opposition lost they’d have not fulfilled their duty and if the revelate’s victor he wouldn’t have prolonged an revelation’s.

Joseph 6:18
If the oppositions won, it’d be a sure sign of to a delight’s; when knowledge, God-like in seeming could be wielded, as like a sword’s tip

Joseph 6:19
and if the revelate lost, dissatisfied & unexpected, hardships would be suffered, fit only for that in both Saul and David. Not seeming for communicating, as David and neither satisfied in suppressing dark behaviors, like Saul.

Joseph 6:20
It would be a wonder to reflect on each state’s of good & evil where only good exists and a swords’ edge can still slice a bad omens’, in half.

Joseph 6:21
“Thank you, Peter it’s an honour to drink this water & mend your leak; I’ll give, in to two- fold, as twice what’s drank. Do trust you’ll be merry and in peace, thirsting for the life giving Spirit of the Holiest one.

Joseph 6:22
For in me, Peter believe you’ll be given resurrection and this life everlasting. Nowhere else’ll the tuna and trout be together as one.” On His shoulders; ride to give good tidings of peace plastering; His rank’s subtle and intricate which among man, can’t be as known.

Chapter 7 - Jesus and Three Marys Heal Lazarus From His Tomb

Joseph 7:1
The airs’ excitement seeps through the tombs’ cracks where Lazarus lays; awaiting life.

Joseph 7:2
Jesus’s brimming with patience, stirring & ready to perform his miracle, latent.

Joseph 7:3
His guidance followed God’s path; that, it had been so made for Jesus since before He was born of Joseph, who’s son of Jacob, thirty-seven generations after the succession from of Joseph’s, following Jacob’s prior generations; they all were born of Isaac & by that in Abrahams’ generation.

Joseph 7:4
Jesus knew that He’d not be just raising Lazarus only for the purpose of one, that His Maries’.

Joseph 7:5
Lazarus believed in Lord Jesus, of length before any of His disciples, had; he hadn’t even, the initiative to portray Jesus’ foresights.

Joseph 7:6
Lazarus hadn’t the deceit or duplicitous nature of opposing the actions’ of others without thinking it as wrong; he revered Jesus’s guidance; he wanted to become capable in boldly being for so right in danger’s face.

Joseph 7:7
Jesus knew that to teaching Lazarus, He was going to take his hand, showing him how to rise above the scare, death; that which’s beheld him, from dangerous risk within the interplay.

Joseph 7:8
Jesus cured Lazarus, his fear to death’ll, but it wrought him, as to an end. His body couldn’t handle a change’s so. Suddenly, wherein of on courages thereon Jesus bestowed in he the graces of Gods’, from Heavens army’s.

Joseph 7:9
Lazarus succumbed to an illness; his body rejected. Being so overcome with the excitement with the image of God, his body knew no bounds, afore the enthusiasm.

Joseph 7:10
The illness took his body while he was learning to move with God, for the first time; but only as.

Joseph 7:11
Lazarus wouldn’t let his spirit go, whole; his bodies might could be defeated, by an illness, but not of the Spirit’ll, holiest.

Joseph 7:12
Within him, Jesus supplanted the doubt, of to in His mother; the presence of His friends spirits’ enemy transformed, outside, of he.

Joseph 7:13
Lightning was His nurture. His mother would often forget Jesus was her son, within her; it was to her as though every man was her son and more being mother of to the Son in for Man, every man’s relatable, to of.

Joseph 7:14
The Virgin Mary had always expected Jesus to be most like Davids’, son, from in Solomon. It’s true Jesus sought to bring unity to all the tribes of Jacob, as it had not been since Solomon’s days; though if Jesus were to beget David, He may as well’ve been the Son of Mans’ in the 28th generation before and Solomon would’d beget God’s expectation in the generation previous.

Joseph 7:15
Jesus saw David’s pragmatism’s aimed only for men. So, how could He make Heaven from afore His Father, for those people without David’s rearranging pragmatism, as in Heaven rooted? Not men, of earth, on!

Joseph 7:16
Jesus knew to revive Lazarus; he might not’ve been killed, if his body weren’t so trusting of good, for!

Joseph 7:17
Lazarus’ body knew he had seen a truth of rank, great, but he’s one who would defer lying, to hisself, for preserving a tranquil state of previous.

Joseph 7:18
His body wouldn’t accept; what his eyes didn’t want to perceive, in.

Joseph 7:19
His eyes could receive in the Holy Spirit, but they weren’t of the deads’, yet

Joseph 7:20
Lazarus’d believed in his life, without sadness; but his thoughts began to respond of Jesus. Jesus reverberated with Lazarus’ thinking, to hear only where his thoughts beget.

Joseph 7:21
Lazarus held not an intrinsic longing of others, before Jesus brought peace to his life; Lazarus couldn’t believe healing others possible, but through Him, all things become.

Joseph 7:22
Mary the Virgin felt the Spirit of Joseph, Jesus’ father of step existing among the two Mary sisters. His presence beat, loudly.

Joseph 7:23
Lazarus’ thoughts moved scattering in fear to the evil that’s afoot; on each mans journey, he roots a seed of mustard that’s against enemy’s challenging, but in yet, to win, it.

Joseph 7:24
Lazarus’s led’s, brought back from at his wake, deep among his sleep, tired’ll & not revitalized; the two Marys, Magdalene & of Bethanys’lls, walked up, each to hug their brother’s.

Joseph 7:25
Lazarus wasn’t able to hear or see; senses’ reborn he couldn’t help but doing good, thus’ll being aided by the Holy Spirit for the first time, to walk & lead; Lazarus’s summoned towards’lls, the Light.

Joseph 7:26
The Virgin Mary felt near to Joseph. She ran to Jesus and hallowed the savior for bringing Josephs’ spirit to her; she hugged Jesus, reaching out to Joseph’s the Human Father to humanity, begotten son from Jacob; that he can be here, walking with his stick in hand inside the gates’ to Heaven’s and might they still be left, untorn.

Chapter 8 - Jesus Heals One of Herod’s Centurion Men (A. Immanuel, & B. Jesus)

{I. Part A: Immanuel}

Joseph 8:1
Since His immaculate birth, Jesus led the fight for to peace on the Jews side. He created order in the star’s; He wrought peace within the awarenesses, all. The world was ripe for His servicing and teaching. There were gods, but only one God, worthy to trusting, in.

Joseph 8:2
For God showed Jesus the urgency in His matter’s; He revealed each detail, a sign to Him. So that He may have only the highest wisdom; which’s readiness & easily. How could He not’ve seemed to’ve laid every day the most clear and obvious design flaws’ for Jesus, Hisself, to walk along?

Joseph 8:3
Trusting in God means to not fear inside of it. For the beast in man fears not a problem to indulge the angriest. Yet, a beast can’t stand against taming tactic’s, of God; within the law towards mans’.

Joseph 8:4
Joseph awoke one night, startled, by a dream; he turned to The Virgin Mary, pregnant with the Lord, Jesus. Joseph portrayed the dreams’ showing, the child taken, at of birth; to King Herod’s ordering it, of.

Joseph 8:5
Josephs dream told him the child would be called Immanuel & Herod would go through to far-reaching lengths, keeping Immanuel from threatening his right to the kings’ throne.

Joseph 8:6
Joseph left Bethlehem for Egypt, with Mary the Virgin. Herod received word to this child, Immanuel would sit at the right hand of God’s, dismantling Herods ties, to the throne.

Joseph 8:7
Herod feared the King of Jews growing into that of a ruler, leading his people to rebellion before the sovereign lands’; against Herod, in ways Moses’d.

Joseph 8:8
On the eighth day after Immanuel’s birth He was christened & circumcised and given the new name Jesus, no longer to be by Immanuel, He.

Joseph 8:9
Isaiah’s prophecy talks to those who call to His name Immanuel, meaning ‘God with us.’ Mary and Joseph gave Him the name Jesus, that’s ‘God’s salvation.’

Joseph 8:10
Coming towards Egypt, Joseph could feel the ancestor of at thirty-six generations, near. He’d dream, shedding light to keep watch over mother Mary & Jesus’ body, there.

Joseph 8:11
In his heart, as Joseph knew not any of a love greater than Immanuels’, His love towards of Mary rose, greatly; Jesus was in of ready, too. His exploration’s towards His virtues, grown, without worry towards Herods’ demanding, from Him.

Joseph 8:12
King Herod’s heart became cold & sick; in it, refusing to believe his law could not reach the new King in Jesus, Immanuel and within it, Herod pursued. Him, consuming him of his own life & throne.

Joseph 8:13
In his rage then laws multiplied, God took Herods life; because he put reason to virtue’s towards ending the Lords’ life. Herods’ heart wouldn’t receive’ll in full Gods’ gift of life, everlasting.

Joseph 8:14
In Josephs dream’s, Herod beget his great death. Making Israel safe again, for their return.

Joseph 8:15
Joseph took the new child, begotten in of Immanuel, Jesus’ll. Then. He & Mary the Virgin returned’ll as to Israel.

Joseph 8:16
On arrival, they found the land’s ruled by Herods’ son, Archelaus; they decided it would not be safe to return yet, so they went into Nazareth, to raise Jesus there.

{II. Part B: Jesus}

Joseph 8:17
Jesus felt closest of with Gods’, near Matthew. He looked an actual kin, as, of Jesus’; similar toward looking through a peaceful lake’s mirror’s.

Joseph 8:18
Jesus & Matthew’s similarities made him more to entrusting. Born from Alphaeus, who later’s Cleophas, Matthew’s to Jesus as Aaron was toward Moses.

Joseph 8:19
The brothers to Jesus’re James, then Joses & Matthew with Judah, then Simon; younger than Matthew, Lord savior, in Jesus, He followed their numbers same as.

Joseph 8:20
James & Judah’re both born of Joseph’s cousin, Alphaeus, also known by Cleophas, married for to of The Virgin Mary after Josephs’ time, passing; Jesus’ step-father of also, he is.

Joseph 8:21
Judahs’ question’s posed against laws’ out & in men, entangled with James’ thoughts’ putting many on into his fathers ways’. Together, seeking God’s fatherly response’s, both men following mans’ order’s towards his. Both were fair, yet tough towards each man, a fairness’ way, so’s tongues wouldn’t sharpen as their wits’ might as well.

Joseph 8:22
Joses and Simon were of brothers, Mary the Virgins’ sister, Salome. Cleophas said they were as two sides, different, to the dream interpretations of his cousin’s.

Joseph 8:23
Joses’ elation in conversation’s doubly aware towards dream’s conveying, in; he dreamt to of how Moses understood the law & Aaron’s voice sounded, but not of how dream’s play into his time’s, for; rarely Simon’d say two words rather amused in virtues to acknowledgement; others judged him only by his esteeming kindnesses; neither bold, outward to redeem virtue, nor intimidated, inward’ll to an enchanted kinds’lls.

Joseph 8:24
Jesus & Matthew’ve thoughts they’re the others’ opposite’s, astounding Mary and Alphaeus’ sons, three, with he impressed; Simon and Joses laugh, as Alphaeus’s applauding it. Joses & Simons’ laugh mocked His discerning air; not of a truer direction, enough; always of hard starings, to a questions’. What all can ever a want see? He, Matthew’s want towards being of a prophet’s, for numbers, if only that his act’s carried him on. He’re wise & abound, always towards being in right’s, correct and inside of suddenness, all by at once. Yet, even though Jesus’d gave correct & fair, even timing, suddenly and within all kinds of wondrous thinking. How could anyone know, towards all, just so, then that there’re those who saw it with their belief’s, too!

Joseph 8:25
Jesus entreated God like a series of twos, in problematic equations’; with stakes of furthest reaching, to; gain’s, smallest, to being measured inwards. Matthew’s belief made, that he was the Holiness’ second, sounding & performing miracle’s even. As in only mistaking of on a purpose’s; Matthew acted if he’s giving himself of leprosy, as though he couldn’t help but, accidentally in each miracle he’d create marks of a deeper leprosy wounds’, yet his makings’s!

Joseph 8:26
Jesus went believing, saying “a tax on friendship, please,” & asking, “are you having a good enough, time? Does the math seem, say that?” He’d ask His family if they were ready to take a test, most specific of their happiness. He embellished maintaining on the verge of joy &’s upset behavior’s; an authoritative presence above mankind; special, for an important endeavor. He may defend one intents’ duty, because it was His measure to respond through God’s excellent design.

Joseph 8:27
Jesus liked to pretend He was of Matthew so He could be his guide’s, without a sense of directions. So He’d see Himself act, every which way God expresses authority, honour & rank over error’s. In ways men see things as frivolous, there’re none, so trivial a matter’s to God’s. He has no neighbour to make a show of good fortunes. He’ll be around all ways; knowing and with glories reaching far as mens potential.

Joseph 8:28
On one day, Jesus felt like reaching for at the hidden potential, boundless to His mimicking personas’ thereof Matthew; faulting his perfection’s, yet blessing all the means to an end; knowing Matthew’d equate any loss to a fair gains symmetries’, any moment through time’s afforded to an echo for the math’s stages; easy to fortunes, simple for the Son of Gods’.

Joseph 8:29
Jesus’s not afraid, too performing miracles & healing sick; they’re not the one chore for mankind. And then, before the rule’s for performing miracles wasn’t regular, it became a helpfully satisfying arrangement; performing oddest in them very easily as most men drew less judgment over smaller, unconcerning matters’.

Joseph 8:30
There’re no things Jesus couldn’t do when sticking to an uncompromising means’ and trusting God’s integrities. A centurion from Herod Archelaus’ watched Jesus performing miracle’s, on a beetle in the water’s of a fountain. He’d made solid, water for the beetles’. To walk on, the tame water couldn’t wrestle the bug, splashing & drinking’s playfully in the water’s.

Joseph 8:31
The centurion of Herod Archelaus watched, amazed and at first struck dumbfounded by the nature of in such a pious yet simple one, as Jesus’s; the centurion’s eyes watched, enamored! The beetle was never washed off by the spring fluids, but, as it lies in the shallowest of His baths, the beetle arose, a splashing water’s towards its’ ankles; the insect flew, and unharmed by the waters’ drops, Jesus then turned to the centurions’ gazes staring at Him, too’s.

Joseph 8:32
The centurion, confident with what he’d seen, a miracle; then he spoke to Jesus, as, “my servant is at home, tormented dreadfully,” Jesus, with certainty He should maintain Matthew’s intents, thereof as, He’d! Jesus told the centurion to repeat these words: “that His, I am not ready to receive you, but if only you say these words, my soul’ll be healed.” The centurion looked bewildered as he were confused. Jesus replied, in telling him double as quick; the centurion said the words by Jesus, no longer with authority to King Herod’s as centurion, but by a Kingdom, thereby the highest of authority, His & that thereof it!

Joseph 8:33
In Jesus’ view of Matthew’s secondary expectations’, with enthusiasm, overarching, Jesus proclaimed his, the centurions’ faith, as the greatest in all that of time, Israels’; for of his’s. Jesus watched as the faith in the centurion man doubled in as a peaceful intent’s evenly & instantly; he believed his faith’s, sown to, as the greatest of all mens’ time; for Jesus spoke to of him, “go your way, let it be done, for you & too as through me,” carrying on; Jesus, He before the centurion could ask for another’s shown miracles’. Be it in that same hour the servant healed & arose’s, in He!

Chapter 9 - John the Baptist’s Rise and Tradition Thereof and About He

Joseph 9:1
John the Baptist, a man born so close to Heaven and of the Holy Spirit, in him; the Lord God and Jesus’s inside he, a child from Zechariahs’ & the Elizabeth, fair, believed to be six months of barren. A miracle, some’d say it was even divine; John arrived in, the Baptist, as, his. His with a duty to make the Lords’ people’s kind prepared for the coming ages’ savior and one highest.

Joseph 9:2
John was the second cousin from The Virgin Mary; he believed his intents’re to cleans others sin, as by giving baptisms in the waters of Jordan’s. Making sure each man could bear the fruit, worthy of repenting and acceptance. Kneeled before his Lord, Almighty; blessed is he who gives fully for cleansings’ of sin, absolution.

Joseph 9:3
John performed all sermons in the name of his Lord Christ, Jesus’! There’s no more a man of modesty; determinants to prove that, the origin’s for His name; sharpest wits’ than a thief’s well’s; he determined that no men’d walk a way too contrary to God’s Son coming too, divine.

Joseph 9:4
John’s as an old soul, kind & warm heart’s with a young mans’ kindnesses; he had Noahs’ determinative grins & smiles, towards getting two of each animals onboard of his ark. John wrestled reasons within his rhyme for getting a non-believer’s faith! To give into pursuits for the Holy Spirit & all the wisdom.

Joseph 9:5
John, he knew the Lords’ arrival could be soon &’d bring truth as fruit conviction’s, pursuing hearts who’d follow, all; admirable. Johns’ confidence, given knowing that God’s miracle’s, they do occur! To believe in a larger ones’ happening’s is of necessities. His soul entwines in the beauty, that of his baptisms. John knew, in heart, he, a depth to give for, this his whole life everlasting! In of joys’, its’ passions’ too all, as well.

Joseph 9:6
Neither Jewish nor a Gentile, no man doesn’t have a seeing, that, what the Holiest of Spirit; has not given to of his’ll, too.

Joseph 9:7
If a man is given keys to God’s loving graces that man’s heart’d break instantly loose as from in a protective cage’s which he’d been contained from inside of, to.

Joseph 9:8
John gave himself no credit; for his decisions were all done through the Holy Spirit’s, His.

Joseph 9:9
On his, the day of baptizing the Lord Jesus, John lowered himself on humble & modest knee’s. He said, “Holy Father; but I need baptizing from as by you; you’re coming to meet me at my shores, thereof in here’s?” Jesus stood that by His Holinesses’s body’s; it, be to’s a sanctuarys; given for Johns baptizing’s; in he & within as, also; John gave his baptism’s as toward’s, thereof Jesus’s, in the shores to the Jordan lake waters’. The sky opened & golden chariots rolled of in; grape blossoms! Bloomed onto every trees’; Gods’lls voices’ thundering, echoe’s too from far; the of Heaven’s, “this is my son; beloved, as who I love & dearly, through me. I’m pleased & adore Him, most, more than to of any other.”

Chapter 10 - The Last Supper of the Twelve Apostles and He

Joseph 10:1
John and Peter’s sent, not knowing what Jesus’ plan might be or if He’d a plan. His’s spontaneous they wondered if Jesus even thought about what He’d say. They’d knew asking His thoughts’d undermine the authority from God’s.

Joseph 10:2
John’s actions’re faster than Peter’s, reserved; Peter confessed that he’d wished to be righteous, quicker. Johns admirations’ for Peter’s reserve’s reasonable, Johns agreement’s; he’d sown as Peter’s trying to educate, in his! John saw also the importance’s towards educations in a revelations’ intention’s suddennesses, then asked within he.

Joseph 10:3
Jesus, His word’s were to of Gods’. John and Peter’d not intend on questioning Him nor to a trading of their lot’s sowing for’s in Heaven. They’d not seek to challenge towards Jesus, who’s in Gods’ Son; nor’d they search for His flaws within His of too, also! Thomas, however’s from the littlest of faith’s & to farther for his ways’ sowing within the youngest of Jesus’ and he questioning in towards maintaining proprietaries’ sense’s, about he.

Joseph 10:4
The prophets didn’t know why & how Thomas’ prodding excited even in they, that; their minds and in his doubting thoughts’ & question’s. It’s appeared in to they like’s Jesus’s as inviting this liking of skeptic’s in men, kind; in mediations’ for immediacy! Jesus’s desire’s, for Thomas to be, if one of His, as an apostle, liking as to the name of Jesus’s.

Joseph 10:5
Why’d Jesus appoint him, apostles agreed; it was for an impressive show; for word’s a curiosity’s waver, Peter loved in Thomas and welcoming skepticisms’s humbling before the Son of Gods’, in Man’s; it was as an indulgent to Jesus’ abilities. He stays’s true towards in the inner reflection of man. Wasn’t Moses of skepticism at five, could he deliver God’s message’s; did not God tell Moses Aaron’d plea for the mouth, to deliver His word?

Joseph 10:6
The disciples saw it wasn’t Thomas’ doubt in Jesus’ claim, being the Son of God that produced these questionings’ll, but Thomas’s wanting to know how his memory can improve, it! Thomas sought a reason that’ll make his mind’s one’s; settled. To know it wouldn’t prove too difficult recollecting the Lord’s times, for the ages thought’s.

Joseph 10:7
Jesus wasn’t afraid to speaking in clear and profound of things through this power & glory connected from the Holy Spirit’s; men may come to meet these things too; for’s Adams’ father’s is to mans’, Jesus is Son from the Fathers’. His wills’ therein; the divine, knowledge surpassing. That of ours’s His. His words, Holiest, echo; that through generations. Why not follow that way to returning home, for Heaven’s His!

Joseph 10:8
Jesus had never committed a bad omen to the apostle’s day; how could we trust in Him to be the Son from God’s if He committed wrong, two at on times; but, how can’t we; trust Him, if He’s never committed of a wrong. Phillips’ confession, Jesus’ knowledge gave of to the world His &’d more love to go, around within, a He.

Joseph 10:9
Isn’t love the word to crave above evenest; in seeming, can knowledge seem not beloved, utterly, in hindsight’s?

Joseph 10:10
If a mans’ state’s that his love’s knowledges more than of love does he desire to deceiving others into believing that he’s the truth? Messiah, as His Lord & savior Jesus.

Joseph 10:11
The disciples loved of to too, when opposing toward Didymus Thomas; Phillip, he defended, for his bravery above mediatings’. Without that the apostles might never’ve gotten Jesus’s answer’s of an skepticisms’; such an exhaustive well & with the prophets’ intents; if Gods Kingdom’s here, Thomas wouldn’t rest until a taste of Heaven’s, principled as He’s! Those who’re from the house in Judahs, do not protest, nor grow from ones’ excited way’s.

Joseph 10:12
Judas’s writings to the Lord would end up a mystery; he was often quiet. His thoughts lesser known. The disciples assumed Judas’ diligences reflected excellence’s carefully removing an harm, not trying to create uncertainties that’re hindrances of faith.

Joseph 10:13
Jesus said to Peter & John, “on arrival in Jerusalem, a man’ll meet you carrying an pitcher of filled with water’s, follow him into the house he enters in.

Joseph 10:14
When you see a man who’s Master to of the house’s, say to he, ‘the teacher says ‘where is the guest rooms so that where I may eat even with my disciples?’’ Then he’ll show you, upstairs to a larger room’s & unfurnished to make a meal ready at the last supper of even Passover’s.”

Joseph 10:15
Simon, Jude & Iscariots’ jubilances; in wit’s were of a right amount in happiness’ & encouragement of times’, aiming the right questions toward an empowerment; every apostle making the room right for Jesus, of High!

Joseph 10:16
As they’re eating, Jesus took the cup & bread and blessed it, giving it to His disciples, then He saying “take this all you and eat it, for this is my body,” He took the cup and said “this is my blood for on the new and everlasting covenant, truth that I say’s with you and I’ll no longer drink the fruit of vines’ till the day when I drink it in The Kingdom’s of God’s.”

Joseph 10:17
They sat and ate, the twelve disciples. Simon who’re Peter’s and an brother Andy; James & John that’re Boanerges and the son from Zebedee’s, to Jesus. Him’re the Sons from Thunder’s; Phillips’ & even therefore Bartholomew’s; the brother thereof Alphaeus’; Matthew the tax collector then of doubting Thomas’s & James the Just with Jude in a Thaddeus Lebbaeus; one of Jesus’ brothers, then Simon of zealots and Judas Iscariot of courses.

Chapter 11 - Luke Sells His Sword to Purchase a Cloak (Prequel)

Joseph 11:1
Not the swordsmans’ way’s is without a cloaks for concealments, in; towards the swords’ edge & weight. To be of a cloak wearers’ foolishness who’s without an actful toward labourings? A swordsman means’re inside merit’s for of his families. Tying-in! Towards an honour’s livelihood which’s against him inside of the time’s, all trusting; for on & of one’s into, wisely.

Joseph 11:2
Luke’s sword of course had been a lot in his esteems’ all-too zealously, at times; the joy’s of in an authority’d brought him boundlessness, of in a furthest, kind; a responsibility’s two. Entwine, beyond a capacities yet, such measures within toward as he & what’s remarkable; of in his.

Joseph 11:3
Luke’s taming got hold of his wild orders; with meager, mild excitability he held the sword’s hilt, tight & close; he contemplated it’s sale, for the cloak’s.

Joseph 11:4
The difficulty such, as in weighing duties airs’, could authority commanded from of God be held by a man, to hisself’s? Easily just, he contemplates of the possibilities for a near harmonious seeing & vision air’s.

Joseph 11:5
Not enough merits ever’d be given to carry the honour for such respects’; no thanks’re prodded inspecting of a modest nurses’, turned to swordsman! Having prevented an enemy advances’; does little to compliment’s nobilities & as a preservation’s, without the times, in aim for Heaven’s victory’s!

Joseph 11:6
The cloak might bear no compliments to shame the wearer for it doesn’t covet shame, such as the way of Heaven, not to fault in us. Heaven brings us an abundance of blessings. Shame’s cut from at every direction’s side it grows in; not crossing the omnipotent, a fine line for on God’s design’s greatnesses, divine’s. Hallowed be the name of the prophet’s forgiveness’ that he dispenses of imperfections’ in his glories, aimed at virtue’s!

Joseph 11:7
Such warmth, lying within the cloaks’ & heaven of such closest proximity; whose might cannot follow His strengths’ and wisdom’s way?

Joseph 11:8
He gains branches among a cherry’s tree; affording a helpful lucks. Summers’ blossoms come yielding, of in handfuls; peacefulnesses & tidings’ ornament all, of them.

Joseph 11:9
Heaven invites kindness to speak preservation of man’s prosperity, so peace may stretch for atop from the mountains, far as the eyes can see’s.

Joseph 11:10
If the sword became at later revered, a new hope may encourage the returning of the cloaks’, for a sword sure of swiftnesses; Luke’s confident taking comforts in knowing not to drawing lines between adversaries, many small miracles’ precede God’s swiftness and may they bring glories & His watchfulness while still in us too; wholesomenesses.

Chapter 12 - Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus Eclipse God’s Knowledge From Harm

Joseph 12:1
With of the Sun’s eclipsing, Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Abba, Eli. Abba, Eli! Lama sabachthani?” This, meaning ‘Father of God. My Holiest Father? Why’ve you forsaken me?’ Jesus gave His spirit for of Him; its’ way to of the Holiest’s Father, His.

Joseph 12:2
Then, once said in these word’s, all Immanuels’ll left that in His whole body. The people’d all known trouble, then the centurion proclaimed! “This’s truly a just man; from Gods’ greatest garden’s.” The centurion said to of those who’re watching, “haven’t you seen the miracles’? To in the Sun’s being, eclipsing, in Jesus’s dying?” When those heard, to of in their seeing’s, they answered the centurion, “the eclipse happened, as, to at it’s usual sighting.”

Joseph 12:3
Joseph of Arimathaea was a disciple of the young Jesus; not so could he, that. Openly, Joseph went a way to carry, worshipping, His; the body of Jesus’! He’s granted permission to that, may he can, if he chose such, so, Him!

Joseph 12:4
Nicodemus came bringing mixtures, a jar full in myrrh and close toward an hundred pounds of aloes, then, they took Jesus down, atop from what the cross’ with tears in eye’s, they binded His bodys’ all in linens & spice’s, as was the tradition towards a burial for on of dead’s, at then.

Joseph 12:5
Joseph of Arimathaea & Nicodemus lay His Jesus’ body, it, therein a tomb Joseph’d built for of rocks; neither man nor of any lady’d been lain inside of there; they rolled a big stone door to the great mountain sepulchre.

Joseph 12:6
When the men & women’d heard Joseph of Arimathaea, begging for and burying Jesus’ body each crowd member sought after the two; the just Joseph & he of Nicodemus;

Joseph 12:7
but when they both concealed themselves for fear toward the crowd’s, Nicodemus showed himself, alone. In of to they, his saying, “how such can people as these, enter, into a synagogue?”

Joseph 12:8
The men & women answered, “but how do you enter a synagogue after holding Him? Is He the Christ, our savior? Shall your lot be with His, Hereafter?” Nicodemus answered, “amen, let it be so, that my lot be in His Kingdom.”

Joseph 12:9
In the like manner, when Joseph of Arimathaea came to the people, saying, “why’re you angry with me, for desiring the body of Pilate’s, that’s Jesus? I’ve put up my tomb & wrapped Him in linens then placed a stone in the sepulchre door’s; I’ve acted, rightly towards He and you’ve disobeyed in & against Him.

Joseph 12:10
In crucifying Him, giving Him vinegar to drink, crowning Him with thorns, whipping His body with chains; you prayed down on Him with cruelty; His bloodshed may be the leading root for sin’s on your hand’s.” The men and high priests, troubled hearing this, seized Joseph, commanded he be put in custody and kept there for days until after the Sabbath.

Joseph 12:11
The high priests said towards Joseph, “make confession, for at this time it’s not lawful to do harm, of; yet we’ll give your flesh to the birds & beasts, of the earths.” Joseph answers, “speech’s as the proud Goliath speaks, against David of Jesse’s son; you know how Moses’ law of says, ‘vengeance’s mine and recompense. For the time’s when their foot slips & doom comes, swiftly.’

Joseph 12:12
God’s hanged from the cross, delivering me out of your hands. I’m clean of this mans’ blood; be He in God, now you’re crying as the, an enemy of towards Him, ‘His blood be on toward brothers & Joseph?’” The high priests’re angered, largely by of Joseph from Arimathaea. Seized, Joseph’s brought to in a chamber, without windows. Then, the high priests contrived & agreed over what ways’ fit, of Joseph’s dying’s.

Joseph 12:13
On the third day, Joseph’s ordered to come forward but the soldiers found his seal, not broken! With Joseph’s not inside there, they admired his intents’ work, as an escape. A soldier that’d been for in watching on Jesus’ sepulchre, came, he saying, “there’s an earthquake; a woman watching saw an angel rolling the stone, of away.”

Joseph 12:14
Three men from Galilee came to see the high priests, saying, “the man, Jesus, you crucified’s talking to His eleven apostles.” After hearing the savior’s return the priests feared it’d lead of to more people following Jesus’s way. Kind Joseph’s of at home, for’s Arimathaea when seven’s in his friends came by to deliver him a letter in peace & good cheer’s! Joseph’s blessed this, his friends & their letter’s. Letting them stay with he, then they going in towards Jerusalem, Israel. Nicodemus’s preparing Joseph and they a large entertainment, of shows!

Joseph 12:15
Hearing others around him, Joseph amassed more to hear him, “in the night, His holiness’ Jesus stood before me, beholding the blanket I wrapped Him in nicely & carefully. The Son of God shone brightly, leading me by the hand to Arimathaea, saying ‘may peace and glories be of for you & your friends.’” Joseph’s crowd roared praise, joy & rolled in delight’s to the days of his youngest, enriching. The high priest’s hearts’ to foster an ends of Josephs’ afflictions, they took up in arms admission’s of blessing’s for him, “may the Lambs’ servant, Joseph, depart from here boldly. Rejoice peacefully knowing a miracle’s been set; Gentile, Jew & shepherd, the King’s arisen and rescued Joseph from his life ending of days too soon!” After the high priest’s admission of blessing’s ended, all slander & libel’d been removed from Josephs’ name; he returned to Arimathaea not worrying about any investigation towards him, nor fearing a righteous matter’s, against him!

Chapter 13 - Jesus Frees Adam and His Sons From Hell

Joseph 13:1
Satan, Prince & captain of Death stood before Beelzebub, Prince of Hell: “Prepare to receive Jesus from Nazareth, for Himself who did many injuries toward me. For those who I made blind, lame & tormented and with sevens’ of demon’s, too; He cured them, all! All by the words’, His & of into it; those I brought death to He forced His life inside; removing from of this den, they to in of yours.” Beelzebub asked the dark Prince of Satan; his, this: “perhaps it’s the same one who took away Lazarus from here after he’d been dead of four days yet; He’d brought life of in him too! By His powerful words in the way of Christ, Jesus’s?” Satan answered The Prince From of to Hell: “It’s the very same one, Jesus from of Nazareth, Beelzebub.”

Joseph 13:2
The others who’re swore in by His name, arrived! Adam, the father of all mankind shouted, excitedly, “that who’s promised to translating us all’s! His! That Light’s in He. Everlasting!” Then, Isaiah the prophet lauded, “this is light of the Father, Son & of God’s, His!” Followed by of David, crying towards, so, “Praise the Lord for His goodnesses’s! For His wonderful works’re to the children’s of men!” Every saint heard, rejoicing! In this, came one answering into they, again, “I’m John the Baptist. I baptized Him, in the Jordan lake’s seas and heard a voice from Heaven’s. It saying ‘this is my Son, beloved in whom I love dearly. In me, I’m well pleased & adore Him, most than to of another.’”

Joseph 13:3
While Satan and The Prince from Hell were discoursing, there’s a voice! Thundering & rushing wind. That said, “lift up your gates and The King of Glory shall come, inside of here.” The Prince of Hell cried out as though he’s been ignorant, “who’s that thereon, King of Glory?” David responded, “He is the Lord in Heaven and for His earths’, open these gates. So The King of Glory may enter in here.” The Prince of Death & other officers’re seized within fear & of Christ; Himself appearing & then trampling on Death; He seized The Prince of from Hell, depriving him of power, he’s the devil desired, and grabbed onto the earthly father! Adam, of.

Joseph 13:4
The Prince of Satan told Beelzebub with great indignation, “behold! Jesus of Nazareth. Now, with the brightnesses’ of His glorious divinities. He’s turned to ward all horrid powers of darknesses’ & Death’s! You should’ve first inquired of the evilest, to crimes into towards even the fairest of Jesus’s Nazareths’ and then, you’d have found He wasn’t guilty for a fault worthy & of to dying.” Then, the King of Glory said to Satan. As, “the righteous is the sons of Adam’s belonging of towards me! That, The Prince’s authorities’re here over, your dominion’s!”

Joseph 13:5
Then, presently’s all the saints joined in all as together by a hand’s, one the most highest of Gods’ & The Lord Jesus’ laying, toward of Adam’s hands, as saying to him, “peace’s will be, towards all & the generations’ of righteousnesses’s, in for it.” Adam cast himself at the feet of Jesus’ answering with His tears & humility’s, “you’ve lifted me up and haven’t made a foe what’d rejoice over me, of even, yet!” Then Jesus’ hands stretched forth, saying to for him, as. “Live now, by the wood’s of my cross’ & the devil’s conquered; deaths’re overcome,” His, the Lord’s holding Adam by His hand’s, delivering of to Michael the Archangel’s and all the saints that’re of Gods’ followers, within! Then, he leading them as letting them in towards paradises’, for mercies & glory’s theirs, that’re of in it’s gateway.

Chapter 14 - Peter’s Appreciation for Modesty and Then Paul

Joseph 14:1
With the women in charge,

Joseph 14:2
the men, can’t be one-sided;

Joseph 14:3
only, one can rule them, all.

Joseph 14:4
What’s one’s way, when, one can’t go?

Joseph 14:5
Does Peninnah hate Hannah so, for being loved by Elkanah & being barren, more?

Joseph 14:6
Would David have lost his son in Absalom if Sauls’ house weren’t as bloodthirsty so, he’s?

Joseph 14:7
How many plagues’d Moses & Aaron have to inflict if the pharaoh and his people hadn’t been so, unkind to they?

Joseph 14:8
Would Immanuel not stay close of Mary’s intents’ if she hadn’t been loving, so, to His father, that in Joseph?

Joseph 14:9
Virgin wife to Josephs’ & Jacobs’ remnant.

Joseph 14:10
Would Obediah steal berries & grapes from of that in Solomons’ gated garden’s?

Joseph 14:11
Mary Magdalene’s waver, to men’s eclipsing their times’, for of in it.

Joseph 14:12
Barley harvest begins with The Feast of Week’s consumption of grains; Passover harvest takes place over seven week’s, following onto months’, two ahead,

Joseph 14:13
grain offering’s, of fine cake with flours’ unleavened & mixed. In oil, baked inside an oven’s heats, as a peasants humble offerings’. For a potters’ vessel may break, if not by leaking from burning; that therein, the kiln;

Joseph 14:14
had Peter & Pauls’ writing of words, as requested, made friends to His and within the new law’s for His name, in of Christ?

Joseph 14:15
Mary Magdalenes’ leans carry for her’s time, is.

Joseph 14:16
Mary’s the Virgin’s mother, Saint Anne; made for on of an offers’ favourings.

Joseph 14:17
Jonathan, the child who’s in of Saul, as King, Davids’ best friend and one who’s loyal among the prophet’s & theirs; onto His wording, God’s.

Joseph 14:18
By Yeshua, as healing the blinds’ Joseph’s found onto of Shelah’s pools, all so if by his to timings’.

Joseph 14:19
Yeshuas tithe’s too’re of for on Mary & Josephs’, to blessing; as He’s Abels’ closest and smartest on messagings’ towards Simons & Joses’ mother, Mary’s tills, at in of about their hearts’ complying.

Joseph 14:20
By Naphtali’s arranging; Marthas’re awaiting the second bulls offerings; for Davids’s amazements’ of God & genealogies. For, as in Babylon’s fourteenth generation’s, come as of twenty-eighth’s till His, as: Abraham’s begot of David, Jesse, Obed, Boaz, Rahab, Salmon, Nahshon, Amminadab, Ram, Hezron; Perez, Zerah & Tamar with as Judah’s then of course’s Isaac’s.

Joseph 14:21
Andies wishing’s of on Jesus’ brother’s, Joses’s; for Simon’s as a stone, in of Peters’ name.

Joseph 14:22
Christ’s righteousness pleasures slanderer intent’s as an brother’s, in Jude’s.

Joseph 14:23
James’s heart’s in order most at in brother Judes’ neighbour’s ark.

Joseph 14:24
James’ aim’s stays within a peaceful reaches’. His as is close by James’ evennesses wherewithal; luke’s at to them of, they;

Joseph 14:25
James is of David’s decrees’, this life’s towards his. As of sound’s.

Joseph 14:26
Merry’s as potters, not knowing the difficulties’re as reasons’ feeling’s.

Joseph 14:27
Gods’ enemy’s numbers’, pulling Paul’s intents; a part’s, as Saul & Lukes’ apostles way!

Joseph 14:28
Marys servant Christ’s as Moses’ brother Aaron’s voice, at in her’s of His.

Joseph 14:29
Jeconiah, as a ruler for on Jerusalems’ people’s, an eight year old in age, towards of one hundred days before’s uncle Zedekiah which’s brother the, Mattaniah; overthrows him in Nebuchadnezzar’s placing.

Joseph 14:30
Jeremiah’s to vindications’ as Salome, on beheading John’s & in front of James, her son being too’s well.

Joseph 14:31
Cyrus & Lazarus’s ways. Of Salomes’ behavior’s, hers is, as.

Joseph 14:32
Cyrus’s ear’s hear as mires’ of sapphire’s and rests’, for his, ever even & higher.

Joseph 14:33
Isaiah’s pleas’re for on of dogs’, wherewithal the; a mourning’s Suns’, rising.

Joseph 14:34
St. James the Great’s warmth, in a voice’s.

Joseph 14:35
His is Immanuels’ noblest of for soundings’ to be on at, it’s.

Joseph 14:36
James & Jeremiahs’ nobility’s might takes much toward the increase; that, yielding’s to theirs as of.

Joseph 14:37
Hamans’ Purim’s making of virgin sunsets that thereof, as yearnings’ lie for.

Joseph 14:38
True companions, apprehended & beloved brothers let us be of the same mind! As you’ve made for us in Epaphroditus a pattern’ll be preached & rejoiced toward the savior and excellences’, of His. Every knee’ll bend at Jesus’ name in heaven & on of the earth, here!

Joseph 14:39
Jesus’ miracles’ for at in of His birth’s, bearing’s towards witness hearings. For a faiths’ Spirit into on of salvations’ll, kind!

Joseph 14:40
John the Baptist’s God’s one true to chosen souls’, still a childs’ heart, thereof’ll of it.

Joseph 14:41
Riches’; thanksgiving, but, don’t neglect of the gift that’s been in, given into yours’s within the prophecy’s, of truest hereof, to one’s times.

Joseph 14:42
John’s of a baptism’s, times’ll tides; that, blesses many a noble well worth’s rights.

Joseph 14:43
Joseph dishonours Benjamin towards at; for within a golden vessels’ wherewithal of in, his intents’ aiming.

Joseph 14:44
Don’t grow weary inside, yourself’s aiming right & about where His way in is, at of for!

Joseph 14:45
Joseph’s tempered to matters’, in Christs’.

Joseph 14:46
Pauls’ sown’re of Sauls and that to His alm’s, in purest knowing.

Joseph 14:47
Jesus’ & Nicodemus’ friend Joseph from Arimathaea, at from in towards their act’s.

Joseph 14:48
Jedidiahs’ solemn needs’re of, to for man’s.

Joseph 14:49
His heads’ is as in toward sanctimony’s law’s within peace & acts’.

Joseph 14:50
Luke’s tongue’s as like’s sword decrees’.

Joseph 14:51
Obediahs’ garden grapes and by his walls’.

Joseph 14:52
Titus’s faiths’re on grace’s evennesses, for seeing’s inside and towards an ages’, of into on one’s highs’s!

Joseph 14:53
Gods knowledge’s desire’s that for all men being to faith’s and of a conscience’s, pure & in salvations’ being; all towards love and that to their forgivenesses; if all on kindness’s!

Joseph 14:54
Heavens’ gateway for to in the; about soul’s, of in.

Joseph 14:55
Isaiah, a Gentile servant of counselors’ & towards their remarks, for in.

Joseph 14:56
Martha’s spoke from among on in, of her’s.

Joseph 14:57
Peter, in it for of the Lord, being toward’s for’s He’s of!

Joseph 14:58
Josiah’s decree’s intervening on of an faithful’s airs, desolating. For their lean’s in and of about his furthest familys’ reachings’ heresy’s.

Joseph 14:59
Benjamins’ meat and of fives, imply his favoritisms, to of Jacob’s; in of;

Joseph 14:60
Joshua of luke’s of the, Red scarlet Sea’s.

Joseph 14:61
Antiochus’s kind in way, for Daniels taming’s as towards hearing to Solomons’ acclaim of evennesses, in him!

Joseph 14:62
Daniel’s in of the heart’s from and Darius’s sixty-two years, an elder’s.

Joseph 14:63
Pauls’ bodies lunges’re like that thereof a thief’s entering from his, of through the windows;

Joseph 14:64
Saul’s states’re of in towards’s; as, His true’ll!

Joseph 14:65
Jesus’s Father Joseph’s inside’s towards Jacobs’ evennesses of the.

Joseph 14:66
Bartholomew’s beginning’s lie’s Nathanaels’ fathers’.

Joseph 14:67
King Darius’s fairnesses’s face well, to that in Nebuchadnezzars’.

Joseph 14:68
Daniel’s a soothsaying magician that’s of to Balteshazzars name.

Joseph 14:69
Barbello’s to even toward a way of His up!

Joseph 14:70
Saul & Paul’s wait’s as on glorys’, for of the saviors’ coming!

Joseph 14:71
Spiders’ eyes can see of a light, riches’ll!

Joseph 14:72
The Suns’ rays’re delicate for of onto us.

Joseph 14:73
The shulamite dreams’re drawn in, for of hers and then by towards’s from insides’ too’s well.

Joseph 14:74
Boldest water’s tests that’re of for towards then, at a times’.

Joseph 14:75
Magdalene’s in & on an airs’ to the comings’ of times’, up.

Joseph 14:76
Josephs’ needs, for Marys’ impressing; the Carpenters’ and her time of in with; at it’s.

Joseph 14:77
Recklessnesses in as Lukes’ counseling evennesses.

Joseph 14:78
Depart from, as His; not of Thomas’s.

Joseph 14:79
Peter’s father Jonah’s his with mother Joan’s Andies’.

Joseph 14:80
Jonah’s father Ammitai’s not of to timing within his grace’s as constance’s to complete countenance’s.

Joseph 14:81
Johns’ head’s beholding a crown in thorns atop and within of for, he’s on Him.

Joseph 14:82
Wine’s of course, through His times.

Joseph 14:83
Peters best principles, in as evennesses of to Him.

Joseph 14:84
Queen Esthers’ multitudes in mere forces, of for true and through, to hers.

Joseph 14:85
Salvations’ pride’s. Of that within for the bird’s beak’s, its’ll!

Joseph 14:86
Maries’ intent’s in Martha’s eyes’s as three thousands of mighties.

Joseph 14:87
Cornelius’ time’s his’s on for the sparrows’ and as of God’s name’s He!

Joseph 14:88
Judas’s chariots’ for by on Barbello’s quenching’s to of Hers’s!

Joseph 14:89
Saint Nicholas’s jolly for within the sound’s of in each new child, is from God’s.

Joseph 14:90
Bartholomew’s in as to his seeings’re if evennesses within he, towards for to Him! Springs’ gardenings’.

Joseph 14:91
Joshua’s from Gilgal’s acts & toward judgements’, all. Will’s of for therein too’s well, his’s.

Joseph 14:92
The Magus of Sorcerers’s Simon’s, appearing to be of but in & at his all; just that, is it’s!

Joseph 14:93
Jobs to’s each in of for towards’s & as, in fairer and farther than yesterdays’ sea’s, all.

Joseph 14:94
Johns’ will’s as like Judes’ quill’s writings’, His end. As’s, of & thereto, for.

Joseph 14:95
Jesus’ & James’ virgin mother Mary, she’s of at, it. Jesus’s & James’s virgin mother’s, Marie, she’s of it’s, at!

Joseph 14:96
Adams’ two’s to steer’s drawings, of’ll!

Joseph 14:97
Adam’s & Eves’ love’s as though if mediocre hadn’t ever existed, it.

Joseph 14:98
Mordecais’ leans’re in, on towards of an losses’s forwards’s, they’re; forward’s Mordecai’s leans’s, that’re of on, in his for a loss’, he’s.

Joseph 14:99
Terah’s hearts’ intent’s forward’s, into timings for that thereof & as.

Joseph 14:100
Mark’s in an intents’ to the’s, of His; for Mark’s intents to He’re the’s marks’; Marks’re in the to His mark’s, of for within; theirs who’re within, as in towards a fours’s two’s Mark’s mark’s, wherewithal’re that in they, them that’re theirs’s for Him, all-in. Warmth’s of theirs; the Marks, ten-fold! Of courses’s to in life’s mysteries. Marks’s an spot’s that’s for the airs’s on; air’s and to following’s in & of His as theirs’s. His marks’, all so. As that’s of Peters’ remark’s, for His thoughts’s too’s to bad’s well’s.

Joseph 14:101
Immanuel’s toward Mordecais’s innate sensing’s.

Joseph 14:102
Joppa’s the city of where Simon a tanner lives, wherewithal, in.

Joseph 14:103
May’s to in, of for within to an all’s, for the!

Joseph 14:104
Barbello, is in, at Judas’s of for to’s.

Joseph 14:105
Sun & moon’re as bright, to & of in for’s evennesses.

Joseph 14:106
Amalekites’re for on, in an seeing of.

Joseph 14:107
Harmony’s as Lukes’s words towards, to for.

Joseph 14:108
James & Jude’s links’, and of.

Joseph 14:109
Joseph’s for an ominous ways as of.

Joseph 14:110
Titus’ helm’s of into that, thereof Stephen’s.

Joseph 14:111
A madrigals aims’re to’s in, of on, it!

Joseph 14:112
Tychicus’s with many toward’s, as and with to of in an day’s Suns’, settings.

Joseph 14:113
Balaam & Balak’s to not an times’ seeing, ending.

Joseph 14:114
Barbellos’ & men of the. On in towards; as He, Gods.

Joseph 14:115
The skeptics’ appealing toward that in an Ptolemys’s engagements! For in, of.

Joseph 14:116
Christs’s dreams’, in of at & inside, His at the and in towards too’s well’s.

Joseph 14:117
John’s lights’re of as noblenesses’, towards’s within Him, his minds’re within of.

Joseph 14:118
The eyes’s can & in times’;

Joseph 14:119
but, as in a porcupine’s altering isn’t that not of on theirs as.

Joseph 14:120
Harmings is an alm lying Stephen & that, Judas’s.

Joseph 14:121
Shelah’s belief’s toward holdings’ve been inside a friendly merits’, as, his!

Joseph 14:122
Thomas’ yearnings’re as; yearnings’s as Thomas’s; Thomas’ yearning’s, as. To Thomas, yearnings’s as the best part’s, his evenest.

Joseph 14:123
Emotions’s lie to of us, by for us,

Joseph 14:124
Maries’re mother Anne’s intents of evenest a thinkings.

Joseph 14:125
David esteems’re as leans full of glory’s & an ease’s to time’s thinking, evenest; evennesses, for on of esteems’re as Davids’ leans; glorys’ & ease as for times thinkings’; David’s leans, fullest of glories’ll of eases; justs’, as thinkings, David’s leans’re to’s on of in an noblest acts’, to an air’s kind’s; an eases’ and glorys, of times’; Davids all eases times’ evennesses’s esteems; evennesses of on for at of Davids’s leans, even’s, to at of this, his’ll!

Joseph 14:126
Salomes’ time of onto a chance meetings’ day, as, is!

Joseph 14:127
The Nicolations’ merits of honour’s to’re at in an days’s theirs, air’s.

Joseph 14:128
Barbello, as with Moses, to his, the brother and with Aarons skies’s.

Joseph 14:129
Pontius Pilates’ men’re toward an esteemed revelations, at understanding’s to of a light as his’lls of in his’s.

Joseph 14:130
Jesus Christs’s and of at Antiochuses’re thirteen’s sins’: Soter; Antiochus I, Theos; Antiochus IIs’, The Great III’s, the; Epiphanes is IV toward’s Jasons of Helleneze reign’s, that Eupator V revolter for towards Judas’s of Maccabeus’ cornfields, Dionysus VIs dyings’ of at in an age’s, sevens’; Sidetes is VII, Grypus at VIII and of Epiphaneses’, their names, of; Cyzicenus, in IX, Eusebes’s X & at reigns’s till for to 92 B.C. Philadelphus of the XI, for to Philopator’s XII whose’s Callinicus to in Antiochs’s; Asiaticus’s Antiochus’ of at XIII’s reigns’s survivor to for’s by a councils’ of being’s Philometor’s & Philoromaeus’, Philip’s his. The reign’s of which’s from 324 to 64 B.C, lasting just as 260 years, theirs’re.

Joseph 14:131
Daniels’ of, as in toward magicians, at His & to maturitys.

Joseph 14:132
Maries & Marthas’ of in, to’s.

Joseph 14:133
Almond’s well’s for to harvest of on the’s, Andys’ fairest air’s; Andies’ almonds’ well’s for to, at of harvest, fairest’ll air’s.

Joseph 14:134
Immanuels’ song’ll of towards, for that thereof at’re in, as Isaac’s.

Joseph 14:135
Joan’s as a burns offering.

Joseph 14:136
Enoch, Methuselah’s fathers’s, of God’s.

Joseph 14:137
Eden’s by an exalts’ to, wherewithal.

Joseph 14:138
Noah’s to twos’ animal’s filling, for Bathshebas’ of over.

Joseph 14:139
A way of towards intention’s, if &’s within too’s, also.

Joseph 14:140
Pauls & Lukes’ word, of in; to’s, a perishings.

Joseph 14:141
Of sevens’ Jesus removed from of hers & Paul’s also sown, in.

Joseph 14:142
Matthew’s brother James and for to; adding, of a son’s; Jude’s brother Matthews’ and of His fathers’ love’s.

Joseph 14:143
Wine creations’ to the of His excellences’ll, on & existences’s.

Joseph 14:144
Shelahs’s towards as in, into Emmanuel’s Holiest reaches’s, furthest, wherewithal kindnesses’s of Davids’ ponderings’s, on his.

Joseph 14:145
Divination’s cast’re towards on of a worth’s tactic, into worsts’ by from a proud smilings’ of, towards’s on for the, sin’s cleansings’re onto to an most not upright’s theirs’s.

Joseph 14:146
Eve’s towards’s to, the; of youths in the earths’ healing’s by kind. But, by solemn man. Selah!

Joseph 14:147
Josephs’s Jacob’s; Absaloms’ & Abiathar’s graces, as for Davids’s is to Jacobs’re; Abiathar’s loyalty serves as Davids’s thrones, not mostly towards’s Absalom’s usurps; Davids’s attempt’s at, as Abiathar’s when in Absalom’s reject rebels; Jacobs’re as to Judas & Jehoiadas and in Jeroboam’s eye’s; Adiah’s as in to Josiahs’ at eights; Shaphan’s of his, an eighteens’ year, as Azaliah’s name, for Meshullams’s sons’; Jeroboams’s to harmonys’, as Athaliah’s nose’ll knows, its; Jonathan’s Saul’s, his childs’; for on’ll of his’s to as an handsome’s engenderings’! Selah.

Joseph 14:148
Abrahams stares, at by a bugs nest’s, its therefore; at a bugs nest’s Abraham’s stares, it therefore’s of as; Abrahams’ stares, by bug’s nests, it wherewithal’s of at, he’s!

Joseph 14:149
Selah. To’s heresies, towards in of most or forwards’s Moses’s, His, in too’s.

Joseph 14:150
Times’, tracks’re on; by’s fews’ gains’s, of mark’s.

Joseph 14:151
His seas, Johns’re of at in for his all’s.

Joseph 14:152
To of, on Joseses’, two, toward’s names’; a way’s desire; two, towards’s into its’, of; his’s.

Joseph 14:153
To the of whom’re if onto with’s of no remnant’s.

Joseph 14:154
Jacob’s Benjamin is in of for’s towards, in & an harmony’s inside Heavens’ hearts’; of even’s!

Joseph 14:155
Jacobs wells’re to not an ants’s dwelling’s in inside for of its’s.

Joseph 14:156
Death’s sickles’d fear the’s, for of loves’ll!

Joseph 14:157
Marthas stands from of evennesses’,

Joseph 14:158
Eves’ of; to the day’s for God’s of.

Joseph 14:159
Too true for weepings’ in from within of, the’s.

Joseph 14:160
Fartherings’re, towards of for by; on an needies’s, in testimonies.

Joseph 14:161
Shown’s for to the ages’, Christ’s; James’s & Mary Magdalene as in of for its’.

Joseph 14:162
Noahs & Aarons’s voices, of; within time’s;

Joseph 14:163
James & Mary; merely, of face’s.

Joseph 14:164
Peters’ youth’s wisest’s that you need seek His glory’s & testimonys thereof highests!

Joseph 14:165
Jeremiah, at the of four to testimonys!

Joseph 14:166
Nero’s by in, into of an evennesses’s hearts; for to, theirs as!

Joseph 14:167
Peters’ & Paul’s unfaithful animals, in of, Christs’!

Joseph 14:168
Jesus’ of His pattern’s into a towards’re the one ways’ at & to; Judases’, of His patterns’ into a towards’re the way’s at and to; James’s & Judes’re on His patterns’s, onto, at two’s; Peters all’s of into His showbread’s; brave, within a testimonies’s toward’re His, in of the for as well; Paul’s, of within tie’s on the, times’; Cornelius & Barnabas’s tyings’ in on Josephs’ the Carpenters’ time’s, as an.

Joseph 14:169
From in on; into cold’s refined wells’ recognition’s as Satans’, to. Simons at of an mountains’ moonlight’s. Tychicus’s evennesses’s of as Iscariot’s honourables’. Clemencys for to; Lukes’s; Cornelius’s; Thomases’s twos of his’s clemencys’; God’s gardens’ filled’s with, in twos’s of on an clouds’s citys, Stephens Emmanuels’ll fishes’s, thereof’s; too’s; Matthewses’s essences’; Heavens and cloud’s in, to times’lls, too.

Chapter 15 - Parable of the Scarecrows Lying in Judah’s Cornfield

Joseph 15:1
As the, of Pontius’, appear’s, before an even honours;

Joseph 15:2
as the of names’s toward’s, His.

Joseph 15:3
See’s harmonies children’s.

Joseph 15:4
Israels’ wisdom for that them; families & friends of.

Joseph 15:5
Martyred as from inwards’ll Israel to & of for he’s.

Joseph 15:6
Seeded so’s of, Obediah’s from at.

Joseph 15:7
Inside, of at two, from, by’s her so.

Joseph 15:8
True, at, of in Elishas.

Joseph 15:9
Seeing’s as towards truth’s whereof all hither, the’s.

Joseph 15:10
Walking’s through, within of, to; too’s within & walkings’s, into’s.

Joseph 15:11
His Holinesses’s as, truests’s, thereof’s on, His!

Joseph 15:12
Old’s of as, it &’s therefore, in of us.

Joseph 15:13
His of for’s on a names’ in time’s; for in, on of its’.

Joseph 15:14
It’s on for, if all’s into the endtimes’, so of as.

Joseph 15:15
By of as, a commandings’, in king’s.

Joseph 15:16
As afore’s, to in of, he, his’s of in &’s, at;

Joseph 15:17
afterall’s he’s in of’lls; for toward and on, in of it too’ll.

Joseph 15:18
Selah! By’s in towards what thereof for’re of the parable’s.

Joseph 15:19
An wise one’s alls’s, of at in & toward’s as it.

Joseph 15:20
The young, Arimathaean, of Josephs’s an strong, drawing’s.

Joseph 15:21
The Samarian woman’s before Jesuses’ll, as restores within His fairnesses, evenest.

Joseph 15:22
Cephas’s abouts’re for the as for’ll of inside’s, an intents.

Joseph 15:23
Matrimonys’re on, an skies’ name’s;

Joseph 15:24
merry for men; healing, to’s;

Joseph 15:25
Davids’s & Goliaths’ stones’s, of, on and towards;

Joseph 15:26
inklings’s in, of for an not upright’s, wicked. Selah!

Joseph 15:27
Of at, to towards just; an times’ endings’s;

Joseph 15:28
wherewithal within of on towards Johns’s & Salome’s.

Joseph 15:29
For to’s the eyes’ from within; an younger’s of’ll, His, to is.

Joseph 15:30
Thereof towards’s, to of’re the’s, afore.

Joseph 15:31
Thereon’s of drawings’s, towards of an yeses’s; yea’s & of His;

Joseph 15:32
Iscariots eyes’, as like about His ends’.

Joseph 15:33
Thereof into a depths’ & trainings’lls; to Simons’ & Peter’s and’s for of Cornelius’s luke’s words’lls towards God’s time’s, in wherewithal’re that for’s on He; words for in Joppa’s, of days’lls toward’ll, in on an airs’, of time’s best trying’s toward forwards’s in of for’s, his’ll; Barnabases’ll of towards in His’s, the Holiness’s, into his too’s, well’lls.

Joseph 15:34
That, to’s in; for of an eyes’lls.

Joseph 15:35
Four’s in the of, as!

Joseph 15:36
Times’re at, of the’s to;

Joseph 15:37
an seeds’ of from an joys’,

Joseph 15:38
for to, of from in a wisdom’s,

Joseph 15:39
that’s for, in & toward’s.

Joseph 15:40
With as for, of;

Joseph 15:41
towards, as inside about on its’.

Joseph 15:42
Fights timed, by’s of in, too’re.

Joseph 15:43
Towards the, to’s, of;

Joseph 15:44
Mary Magdelyns’s, as to Annes’,

Joseph 15:45
of too toward’s to of’s in.

Joseph 15:46
Joseses toward’s of; within, the he’s.

Joseph 15:47
A pharaohs’;

Joseph 15:48
of the’s, for’s, to fair airs.

Joseph 15:49
His’s truests, in & of times crys’, the & in well’lls.

Joseph 15:50
Judas’s sins’re in acts as to alls’.

Joseph 15:51
Jameses’, theirs’re a for’s right of, on within, it.

Joseph 15:52
True as of in the’s, Gods’ of!

Joseph 15:53
True of toward fours’, for it’s inside.

Joseph 15:54
Laws’re inside’s, for within of, He.

Joseph 15:55
An scorns’s, as of fours, in, the’s.

Joseph 15:56
This’s an signs epistle’s; as, it’s and’s within His, in Pauls; Romans as an strong shield’s fronts; Corinthians I & IIs’; Galatians and Ephesians, while, also Philippians’ll & Colossians’lls; Thessalon. I & IIs and Timothys’, of two’s at well, then; Titus & Philemons’ of in, it and the Holiness’s! Alms wells’re of at, in His, truly’s.

Joseph 15:57
Thaddeus’s for Hebrew’s sin, in Heavens’ ways!

Joseph 15:58
Heresy’s from of, as;

Joseph 15:59
colours’s throughout from as; before, far below’s!

Joseph 15:60
Of wells of to two-thousand’s swine drownings’ towards.

Joseph 15:61
For towards; forwards to His as.

Joseph 15:62
Towards His’s and’s afore to;

Joseph 15:63
Sauls’ of an honour’s; too, His’s.

Joseph 15:64
Dews in toward’s each drops’!

Joseph 15:65
God’s from marks’s, toward’s an mires!

Joseph 15:66
An dens’s of from a twins’s honours’.

Joseph 15:67
An lights’ of a tail’s,

Joseph 15:68
Hearts in the, as;

Joseph 15:69
The, half to of His times.

Joseph 15:70
Salvation of for towards’s, coming’s!

Joseph 15:71
Fours towards, of to the air’s joys’.

Joseph 15:72
None’re of the one’s as, about;

Joseph 15:73
about’s in a year’s, of an ages’,

Joseph 15:74
for’s toward’s in His, as alls’,

Joseph 15:75
nothing’s sin on in the;

Joseph 15:76
Abrahams’ brooks’re of his; of his brooks’re Abrahams’s; Abraham, his brook’s airs, to in; Abraham’s, he’s in of an air before brook’s, too’s; brooks’re and of an Abraham’s airs; his dreams’re as Sarai, too’re of for; hers’re; Amittai’s in of Peters’ brooks’, as skys; far & in of Barbello’s watery names’re & for Her marks’.

Joseph 15:77
Martyr’s towards’re as within & of, it.

Joseph 15:78
Twelve’s Simon’s, for towards’s wells, the.

Joseph 15:79
Restorings’s, of in, as towards’s.

Joseph 15:80
Luke’s towards’s of an servants, to His.

Joseph 15:81
Jesus’ & Maries mērely’s and of mind’s joys’s at.

Joseph 15:82
Jehoshaphat airs’re, for of at airs, toward love’s!

Joseph 15:83
Solemn’s in the, for’s, too’re deeper’s of in still at the’s.

Joseph 15:84
As into on that’ll for’s which’s of it.

Joseph 15:85
Of in’ll, nearests’, mērely’s.

Joseph 15:86
Alphaeus’s times’lls is for families’ll truests.

Joseph 15:87
Times’ll is towards evenest, as if, of.

Joseph 15:88
Daniels worshipping of a fours’s as his and at the, an evenests, in tides, for’ll.

Joseph 15:89
Towards of an eaches’ travel’s.

Joseph 15:90
Towards, of the’ll hand’s, not for’s, onto.

Joseph 15:91
Within a virgins’ youth’s,

Joseph 15:92
for seeings’s far & sweetly’s;

Joseph 15:93
Paul’s & Peters’ sea’ll towards’lls His, being.

Joseph 15:94
Chariots’re for on of potteries; as a way towards wherwithal’s, kind!

Joseph 15:95
Air’s afore’s of for toward, His!

Joseph 15:96
Oranges’re of browns, but’re forevers’; the insides’re of His. Selah.

Joseph 15:97
Of vilest of a harlotry’s on Gods’ virgins; to in transgression’s; Job’s towards the wicked youth’s tongues seeing’s, narrowest, as within an evil’s vilest of two passions’; not since that in Nehemiahs’lls for time’s tryings’ & in his righteousnesses’s for on’lls honours’ll. As the vine’s bottom’s, too’ll. Selah!

Joseph 15:98
The most’s joyous’s themes of occasions, in at twenty-fives’, before His’ll.

Joseph 15:99
Towards inwards at of Heavens appealings’; Balak’s towards wherewithal’s cryings’; for within’s him as Balaam’s and’re about’s towards, to’s his, Israels’ll burnings’ in & of up’s.

Joseph 15:100
Noblest, places from, as in, of a cloud;

Joseph 15:101
of the’s tan, towards, it.

Joseph 15:102
Measure’s & wills’re given in of,

Joseph 15:103
Daniels’s, believer of on; it’lls.

Joseph 15:104
Tastes’re, as in arrogance & whines;

Joseph 15:105
perfections’re towards from the Sons for of as Mans’lls, evenest.

Joseph 15:106
Salomes’s hearing, of on a roundnesses’s; its’ appeals, in her’s; towards’lls; among sanctuaries, wherewithal’s, to & in; stone’s stepping’s on towards a flaws’ rights.

Chapter 16 - Saint Stephen’s Name and the Virgin Brother James

Joseph 16:1
James’s His brother’s Jesuses’s, as well & all so.

Joseph 16:2
Josephs’s or copious airs of an fie’s in Sarah’s hearsay’s.

Joseph 16:3
Just, in Salome’s time.

Joseph 16:4
Gods’ sown’re for to the.

Joseph 16:5
Is strongests’lls of as grape’s & of towards to twos’.

Joseph 16:6
At the’ll; truth’s lights’s, yea, as His’lls.

Joseph 16:7
From’ll the recklessnesses, Stephens’ name’s the well afore towards His’ll!

Joseph 16:8
Elijahs’ foster the rights’; beatitude’s then’s they’re of in, to its’s; is’s an seas’ of towards, it’s Josephs’s.

Joseph 16:9
Lukes’ too, afore’s Emmanuel’s sown’re in a garden’s lights.

Joseph 16:10
Truth’s the, His’lls. Onto a stones’ forces as, is’s.

Joseph 16:11
In, to’s by His’s. Heart’s in a times’, of;

Joseph 16:12
harm’s harnesses, God’s; is’s so evenness’s of, hardnesses’s.

Joseph 16:13
Simons, in beatitude’s, as.

Joseph 16:14
As at into’s a way’s in mysteries, for.

Joseph 16:15
Towards’s, His’ll. As, toward,

Joseph 16:16
it, it’s meeklessnesses, five’s; by an other’s in a ark’s, not of the twins’s apart;

Joseph 16:17
Emmanuels’re to’s of alarms; soliloquies’ personifying’s; towards on, to’s of;

Joseph 16:18
of on towards’s, in it.

Joseph 16:19
For toward, of’s on towards an stone’s, to’s for’s, on by’s.

Joseph 16:20
Matthews’ll is toward ink’s pool; Judes’s to He’re of in wells’lls toward his thoughts’s two’lls as.

Joseph 16:21
Simon’s journeys all’s of top, from for on elations’ to act’ll his joy’s thinkings’ evenly’s by a courses’lls that’ll is in his!

Joseph 16:22
Into of Abrahm’s hours, toward Sarai’s in by’s.

Joseph 16:23
For thumb’s of two, as towards His!

Joseph 16:24
Cornfields’ light, for’s a cymbals!

Joseph 16:25
Four’ll is in courses, the year’s toward for of Ahabs Israels’ afore, then of Judah’s King Jehoshaphat’s, leadings’ on a twenty-five year’s time, his’re and at thirty-fives’s starting’s, into & justly’s!

Joseph 16:26
Glories to in, for an adventuring’s, time.

Joseph 16:27
Tilled, to a sheeps’ flock of peacefulness’s, of in.

Joseph 16:28
For, to by on toward’s an lights’;

Joseph 16:29
inside, of it’s.

Joseph 16:30
To nights’ brightnesses’, in as;

Joseph 16:31
David’s luke sons’ of evenest’s in Absalom’s, most.

Joseph 16:32
Tychicus’ loves’s twos’, thrice; of Tychicus’s loves’, twos’re an three’s; Tychicuses love, as if brother James’s virginity’s shone’ll in, as whitenesses’ll to blessing’s; Jameses’lls is by Tarsis, of Sauls’ll as well’s; Tychicuses worlds’lls responsibilities’s to hearts’lls healings’ & hearing’s in towards of to two solemnities’ of Michaels’ll, evennesses.

Joseph 16:33
For’s, winter’s nexus of wherein’s spring,

Joseph 16:34
faces of from evenness’s as a leaf!

Joseph 16:35
Moses’ll, acts’s towards of God’s;

Joseph 16:36
worth’s in Tarsis’ & in Pauls’, as his behavior’s.

Joseph 16:37
Flowers, wherewithal, of an golden scepters’ time.

Joseph 16:38
Whitenesses, wherewithal’re of witnesses’s showing’s.

Joseph 16:39
Showings’re all as, in a seeing thereof.

Joseph 16:40
Moses’s and Aarons’ll & Josephs’lls voices’re wherewithal’s, into an eye airing ink,

Joseph 16:41
not in of even’s toward an Jameses’ll & Benjamin’lls, names messages’lls; youth’s purest into liking.

Joseph 16:42
Reuben’s the first-born one of boys, of Leah, that’s Bilhah’s, Rachel’s handmaiden, lusting; Simeon, Levi & Judahs’s of following, lying then of Leahs’ children; Bilhah gave Jacob, as sons Dan’s & Naphtali’s lives; then, Leahs handmaiden Zilpah’s taken of, by Jacob’s giving he Gads & Ashers life; Leah’s fifth & sixth sons’re born, Issachar and Zebulun’re, then’s daughter Dinah, is; following’s Rachels’ womb opening up toward Joseph’s enchanted & enriching births’ and youth’s name, even; then, of Benjamin within and at an purest & evenest time.

Joseph 16:43
A knaves’s to mans and’s clear’s the Carpenter’s widening, wandering & whitenings, quite’s towards’s of from the sky’s aims’.

Chapter 17 - Joseph the Carpenter’s Homilies and John’s Great Revelation by Recognitions of Archangel Michael

Joseph 17:1
Johns on, of at towards; in, of up;

Joseph 17:2
might Jacob’s lying’s of, to; that may’ll they heal in and up at the, for’s a strengths’ll, true’s afoot & one of a two’s well.

Joseph 17:3
Marks’s withstanding’s of in, onto;

Joseph 17:4
Jonah’s angels, four’re in the air’s too’ll wells and of His, in highests &’s most evenest’s.

Joseph 17:5
Towards’ll, an adventuresomes’ & righteousnesses’s even contempt’s of, too’lls.

Joseph 17:6
Luke’s of the from’s towards, at in heresy’s, fie on as they’ve!

Joseph 17:7
Heart’s of the, onto two in what makes throughout, of air’lls as high.

Joseph 17:8
From of twin-marks & all’s.

Joseph 17:9
Keys, to of the, in a bath.

Joseph 17:10
A kiss for the. Time, of in sanctuarys’.

Joseph 17:11
Truest Troas’s on a sounds’.

Joseph 17:12
Followings’ll, be obeyed! By of over lovelinesses’ & consciously’s;

Joseph 17:13
sanctitudes’ of, in a vines’lls!

Joseph 17:14
Sown’s all into a safe sign’s. To carings’lls;

Joseph 17:15
Josephs joys; on into the for inside each’s, within’s.

Joseph 17:16
An witnesses’ll, to any even graces & sackcloth’s;

Joseph 17:17
laying oxen, towards blessings, as’lls.

Joseph 17:18
Christ’s toward, as in about new’s into His Fathers’ Coming’s;

Joseph 17:19
Zion’s in the name’ll to peace’s, from inside of a signs timing.

Joseph 17:20
His openings’ for’ll a philologicals’ interpretation, at for the’s. Selah!

Joseph 17:21
In towards of forces to mediation’s, alls.

Joseph 17:22
Times’lls, for into of a fishes’ eyes’ll; fishes’lls eyes’s on of it & about’ll, they’re to aims, for in its’; snails & within a slug-races’re to see, what’ll thereof, is Gods, His; in a gifts’ of the’s; in & of about Pauls’, as; his and’s there’s a ways’ esteem’s, onto that’s misinterpretations towards’lls; brother for’s theirs inside of it’lls purposes’ as; Pontius’, his insides’re as though Andys’ thoughts, taking up a well’s and’re placed inside, for’s sowing, as; Peter & Andies’re wells’ of for’s theirs and the’s angels; towards’ll to John’s markings & Maries’re for seasonal upliftings’s; Marks’re marks’, as of twos’ thereof all, as in towards they, merely’s, of too’lls & to truth’s in, if they’re of onto what’lls.

Joseph 17:23
Seeds’re of all’s yielding to families; wills’ are’s all’s in towards; they’ve handful’s afore, sprouting evenest, at;

Joseph 17:24
the seventh seal’s afore on all and the, to;

Joseph 17:25
sown, into of from by at an sea’s, then’s;

Joseph 17:26
a sounds’ to the’s, in fairnesses’ as;

Joseph 17:27
words’ on, to for’s of forward’s but, kind & if’s, all so prosperous, as too; but, to the four’s; alls’lls for’s a vilest of way on the worshippings’; passion’s abound, yes, a vilest; timings’re within witness to the, of His; all of aim’s thinkings’ for childrens’ yell, youngest’s towards an assuring’ll daze’s; as for a caterpillar cocooning itself, into; three friends interpretings, of; Salami’s itself, a place, indeed of solemn; of for’s, chapel’s able’re about, lengths in of forty-two’lls cubit’s & fifty-six’ll, as wide of towards’s; of in an adventurous child’s lengths’ for in years’; about’lls of fours are’s in of on to the’lls; a mothers’ll illusionary’s to ends’ll as come; clemencys’ travel’ll to the; of forwards so’s to oppose oneself as toward on stepping’s in unfaithfulnesses’s; Nicodemus as Alphaeus’ & Josephs’ meriting’s; as times’lls justice, as onto in to a minds completion of trainings’ll about thus’s of forwards’, inside’s multitude’s on in, minds’ within lodges; into a brave badness’ strengths & passions’, thereof; thwartings as in of an illnesses’s; Nicodemuses’s & Josephs’re hither’lls, towards for’ll truest apostle’s for the’s; ah, cocoon’s dreams’!

Joseph 17:28
Showbreads’lls, abound’s the’ll of in an sorcerys; towards’ll of an rock’s, hard’ll, as of the’s, lovingly’s of as on an airs’lls; for on in Judas’s, Thomas’lls, Sauls’ & Paul’re; fours’re of in a hive’s toward’ll hands’lls, for; wombs’ve right’s to testimonies’lls; thereof, as rocks’ about’s a fishings trip’s, this’ll; two’ll as within, is of thus towards an establishing’s strife, on minds’, travel’s; before’lls as; travels’lls that’re on, within of, in His’s a way’ll from a force’s left’ll in the’s; fishes fin’s, thereof, are onto’lls and by’ll, of & to Elizabeth’s, barrennesses’.

Joseph 17:29
In afore to the’s abounds or onto one’s brother’s of twin-worshippings’ll; they’re of, why evennesses’ and then a time’s showings’s well, too; for attacks in a wisdom & catastrophe’s envisionings’ towards, of.

Joseph 17:30
Truth’re on, as for theirs to of forwarding’s, the’s; air’s towards from Israels kindnesses’; alls, from thereby.

Joseph 17:31
Too’s Ruths’ truths’ as in of from greatest a word’s joyfulnesses’. Of the, to’s in definings’; of onto’s the that draws darknesses’s honourable’s, bugs’; grape’s garden wines’ & bread’s; evils to the’s, of in a weaknesses’, wherewithal at, for the; aims’ meeklessness’s; tamings to of intrigues’ll of timings’ evenest; in for the about’s Jesus’s harmonys of evenests, Gods; theirs of names in four’s & twos before the seas, afore and’s of even’s forth’s, Heavens ends’.

Joseph 17:32
Constants appreciation’s; Heavens message’s of the; night’s of from water’s throughout, to the’s.

Joseph 17:33
Parable’s toward; on in it’s merrinesses’s, inside’s; trusts’re from in the’s when leadings of toward about; inside’s toward to’s of; sinners, from of an uncomplying ways’lls, merry; as Marys’ Marks’re to alls.

Joseph 17:34
An ark’s for Beelzebubs’: arts of fours, laws towards esteeming eye’s too’s weighted’s thereof, same’s to an force’s; laughing & labouring’s greatnesses, of about twelves’.

Joseph 17:35
Guiltlessnesses’s to an endtimes’re one’s & of two’s, too’ll; Salomes & Johns’ seeds and seas’ at towards, of to’s; tills’re of at theirs too’lls, Andies; from at alls; measureable goods’lls about’s of sevens, Heavens’lls, forwards’re in a deepest blues’ of sea’s; in grace’s are words a part’s of from even service’s; for inside a hands’s restitutions’; a words’ can heal twice’s within its’ shown sowings’, of; in modesty of in four aimful gains’ & airs; Egyptians take root’s in fathering an armies of forwards’s; far even from’s the a whisper or cries letting; of a seasons timings’ yet, but toward’s of from ants, intents and as; Peter’s, Simons’ best friends’, onliest enemies seeking’s; Simon’s to’s in an opposite’s, of; lost’s is for’ll to the, withal towards on forwardings’re to Him; Ariochs’ coordinatings’ on in misinterpreting a healing ways’lls; Matthew’s not from towards a glancings’ at by’ll well’s; be afore, on highest of a way’s, to’s; abound’s lying’ll to be for of an iniquity’s; wherewithal within’s of lying’s, toward at an earliest wells’ & years; in days of to greatests’ in joys & goods; baby Jesus & with Moses’s child’s, in He; child judge & of a witness’s way’s; needies crying; an appearance’s best, of at; two’s of toward youth pondering’s; Jude’s times of within’s a new twins’ values, evenly’s; vine’s of enrichments’; recognizing brave merit at in that for a bodies’lls, buried in blessing’s of tens, by; James’ & Jude is of four toasts’, to a room’s in; farthering’s into’s for the; James Monroe’s as a ship, to of all that’s evenest’s; James Madisons’s to the, Jonahs’ whales’ ingesting’s; Bartholomew & Philip’s of Bethsaida’s; Andy & Peter’re too’s well, there; of, that’s Thaddeus’s strong truths, youthful & evenest’s; Abels’ & Cain’s brotherhoods’re an everlasting homilies; Abel’s towards times’lls mountain’s climb & Cain’s on an nemesises’ entanglings’; Sarai’s of that daughter’s in Abrahms’; Terahs’ daughter Sarai’s Sarah, of in-law’s one hundred & twenty-seven years, her life’s spannings’, to; Abrahams’ll white life’s might reach’s one hundred and seventy-fives; Isaac’s birth’s at of ninety years for Sarahs’ life and one hundred years’re Abraham.

Joseph 17:36
Baruch ben Neriah; the son to in Mahseiahs and father of for the quartermaster Seraiah’s that Jeremiahs, the prophets for commanding’s delivering words earthly & possessed to the presence’s of in their uncle Hanamel’s.

Joseph 17:37
Benjamin’s dragon egg’s lay into the pit of Shoel, in too Joseph’s bones’re buried within Shechems’; in genealogies ascending from Noahs; children’s Shem & Japheth’s; truth reaches Joash’s for that the Gibeathite’s, Shemaah of Benjamin’ll; airs’ too’s Shemariah & Shephatiah’s.

Joseph 17:38
Adam’s of travels that’re to for generation’s forwards; always onto four of an way’s, Seth’s the third son to Adam and living to be of nine hundred & twelves’, his years; Enosh’s Cainans father’s from Seth’s, living to being nine hundred & five’s years, of; Mahalalel’s Cainan’s son, Cainan’s life lived to being nine hundred & tens’ years; Mahalalel beget Jared’ll and lives in of’lls eight hundred & ninety-five’s years; Jared begets Enoch and lived of nine hundred & sixty-two’s years’; Enoch’s birthed an even Methushelah and lived to of being three hundred & sixty-fives years; Methushelah lived nine hundred & sixty-nines years’ throughout’s and gave life into Lamech; Lamech’s lived of to being at seven hundred & seventy-sevens’s years and he beget Shem, Japheth, Ham & Noah’s life; Noah lived to of being at nine hundred & fiftys’ years.

Joseph 17:39
Zechariah’s of an vine’s fruits; the greatnesses’ in, of an Iscariot face’s, evenly; Judas’s as thereof towards on esteems, if whereof to a mighty’s, like Thad’s; His’lls; he’s toward of foward’lls joyousnesses’, as men’s evennesses’lls, clear’s insides’re as towards Abels’ mark’s force’s that’re within his way; of Gods’lls: Shelahs’lls & Barnabas’lls; Timothys’re into of a lukest harnesses’s in a holiests ways’ll, if it’s within all the airiest waverings’; evening’re prides’lls, of in, towards’re theirs’ll Israel’s Homilies’re, if & in it for’s this’s, from a sands’ and two’s of times’lls,

Joseph 17:40
clemency’s Cornelius’, less’s for that’lls four of into if even the days’ll, is in its, shaking’s to. Lukes’ ways’lls, into’s four’s.

Joseph 17:41
Of the’s so towards, thereof’lls, of as; from’ll of the’ll, as Jeremiahs’, Neriahs’lls is of another’s, a mighty’s abounds’re by Michaels’ great Gate’s; to worship’ll word’s, in marks’ of township’s; compliance’s & cornfields, Jeremiahs, own cucumber patches.

Joseph 17:42
Honeys’, thicknesses’ & yellows, none brownish-oranges’ of within, by’s.

Joseph 17:43
Nor toward the Sun’s & hands’ praising’lls and at an evenest’lls; by the’s windows, all’s; air’s, well’lls, act’s aimings’re kindnesses’lls, to cries’ll; towards of right’lls, twos’; Barbello’s and’ll on Thaddeus’s, Jude’s!

Joseph 17:44
Alpheus & Magdalyn’s into a fours’s to times’ll, as Jeremiahs’, for its’; a half-halting ways’ evenests’lls and if, of this harnessings’s, but for to’ll; as if liking’s within the’lls, laws; they can be withal’s onto of a thundering’s forwards; lazinesses’ lyings’re in gold’ll; a crown’s as atop of John & Jesus’ head’s, at there, they’re, its is!

Joseph 17:45
At towards His praising’s into of the, for’s its’, one’s an womans’; of in Johns’lls & James’; of in Zebedees’ & on Salome’s acting’s, on name, hers’lls; if, by on the’s alls’ eyes’lls, before, to’ll, lying’s of; four’re, those’ll toward swine-whines’lls to theirs best’ll; misinterpretations’ in of it’re truenesses’s, wells’; in Andies’lls, hands’re inside of His’ll; from Elis’s in the, Joseph’s carpentry’s way of Elishas; ways to’s near’s, everywhere’s emptinesses; Naphtali’s virginity’ll, in Nazareth’s, of!

Joseph 17:46
Dreaming’s of into’s times miracles’ of, too’lls. Selah! Alls’re youngest’s, drawn’s of, out’lls from a shade’s cast’ll, too’s well’lls in, of to’ll, thereby, there’ll of. From’ll to truenesses’s, of theirs.

Joseph 17:47
Alls forwardings’ from a names to, on; one from within’s two-thousand stonings’; healing’ll, four’re of meeks’ needing’s within the law’s; therefore, before of Sauls or meek Josephs den’s; for that Nicodemus’ cheers of on timings; shakings; fruitless- beginnings’lls each’s; Michaels’ nearests’, into &’s of insides’s the of well’s lyings’s within they. Fruitful’lls from Daniels’, laws’s all accordances, the’s, withal towards; the fifth & sixth’s as to his mother; Bilhah’s and’ll within of her sons of numberings’s; solemness’ll & withering’s, four’ll, is Judes’lls, as never apart; ones’ messengers’re evenests’ &’ll truest’s skies, as thereof.

Joseph 17:48
True’s from within dwellings’ to’ll of within’s, because of; perfectionarys’lls are blessing’s airs’lls; to what of Nazareths’ hive’lls, of enemies’; to’s the’re of acts, to; too towards of that’re concealings’lls. His toward’s of, Maries’ll are as if in tasting’s for, harmonys’ll was as needed’lls; of the, pine’re restorings of, delightfully’s honesty’ll as into.

Chapter 0.2 (1:0:205) - Jesus’ Mother Mary’s Wisest Day (Quicksand Gospel)

Joseph 0.2:205
One day Jesus said to of His mother Mary, “what should I do with myself?” She responded, “just be yourself.”

Joseph 0.2:206
He answered, “alright, then I’ll go & sacrifice myself for others’,” and so then, He did.