Welcome to Book of Joseph

How's This Math?

The first book’s of for the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the coming age, for 2,150 years. After 12 books, 13 & 14’re Ophiuchus and Cetus, shorter, overlapping ages; 15, Leap Year; 16 plus 17 is Back to the Future & Christmas, reaching to and starting a holiday theme’s. The books can continue on long as pi is, infinite. This covers books for a 25,800 year time period {2,150 x 12}, that’s the time of an age’s years; time; then, enough to start giving in multitudes’ of extras’ approaches.

It’s because all of it is written to the number. I was simply following it’s order, aware that I could do it; it could be done. For, the purpose, it being unbiased & fun. An “côurss” {10:17, 14:20} “tin lifɛ’s mystęriēs. Mαrks’s αn spôt’s ðαt’s fr ðαirs’s ôn; αir’s αnd tfôlløwing’s in” {14:100}.

Timing’s the importance for ours; an instruction guide; effectively all direction’s encompassed for mass’ understanding of alphanumeric intentions. An twins’ revelation; for’ll names’ sake & just’s too’lls. Namesakes’re called into, from the pattern’s. Active timings’re based upon names’ juxtaposings; on in the. Sounds’ ringing’re pertinent. Towards’re ones’s, names merit’s lighting.

Luke’s at the inside, oldest within. Youngest out’ll. Marys’ fast father of Cyrus’s “rsts’, fr his, vɛr vɛn & highr.” {14:32} This name-marks in achievements’ harmonies’lls role in filling Josephs’ risings’ & right’s. “Frøm øf twin-mαrks & åll’s.” {17:8} Sacrifice for their wombs’ marks, all inside. A mountains’ climb, toward “øsęφ’s cårpɛntry’s wây øf lishαs” {17:45}.

“lt us bē øf ðɛ sâmɛ mind! Ås yu’vɛ mâdɛ fr us in φrøditus α pættęrn’ll…vɛry knɛ’ll bɛnd åt sus’ nâmɛ” {14:38}

Truɛ ås øf in ðē’s, Gôds’ øf!” {15:52}

Purely, a truest pneumonic device. Only in rare instances’ will the number, reveal itself:

Chapter 75 (5:7) – Terah’s Years Numbered Two Hundred and Five Then Abram Takes Sarai His Wife Departing Haran of Seventy-Five

Double’s natures’re the study; of twins lyings’. The number twelve can be reached, for’ll:

“Żøsęφ αnswęrs, “spɛch’s ås ðɛ prôud Gœliåð spαks,…Mœss’ låw øf sâys, ‘vnαnçę’s minɛ αnd rɛcœmpɛnsɛ.”

dēlivɛring mē ôut øf yur hαnds.” {øsęφ 12:11-12}

Harvesting within, “ðαt’s øf tBâltęshâzzårs nâmɛ.” {14:68}

“Żsus, rαching ôut tøsęφ’s ðɛ Humαn Fåðɛr thumαnity, bēgôttɛn sôn frøm âcøb” {7:26}

Who This Helps

There isn’t a soul alive that couldn’t benefit by this in physiological & psychological ways. The numbers’ symmetry’s meant to appeal toward the most pessimistic, passive minds’. It’s a solution for even dealing of suicidal thoughts’ or serial killer tendency’s. Those with schizophrenia’ll find in this a handy tool. Those with autisms’ll find in this, a chance to fit in as a normal human, worshipping, while still feeling truth in their growth patterns’.

Those who’re homeless may find this sustain’s them, some, as food would. For, it gives insight into the infinitesimal & to maintaining it strong. It may give the richer a chance to appeal moreso to the working class charm, often. Helping to gauge what opportunities, most merry, present themself; helping wealthy to enjoy their wealth, most by giving them every possible direction they could go to spreading it, even.

This writing can be the cure for cancer, with a plethora of books this can be used to treat head injuries, regenerating retracted & tensed up muscles, the more by looking to the number’s, as the mind calls through its process. Many who cannot help being smart can find in this, a continuous source for higher sheer direction of ambition & mere stabilitys’. Physiologically, every last one of these’s embedded to our bodies’ alignment in revelating. The longer it’s used, the more likely it’s to restore sensitive muscle, that relaxes the body; awakening roots’ part’s, of the mind, and finally, using it may extend the life & fuel the awareness of those, who might otherwise, be on their last leg.

I wrote this in mind that it’d boost the filmmaking economy, while also allowing much richer & much more encouraging stories’ to delight in. Films, where within this text exists to motivate characters who can now have a reason & motive for doing things that would otherwise be too good, to seem realistic for films’. So, those films can be able to gauge their own light, within & throughout. This can satisfy a demand that films be less violent or lude while more playful & innocent and that they still strive keeping up to date within the modern pace in entertainment.

Those who’re upset & mad at the world get to revel, in having some kind of tool to express their anger, more clearly, for harnessing their excitement, for purposes fit to the abundance of use’s their thought’s might deem fit. Every last ounce of emotion can be attached throughout all kinds’, the furthest reaching of goods’. The point of it is to feel akin to every man and woman, so we may empathize better mutual connection’s. Nobody should be without that longing, as it heals the world throughout, by acting’s a mirror, instructing each other how we’d like being, treated. Before this was available, such good may seem too vast & outspoken, but with it, accepted as such, the world can gain a sense of youth & unity, aiming their creative unmaskings’ most frequently and fond. Those of the working-class can feel a sense of their most independent, that their minds comprehends, while still doing the fair work.

It’s also a way for couples to trust each other’s decision making, most deep & subconscious. Men who’re providers can turn to this as a constant source of inspiration & uplifting; and they’ll, continue to do so, even when frustrated at times’. Within here, they can find a place to see where their radical emotions’ grabbed hold onto them. Wisdom & intelligence can be encouraged, into progressive nature. Women’s may see guidance for how even understanding deeper, a man’s lovindkindness, even through feelings’ of angst & frustrations to moments, not of his character.

Members of groups who preach hate may use this and still say to others, if they so choose, ‘’they may learn to speak English clearer, by following this’s a tool.’’ Those of absurdist of faiths’ can find this being every bit farther reaching than even Scientology, while still being realistic. Every little bit that Scientology may seem cool, this is every bit as & a way cooler, while’ll still, perfectly realistic. Those whose self-righteousness extends into lazy, presumptive behaviors may now be drawn out of their illusions’ ways. With this in the making, they could only be encouraged to use the information written here, convinced that they should not do nothing. But they should reach for a most difficult task and with these words, here entwined in to the Bible, it’ll not seem impossible, but rather’s one’s on a steady course of right’s nobilities. If you’re upset by Christianity, use this as your tool to fight back with. Christianity’s merely no more than a doppelgänger to Catholic’s, yet of a lazier faiths. Many people are Christian because they know it’s easier and therefore, will make more money. I highly encourage this as a tool to put Christianity in its place as a prize-grabbing double, within this well of rights’ & existings. As, a way to gain some stability of the self & times’.