The Book of Joseph 2

Gospel for the Age of Capricorn 4,300 – 6,450 A. D.
December 21 – January 20

Chapter 0.2 (1:0:205) – Jesus’ Mother Mary’s Wisest Day (Quicksand Gospel)

Joseph 0.2:205
One day Jesus said to of His mother Mary, “what should I do with myself?” She responded, “just be yourself.”

Joseph 0.2:206
He answered, “alright, then I’ll go & sacrifice myself for others’,” and so then, He did.


Chapter 18 (2:1) – Saul the Grape Gatherer From Tarsis Stumbles at Hearing Sheep Seeing of an Eldest True

Joseph 18:1
Sauls houses’; Abner lusts’s.

Joseph 18:2
His, Ishbosheths’ is.

Joseph 18:3
Hardest helpings’; rank. His’re reigning.

Joseph 18:4
Ishbosheths’, constraining to.

Joseph 18:5
Rizpahs regards’, in’lls to.

Joseph 18:6
Bahurim, east afore Jerusalem.

Joseph 18:7
Israels’ pod, in’ll;

Joseph 18:8
Ner’s of his son’s in Abner.

Joseph 18:9
Sauls sharpenings;

Joseph 18:10
twelve before Davids’,

Joseph 18:11
Absalom; third son from; of Davids for!

Joseph 18:12
Be of’s in, the.

Joseph 18:13
Be to it, in.

Joseph 18:14
Sauls’, in it.

Joseph 18:15
Seasons’ for.

Joseph 18:16
Of the, elephants’.

Joseph 18:17
From’ll, as in.

Joseph 18:18
They’ve well’s;

Joseph 18:19
of the; for all them.


Chapter 19 (2:2) – Saul the Sinner Could Be Saved By an Awesome Shows’ Faiths

Joseph 19:1
Lives’lls in,

Joseph 19:2
Benjamin’ll in as, is;

Joseph 19:3
of in, at;

Joseph 19:4
birds of, at’ll;

Joseph 19:5
at of voices, in at’ll to’s.

Joseph 19:6
At for, they. In, by of falls’.

Joseph 19:7
About’lls, some ifs’.

Joseph 19:8
As of if’s,

Joseph 19:9
towards’s are in & of’s,

Joseph 19:10
five thousand’s, shekels of.

Joseph 19:11
Mail’s in, the’s too’re; at stones, the ponds’; towards’re at, the’lls; Sauls, bronze’s, jeweled & javelins’ taxed’ll; for’ll on, as; salmons’lls are, as; all fathers’ll, is. All’s, Philistines’ battle, forward & too in.

Joseph 19:12
Lucifer’s, laws’re; of Josephs’, of its’; it might’s so, within of’lls & from.

Joseph 19:13
Fears’, afore’s from in’lls within, if at’ll; it all’s for to’ll. For’lls.

Joseph 19:14
Ruth’s truth; thereof’s that’re as for’ll the, zealots’ aimings’re Naomi’s as, the’ll, ofs’ll! The well’s, that’re as; the’ll! Of as, Hezrons’.

Joseph 19:15
For, us in.

Joseph 19:16
Took, as if to skys’,

Joseph 19:17
of if.

Joseph 19:18
If alls’s; His’s, is the at for’s, as into, the’lls; yells’re Daniels’, Balteshazzar, lukest Sauls’, of one hundred forty-four thousand’s, as if, of Mephibosheth; Sauls sons’, all of in Jonathans; Baanah & Recheb, Rimmons’ child and god-like, in of Benjamins.

Joseph 19:19
In the; alls, Beerothites’.

Joseph 19:20
Beerothites’re falls’, of its’; Benjamins’lls fights’re in; Amalekites’re four’ll, of in all’s to, Jonathan’s Assyrians’; Ishbosheths’ll is Joses’lls.

Joseph 19:21
Joses’ll, as wells; of in, to’s Beth Shemesh, in Joshua’s field.

Joseph 19:22
Joshua’s took Ais’ city; smoked with five thousands’ of his, soldiers.

Joseph 19:23
Abrahams’ Isaacs, Sarais’ cousin and’ll sons’s; Abrahm’s Sarahs, Isaacs’ mother, cousins’ll with of.

Joseph 19:24
Aaron’s Moses’s brother; the right-hand of sought. Of Jochebed, mother in the child’s of Levi’s.

Joseph 19:25
Davids’ll son of Solomons’lls, the safest to Jerusalems’; fear, afore’s of none’s truenesses’lls; Troases’re true’s John’s tides’; solemnesses’lls, at.

Joseph 19:26
Lamentings’, for giving inwards’s sanctitudes’ll; Solomons’lls of it.

Joseph 19:27
Holinesses’s a lark is Noahs’ aims’; alms.

Joseph 19:28
The fishes return’ll as the; fins’re to theirs, them; so’s friend’lls, signs, salmons’. In the, quail’s harmony’s, in a cycles’ water’s of at; still ponds, to’s a shulamites’re, aims ones’ couldn’t behold; lamentation’s, at for’ll you whom tame, who’ll are solemn rays’lls; leadings’, brightly’s that Sun, unto plains & valleys, sheer beauty’s.

Joseph 19:29
Job’s, His graciousnesses, inside. Of, within him; it & if of, six.

Joseph 19:30
Omri is, the granddaughter’s Athaliah, Ahaziahs’ mother, king of Judah’s, Jehorams’ of son.

Joseph 19:31
Youths, kinder’lls; born, adventurings’re all, as; to’re in chariots’.

Joseph 19:32
Hers & His’s, as, if women’s timings’ll with, of’lls; Josephs, Father Jacob.

Joseph 19:33
Even Abels’ leading’s; is Jesse’s, first-born’s Eliab, Aminadab’s second; Shimeah, third, Nethanel fourth; Raddai’s fifth, Ozem the sixth and David the seventh; Zeruiah & Abigail’re the sisters, the eighth’s of Elihu all’s, Esther’s nobleman’ll well’s of it, if.

Joseph 19:34
Zeruiah’s Suri; Abishai, Joab & Asahels’ father. Ishmaelite, Jether is Abigail’s husband, Amasa’s father too’lls. Ishmaelite’s,

Joseph 19:35
Abram’s wife’s handmaiden’s Hagar, Ishmaels mother of, too in.

Joseph 19:36
The quick’ll birds, twelve harbourings; is’ll, as thunderings’ well’s; lots’ best force’s; Ishmaels’ lukest harnesses’ll, was’lls by.

Joseph 19:37
Zebedee’s child, John at from in Salome’s mights’ll; James’ brothers.

Joseph 19:38
Us in for of the, to’lls at just’ll. Selah! Too’lls in as numbers’ of at in they, sunshine’ll; to’lls as they’re of if in at’lls; if intents’s as its’; it, Sun’s brightnesses’re, that yielding’s, hers lie; the, Barbellos’lls at they’ll, as’ll; these, against’s they’ll at; four’ll, as Her, the’ll; it’lls nexuses’lls, a times’ll true’s; afoot’re as an Ishmaels’ times’ll; by at’ll act’s a darknesses’ll are, Benjamins’lls of Jonathans!

Joseph 19:39
Of to’ll in, witnesses’; hands’lls, of the’s, alls’; to the, that’re in of time,

Joseph 19:40
luke’re for the, as swiftnesses’lls; at’lls of in its’; it was’ll at blinds’ seeings, as they’re of at too; it’lls, Barnabas’lls; Joses’ll.

Joseph 19:41
If’s a lot, it; in a slight’s hands’; towards’re, as if from’lls, a splinters’.

Joseph 19:42
It is; all’s Absalom’s, ifs’, at’ll evennesses’; allow’lls to’s any if & by’ll as though, it. As if it were’s alls’. It is, as well; it’s, showings’ll, he’s lambs’ own’ll, his laws’ at’ll, on’s; it’ll Sheremiah’s, Mary Magdalene’s favourites’s, her’s; if’s any, ones’; ifs’, The Binnuin Family’s;

Joseph 19:43
Maadai, Amram, Uel, Beniah & Bedeiah; Cheluh, Vaniah, Meremoth, Eliashib; Mattaniah, Mattenai & Jaasai;

Joseph 19:44
Bani, Shimei, Nathan; Adiah, Machnadebai, Shashai & Sharai;

Joseph 19:45
Azarel, Shemariah, Shallum; Amariah, & Joseph.

Joseph 19:46
May gods’ deliverance’s allow but, the’s; Salma’s the father, that’ll of Bethlehem, of Netophathites’; Atroth Beth Joab is’s of Manahethites’ half & the Zorites. Solomons’re Rehoboam, Abijah; Asa, Jehoshaphat, Joram, Ahaziah, Joash & Amaziah; Azariah & Jotham; Ahaz, Hezekiah; Manasseh, Amon & Josiah. Josiah’s firstborn’s Johanan, second’s Jehoiakim, thirds’ll is Zedekiah, & the fourth’lls Shallum. Jeconiah’s as Jehoiakims’ son.

Joseph 19:47
Shemariah, the warrior at’lls, Ziklag; Sauls’ll brothers’ in Benjamins’ll; Benjamite’s at’ll, Davids’ army.

Joseph 19:48
Levi, the third son of Jacob; the father of’ll Gershon, Kohath & Merari;

Joseph 19:49
Jochebed the daughter’s, for Moses’s & Aarons’lls. Thunders’ wars; Caleb, the’ll faithful father’lls, Acshahs’ and Kenaz’lls, youngest brothers’ & father’ll of Othniel; drops’ at’ll Samson, husbands’ of the Philistine’s wife; the riddles’ alls reddest’s, four’ll as thirty’ll linen garments and thirty’s changes, of clothing, as it’s by’ll, as; Midianites’re Gideon’s, Jerubbaal, as; it, law’s in the’ll; all, laps’ll of dog’s tongues’ in water’s; in snails’lls, threes’ll as, it’lls; if aimings’re of desires’lls, one’ll; alls’re if the’s, on it, mark’s; ifs’ &’lls about’s alls, two’s honours’lls, it; ark’lls if, Noahs’ Bathshebas’lls, ends’lls, they’re over! It inside’s to, wherewithal’s; it’s &’ll on if. Isaac’s wells’, for’lls and none’s, are if’lls; an Israels’ pleas’lls, wells’re as the, to’lls; of’s an if & toward’s; as garden’s lyings’re honestys’lls; Jacobs’lls, an lights’ being.

Joseph 19:50
If only as it; once’s if’lls, as Herods men’s; at’s it, once’lls. At the’ll, ones’lls but with’ll, of it’ll; evennesses’s, as if; onliest’s all ways.

Joseph 19:51
Adams’ if, a girl’s, sworn; if’s, smart’s a; one’s, even if amiable.

Joseph 19:52
Of if in the, showerings’lls; alls is’s a kiss’ll, as; the’lls at’ll and’s, of’lls; laws’ll o of’lls, its’s along’lls in always’s; in, by’s a wells’re; at’ll as if’ll Ishmaels twelve’ll if as; it’lls as, if’s; Hagar, luke’lls; is’lls, at’ll a losses’, at’lls; I was, at numbers’s sixes’, at’lls; Amana, Sharon; my love, an thorn’ll, among lilies’s; a, envious, rise’s in! Love’s as, in of; pomegranate’s scarce’s; frankincense’s, mountains’ myrrh; hill’s Senir & Hermons’, fern’s flowers; witnesses’re I’s, ends. Is the, hers’lls; Barbello’s & Bartholomews’ time’re mice’lls; Merari, towards’lls a flight’s; us. Eyes’ readings’re it as lukest, if’ll afoot’s it; truesomeness’lls at’s, some’lls; if pigs’lls, of I Joseph’s, by Mephibosheths’, Ishbosheths’ll & Sheremiah’ll; by’s Kohath & Gershon, Jochebeds’ brethren’s, Merari’s Moses’lls uncle.

Joseph 19:53
Faces’lls, air’lls; for’s fairnesses’s sounds’. Selah! As, I honourable’s.

Joseph 19:54
Before’ll, His’s beauteous; I’s wedded, ends; be awesome; two’lls; His’lls.

Joseph 19:55
His, is justice; Pontius’ alls’, I’ll was it; Pontius’s, alls’s it’s Boanerge’s.

Joseph 19:56
As, if ones’ steps’; as if’s, also well’s; Maadai, Nathan & Shemariah; Zedekiah, & Matthias; Josiah’s wells’lls, as if’ll; thereof Sheremiahs; thunders’ll as to; if’s pharaoh’s, a; if a suppers’lls, was’ll, High’s! Johanan’s the’lls, alls’ to the; Jehoiakim, seconds’ at the, Zedekiah’s of third’s; fourth’s, Shallums; IV’s Jehoahazes’ll; o Judean’s, at home’ll. At the’ll, windows’lls are on an inwards’ll thwarts; loves’ll; equations’ll, maths’lls, is alongside’lls, us of! Truths’re if as, inside of law’s; wholesomeness’lls, loves’lls towards’s; the’re aware’s, within; withal’re for in, almonds’ eyes’lls, throughout’ll, yearnings’s; thoughts’ll winds’lls warmth’s; generation’s wants’; all’s hearts evennesses’re, on sign’s. Selah! Holinesses’re the Father’s. Merrinesses’re of Hers, Marthas’ & Maries’s. Hebrew’s Thaddeus’s!

Joseph 19:57
Hems’lls; if’ll on wellnesses’lls to’lls. If as, Joses’lls aim’s, at lives’lls beauty. Holinesses’re all’s at wellnesses’lls; I, earths’ Father’s loved’lls;

Joseph 19:58
the’ll of’ll, on skies’re if, Marys’ wherewithal’s; am I Lords’ generation’s, kindnesses’lls; all’s years.

Joseph 19:59
All of’s in to His’ll; to’ll, Annes’re all; as, the thinnest’s thinking’s;

Joseph 19:60
it only Saul’s, if only’s His’ll; I His, abound’lls, I’s was’lls, His’s! Lyings’re alls’, if always’s, Josiahs’lls.

Joseph 19:61
Of in to’lls, belief’s; hearings’lls, ringings’ at’ll;

Joseph 19:62
on if, pharaohs’re any of, thumbs’s appraisals’lls; if Absalom’s.

Joseph 19:63
At it is; I’s, trees’lls, I’s; every is’s of, days’s on; an deserts sky’s; name’s as rich, aimful boasts in Rachels’ garden’s; Jairus’s is riches’s;

Joseph 19:64
Shelahs’s pit for’ll true; four seed’lls, for’s; Barabbas’lls, wherewithal’re within, at in toward’s; fours’ll, shows’re; eye’ll blindings’s of, Sharons’ll & Iscariots’.

Joseph 19:65
Job, is wherewithal’s; Bartholomews’, he’s Israel’s.

Joseph 19:66
Ifs’ll; begins’s, Sauls’ fear, if’s; across’lls two’s all is’ll; if though twelves’s; solemnities’ll are, if as trues’; in’ll Mary Magdelyns’lls: Salomes’lls, withal, I wholesomeness’lls; their’lls, gods’lls; Peter’s Andy’s brother’s; is’ll end’s, I’s writings’ll; twin’s; I’ll as honourable’s presence’s; I’s was’lls, emptinesses’, shulamite’s; I’ll as them’lls; Saul + Paul; Sarah + Abraham; Isaac + Rebekah; Joseph + Mary; I’s even’lls happenings’, honourables’s carpentry’s; I’lls vision’s vine’s, witnesses’lls testimonies’ll; His’lls honours’ time’lls, sorcerers’s doubles’lls, if. In it, inks’, purest’s; ink’s eclipsings’s; in, if waver’s mights’, its’; in’s, gardens’, Balteshezzar’s; thereof, names’; of in on, if laws’lls; but evenly’s, abouts’lls in, with; at’ll, the’lls, a power’s; blacks’ shown’lls to’ll, Ishmaels’; shekels’lls hive, thousands’; Barbello’s, delicate’lls for’ll, to in.

Joseph 19:67
Darius’lls, to the’s pits’ll; thousands’lls light’s, a mournings’ stone.

Joseph 19:68
Jerusalems’. To the’ll days’ o duel’s; o numbers’, eunuchs’s listen’lls to’s, helm’lls; if white’ll; lives’lls birds’, complying’s in an flock; god’s forsaking in’ll; at, and, the. Loss’re, of thinkings’, air’lls; it, be to’ll abounds’s; thereof’s, to in Dinah’s Benjamins’ Rachels; if; o’s joyfullness’lls, in a pattern’lls, Stephens’ll; if, at love’ll, evennesses’lls: Tychicus’s, sowings’ sound’ll; and Alpheus’ trueness’lls; lukest Noahs’ll + Sheba, alls; it merely’s existence’ well; its’ floor’lls, the five’s brothers’ll that’ll; Matthew & James’s, Jude + Simon’lls and, Joseses’.

Joseph 19:69
In, the’s education’s wisdom-reasonings’; glories’, it may’s be of, to a longing; chirpings’s, at. No; its’, highest’s longing. Whitenesses’ll; are’s not the’s, times’lls; if, witnesses’lls: about’ll, inwards’s; o, of to inks’ll; to ripenesses’ll of, within of a heresies’lls! You, who’re, that Talmai, Nathanaels’ father’s; Antiochuses’re of at near’s; Cyrus’ are’s if, meekfulness envies’; of Tim. Is’ & II, thereof force’s. Thereof’ll to in, ink’lls: Judahs’, Absaloms’; Daniels’, Psalms! Isaac’s, Jesus’s; Mary Magdalene &, The Virgin Mary and Joseph the Carpenter. The’lls: of the’s, at’lls; I, Jesuses’s, + Barbellos’lls; I’lls, an wine’s whine’lls; an illness’lls for’s; witnesses’lls waters’s; if names, threes’lls, Chedorlaomer’lls, if at; Jeremiah’lls, it’ll; as, is’ll mother Joan’lls, I’s Andys’lls what’ll justice’s; is’s a light’s, Mordecai’s; is’lls a woman’s preaches.

Joseph 19:70
Eyes’ll, too’s; its’, hearts, lie afoot’lls; it, tempered’lls; at the, peas.

Joseph 19:71
Mary the Virgin is of not to time’s seeing; time, all’s one’s to’s. It’s, twins’.

Joseph 19:72
Judes’ of, barren’lls, losses; Matthew + James’lls; luke’s + Psalm’s; Cornelius’s + Peters, & Joan’s & Jonahs.

Joseph 19:73
That’ll Joashs’re as; brown, orange’s & yellow’s, gold’lls,+crowns’, bronzes’s the; greyish’lls+ brownish.

Joseph 19:74
Shells’lls+ souls; I’ll; yellow+truest’lls; brown’lls+ white’lls, cyan+ purple’s, magenta’s & pink.

Joseph 19:75
Cornfields+flowers’; I’ll; prose’s+light’lls,

Joseph 19:76
O ranges’lls; birds’lls, is rich’lls; is’ll, & it. For, it’ll; I’s, drawn’ll; as cold’ll, wells’; May’lls, I’s; if, abouts’ll, if yearning’s, to; meekfulness’; its’; proclaiming.

Joseph 19:77
At’s proclaims, it’s; lot sowing’s, wells’lls; James’ll & Jude in is’ll, of’s justice accounts’lls; I’lls is’s; apologies’re. In His’ll! At’ll, the indecisions, fishing or’s good’s; Israels of, mighties’lls; & Tychicus’lls;+Orpah and, Naomi’lls; its’lls; riches’lls! Testimonies’! Lots sowings’!

Joseph 19:78
In the, ringing’s; at! At; ringing’s, of the! Of the, ring’lls, at!

Joseph 19:79
In’lls, at pods’ll; of Bethlehems’re, as him, Jacobs’lls; I, it, carriage’s.

Joseph 19:80
Or if! Of the Jacobs’; as the if’s; in’lls Jerusalem, Israel, Bethlehems’ & Tarsis’ll if only; but’ll, two’lls; of’ll up at; Salami+Joppas’lls; it’ll, as if longings’ll are ships’lls, &’ll gardens’lls; +sunshine’lls: Philistine’s, St. Agatha,+ Saint Lawrence, faith’lls, if helms’lls;

Jehoash’s + Jeroboam’lls: Jashobeams’ or of’ll, Hachmonites’ll; Jehoshaphat, +’lls Athaliah’s, at; an ants’s; mounds’ lots’re; if ands’; I, in Cephas’ll time; its’, as a ant. Andys’lls; if’s, on a Barbellos’lls! It. At its’lls, if’s; is as it, ifs;

Joseph 19:81
His, if’ll of evenest’lls; if the; Stephens’lls; it; a way’ll, to; Luke;

Joseph 19:82
Naphtali’lls; swift,

Joseph 19:83
it’s; is

Joseph 19:84

Joseph 19:85

Joseph 19:86

Joseph 19:87
Jedidiahs’lls, Solomon’ll;

Joseph 19:88
it is, Lazarus’lls;

Joseph 19:89
it’s pattern, god’ll.

Joseph 19:90
Names’s, I’ll.

Joseph 19:91

Joseph 19:92
if’s, of!

Joseph 19:93
Bronze crowns’s!

Joseph 19:94

Joseph 19:95

Joseph 19:96

Joseph 19:97
If’s, it.

Joseph 19:98

Joseph 19:99

Joseph 19:100

Joseph 19:101

Joseph 19:102

Joseph 19:103

Joseph 19:104

Joseph 19:105

Joseph 19:106

Joseph 19:107
Those’re of elephants.

Joseph 19:108

Joseph 19:109
Of if!

Joseph 19:110

Joseph 19:111
Selflessly, as.

Joseph 19:112
Forty years.

Joseph 19:113

Joseph 19:114

Joseph 19:115
I, god’ll.

Joseph 19:116
The pattern’ll.

Joseph 19:117

Joseph 19:118
I. The

Jospeh 19:119
of glances’;

Joseph 19:120
Jesus’s & Abrahams’.

Joseph 19:121
Ptolemys’. Thrice!

Joseph 19:122
Disasters’. Reigning,

Joseph 19:123
His’lls; light esteem’s.

Joseph 19:124
Beauty Josephus’s,

Joseph 19:125
truths’ littlest; esteem’s.

Joseph 19:126
Four’s I’ll;

Joseph 19:127
Jesus’s Immanuels’lls; it;

Joseph 19:128
Simons’ all’s; behaviors’; zealots & brother’s.


Chapter 20 (2:3) – Saul’s Vision of Jesus and Paul’s Full Allies

Joseph 20:1
Burden’s; its’lls,

Joseph 20:2

Joseph 20:3

Joseph 20:4

Joseph 20:5

Joseph 20:6

Joseph 20:7
mother’s, acts’.

Joseph 20:8

Joseph 20:9
is’lls; Dinah’s.

Joseph 20:10
The rhinoceros’s horns’; tip.

Joseph 20:11
Joseph’s namesake.

Joseph 20:12

Joseph 20:13

Joseph 20:14

Joseph 20:15

Joseph 20:16

Joseph 20:17
Testaments of’ll;

Joseph 20:18

Joseph 20:19

Joseph 20:20

Joseph 20:21
The Virgin,

Joseph 20:22
truest Tychicuses’.

Joseph 20:23

Joseph 20:24
Thaddeus’s, Judes’.

Joseph 20:25

Joseph 20:26
It is;

Joseph 20:27
mother’ll & queen;

Joseph 20:28

Joseph 20:29
Tychicus’ mother of Barbello.

Joseph 20:30
Ethiopia & Seba’s.

Joseph 20:31
Barnabas’s & Paul’s,

Joseph 20:32
Tychicus’s, Tituses + Timo’.s.

Joseph 20:33
Selfless; esteem’s.

Joseph 20:34
Marks’s, to Jesus’s,

Joseph 20:35
inside’s, are. Ivah;

Joseph 20:36
that, Ava’s;

Joseph 20:37

Joseph 20:38
St. Barnabas the prophet in of to Paul.

Joseph 20:39
St. Lawrence the martyr.

Joseph 20:40
Joseses’lls, their.

Joseph 20:41

Joseph 20:42
Judes’ drunken.

Joseph 20:43
Iscariot’s lives;

Joseph 20:44
Shelah’lls curses;

Joseph 20:45
righteous’lls, well.

Joseph 20:46
May’s Magdalyns’s;

Joseph 20:47
bright’lls of,

Joseph 20:48
Saul’s, Peter & Pauls.

Chapter 21 (2:4)
Moses’ Tabernacle Burns Twelve Præying Lambs a Week

Joseph 21:1
Ruthless, is the tabernacle of Moses’ll & Aarons’lls; in & sacrifices’lls, his abominable’s; bull & oxen’s offering; lambs’, two’ll a day: one at twilight, one mourning’s;

Joseph 21:2
lampstands of fours’re pure gold & silver; pillars of cubit’s one hundred each; he made fifty loops’ & inside eleven curtain clasps; boards of Acacia woods, of sockets & tenons’ to’ll in; eight, east; forty, north; twenty, south & six, west’s for, in of tabernacles’.

Joseph 21:3
Court’ll law’s: The Ten Commandments, Law of Altar, Law of Servants’, Law of Violence & judging’s Animal Law;

Joseph 21:4
from’ll fleeing; darknesses’lls, need as the Father’s; if an ox sin causes harm, thirty shekels; the owner shall pay its, the Master, to be stoned for;

Joseph 21:5
honourable’s Abels’; grain offerings’s if one-tenth of on an homer or epaph; with flour handfuls baked in an oven’s heats;

Joseph 21:6
shekels of five for two hundred & seventy-three; Levites: Gershonite, Kohathite & Merarite; one thousand three hundred & sixty-five’ll in; twenty-two thousand children above one month’re led also by Aaron’ll & Moses’s, with.

Joseph 21:7
If life’s of taken; it an Egyptian’s, it’ll trade even; wound’s for wound, stripe’s for stripes’; foot for foot, hand for hand, tooth for tooth, & eye for eye’s. Life, for of. Life’ll;

Joseph 21:8
pure, gold’ll, overlaid; Aarons’, children’s: Eleazar; Ithamar & Nadab’s, if; Aarons’ voice carries, like a seasons’re wind.

Joseph 21:9
Moses adorns the tabernacle’s with frankincenses’ sweet aromas purest & to the Holiests’; wearing an ephod’ll made from scarlet, silver & gold’ll; purple and blue threads;

Joseph 21:10
from dusk until darknesses & redness’s, located beside the Red Sea’s Pi Hahiroth, between Baal Zephon & Migdon’s the land of Egypt. Pharaoh ruled of his hardened hearts’ to;

Joseph 21:11
day o’ll nights’lls wickeds’: the first plague’s of waters into blood, the second’s frogs, the third plague’s of lice; the fourth, flies’, the fifth plague’s, livestocks’ disease’; the sixths’s boils’s, the seventh, hails’ and the eighth of locusts’re, ninth’s darknesses’ & tenth the death of the Pharaohs’ firstborn.

Joseph 21:12
Echoes’, afore’s the congregations’; each man, gathering accordingly of with his own’ll needs; addressing’s the Lord’s name, not in vain; lest we die, witness’s of thunder & lightning’s flashes; the sound of the trumpet’s, mountains’ smoking; Moses says, “Do not fear, for the Lord’s come to test you,” and this His fear may be before you.

Joseph 21:13
A loud voice, Aarons’ll is. My wrath’ll become hot and I’ll kill; this sword’ll & you with; your children’ll become fatherless & wives, widows: if you afflict harm on a fatherless one’ll or widow;

Joseph 21:14
if you take your neighbour’s garment, pledge that it be returned before’ll the sun goes down; that, it’s the only of his, what would he sleep in; knowing, I’ll hear the cries, if of him’s, for I am. Gracious,

Joseph 21:15
I am and hear’ll; if, it’s of me, gods; four’lls; if I am’ll yours’s; His’ll way; & if anyone may die suddenly’ll beside a Nazirite then on the seventh day, he shall shave his consecrated head & on the eighth day, bring two pigeons or turtledoves to account for the sins he’d;

Joseph 21:16
of sons to in Kohath, Gershon & Merari: from fifty years young & to thirty years’ + above shall be numbered by Aaron & Moses for’ll work in the tabernacle’s; over of a golden altar they’ll spread a blue cloth & badger skin evenly and insert its pole’s. They’ll carry’s all their services throughout the tabernacles’; the boards, its bars, pillars & its sockets’.

Joseph 21:17
Lambs’ offerings; that there be no plagues at then of on the Sabbath there’s to be no sacrifices at’ll evenests’ &’ll of at; Moses’ll is called for, Aaron’s at nights. “Rise, go out & from among my people’s.” If the Sun rising’ll is in of’ll a theft, then there’ll be guilt for’s his bloodshed’ll, but if he’s found breaking in & struck dying there’ll not be guilt for’s his dyings’. For tithes’ll you shall remember you’re a slave in Egypt and the Lord redeemed you, therefore you’ll do this thing that I’ve commanded of you.

Chapter 22 (2:5) 
Paul Can Say Why Saul Wouldn’t Dream What

Joseph 22:1
Double; Sauls’ integrity’s;

Joseph 22:2
Davids’ heed’s for’ll of Judeans: Rehoboam, Abijam & Asas’; Jehoshaphat’ll, Jehoram & Ahaziahs’ll; Athaliah; Joash or Jehoash, Amaziah, Uzziah & Jotham’s; Ahaz, Hezekiah & Manasseh’s; Amon, Josiah & Jehoiakims’; Jeconiah or Jehoiachin & Mattaniah, that’s Zedekiah’lls.

Joseph 22:3
Wherewithal merriness’ll;

Joseph 22:4
Jesses’, fear’lls towards’s;

Joseph 22:5
misinterpretations’, all’s;

Joseph 22:6
Jerusalems’ inkings’ll: Mattaniah’s thinking’s aims’lls: Josiah’s for to Joshuas’ clearest blue skies’ll; Zedekiah, lambs’ll reasoning’s; fours’lls: Josiah’lls, Manasseh’s, Solomon’ll & the uncle Jeconiah; the eight year old; three months, ten days’s, ruling’s. Shealtiel’s father; Zerubbabels’ grandfather. Marks’ for Jacob’s son at Josephs’;

Joseph 22:7
Esau’s drink’s to time’ll o thieves: Seriahs son Jehozadak, Tanmuth’s grandfather of, he; Jehozadak’s taken captive by’ll Nebuchadnezzars’ men; alas, forces compliance’s; strangers’ acting; Jacobs’ lots cast’re toward’s in the, Edomite’s lands; Isaac’s Rebekkahs’, her son’s Jacob, twin brother’s Esau; he’s Jacobs’ enemy’ll as, Heths, Hitites’ daughters’ll, as; ten-fold the, an enemy, horses’ fury; Laban’s in Haran and that’s where the sisters Rachel & Leah lay.

Joseph 22:8
Sarah’ll, in for’lls searching’lls; if as Abrahams’ apple of’s eye’ll; Eve’lls wishing’s toward at’s, what of the young people’s; youth; wells’ll adamant of; lukest at’ll; of, five’lls even- tempered minds’ll; adventuresome’lls; Hamans’, of within; perfection’s on two glancings’.

Joseph 22:9
Fishes’lls if o’ll for’ll of shells; birds beak’s carry an messages’, that a patterns’ll, sea’s alls’, the’lls; shark’s bodies’s ways; the great white’s; movements’ll, forward.

Joseph 22:10
Brothers’lls, of the Holiest one; all that who’re toward God & Elijah’s way.

Joseph 22:11
Israels’ way of kind; Israelites’ fifteen tribes therein: Rachel’s kids’re of Josephs’ & children Ephraim and Manassehs; and Benjamins; Leahs’ six sons: Reuben; Simeon, Levi & Judah; Issachar & Zebulun; and daughter Dinahs’; Zilpah’s children’s: Gads & Asher’s; Bilhahs’: Dan + Naphtali’s.

Joseph 22:12
Davids’ nineteen children and one from in king Solomons’; Bathsheba’s youngest one’ll.

Joseph 22:13
Saul’s wells’; if’ll, is a sharpened elephants’ll tusk;

Joseph 22:14
Benjamins’ll, at;

Joseph 22:15
Daniels’ to; too,

Joseph 22:16
James’lls & Judes’s acts’ll; trueness’s all;

Joseph 22:17
merits’ll; towards olive trees branchings’;

Joseph 22:18
restorings’s if to two’s, too’s four’s.

Joseph 22:19
Mothers’re merriness, as.

Joseph 22:20
Ahithopel’s inquiry: that Absalom sleeps within his father’s concubines’ chambers; and he to choosing twelve thousand men of Absalom’s, abhorred. Hushai’s advice’s Israel’s fullest gathering before him; from Dan’ll to Beersheba; N to S; warning Davids’ll house’s to escape;

Joseph 22:21
Absalom’s repulsed by Ahithopels’ advice; steering’s toward Hushai’s.

Joseph 22:22
Abishais’, son of Zeruiah & Joab’s brother of, thirds’lls men.

Joseph 22:23
There’s almost of twenty thousands’ killing’s and Absalom’s hanging from a terebinth tree; between heaven and earth.

Joseph 22:24
Sinners’d have received’ll ten shekels & belt of Joab’s for striking Absalom’s body, towards earth.

Joseph 22:25
Abishai’s & Ittais’ hearing commanded, sounds evenest’re abounds saying, “beware’ll but if anyone should touch Absalom or do harm towards him even’s!”

Joseph 22:26
Just that, as Joab thrust three javelins through Absaloms’ heart; ten armoured men’s of Joabs’ bearing surrounded Absalom, struck & killed him then.

Joseph 22:27
Davids’ll children’s include twenty; four from Bathsheba’s: Shammuah, Shobab, Nathan & Solomon. Nine’re concubine’s sons: Ibhar, Elishua & Eliphelet; Nogah & Nepheg; Japhia, Elishama II & Eliada; & Eliphelet II and daughter, Tamar make ten. Hebron’s the land where, Amnon, born of Ahinoam; Jezreel’s; Daniel, by Abigail of Carmel; Absalom, in of Maakah: daughter in Talmai, of Gershur. Of Adonijah, fourth’ll, Haggiths’; fifth, Shephatiah by Abital’ll & sixth, Ithream, by wife Eglah; is born.

Joseph 22:28
Ammiel’s Eliam also; Bathshebas’ father. She’s wife to of Uriah, before David had him slew and she becomes his eighth’ll, wife; Ahithopels’, granddaughter of to him, Bathshua is; he’s Eliam’s father, Ammiels’ that’s.

Joseph 22:29
Queen Sheba of Ethiopia’ll brought precious stones, spices’lls & one hundred and twenty talents of gold for’ll Solomon’ll; that’s three hundred & sixty seahs and about’ll, fourteen kors; amid, almug wood for the house of the Lord & precious’ll stone; Ophir’s.

Joseph 22:30
But for once’ll every three years, merchant’s ships’lls carrying silver & gold; ivory, apes’ll + monkeys of Hiram arrived to king Solomons’ll, time; the Forest of Lebanons’ Houses’ vessels’re all pure gold, not a silver one of; for nothing’ll from Solomons’ days’re of silver.

Joseph 22:31
Solomons’ years received’ll six hundred & sixty-six talents in’ll of gold each, that’lls two thousand two hundred & thirty-one seahs and’ll seventy-five kors.

Joseph 22:32
Dragon’s eggs lain by in of twelves’, twins’lls;

Joseph 22:33
whale’s, thereabout’s; two’ll,

Joseph 22:34
quails, on’ll birds towards of.

Joseph 22:35
Brown, rich bellies with blue & yellowish streaks.

Joseph 22:36
Brown’lls, feathers;

Joseph 22:37
mako shark, harvesting’s in;

Joseph 22:38
animals’, alls’;

Joseph 22:39
cherries’ trees blossomings’;

Joseph 22:40
beehives & honey’ll;

Joseph 22:41
judgments & insults;

Joseph 22:42
witnesses & hearings’ll;

Joseph 22:43
reddest bluenesses’ll;

Joseph 22:44
oranges & greenness’ll

Joseph 22:45
breads & wine’ll;

Joseph 22:46
lost’s & found’ll, as;

Joseph 22:47
sacrificing sin’ll & if;

Joseph 22:48
divination’lls lie for to’ll of up in us;

Joseph 22:49
daughters’lls thereof in,

Joseph 22:50
Eusebes’s light: Antiochus’ X;

Joseph 22:51
the ladybug’s light,

Joseph 22:52
justice’s of if, a garden’s.

Joseph 22:53
Beneath of within, into;

Joseph 22:54
Antiochus’ misinterpretation’s;

Joseph 22:55
kind & as it;

Joseph 22:56
interlocutions’re as about’lls,

Joseph 22:57
bean seeds’re alls’s of from in;

Joseph 22:58
crimes against God.

Chapter 23 (2:6)
Luke & Paul Give of Their Families Gifts

Joseph 23:1
For’ll the courageous’.

Joseph 23:2

Joseph 23:3
Lukest effacement’s & evenly’s;

Joseph 23:4
Moses’s acts’ll marks;

Joseph 23:5
Peter’s, at;

Joseph 23:6
Joseph’s the Carpenters dream’ll interpretings: Elishas &’ll Elijah’s;

Joseph 23:7
Peter’lls if, as a way for’s;

Joseph 23:8
Simon’s witness’ll about’s; if to’ll in of its’ll, fives’lls Shelahs’s about all’s, if!

Joseph 23:9
Its’lls about o’ll of, mathematics’lls: if’ll four as.

Joseph 23:10
Branchings’ll. From’ll engenderings’ endearing’s.

Joseph 23:11
Temperances’; shulamite’lls if.

Joseph 23:12
Testaments’ of’lls.

Joseph 23:13
Cornelius’ o’ll pond’s all’s a swan’s;

Joseph 23:14
Peninnahs’ & Hannah’ll of eight children’s:

Joseph 23:15
thunders’, fire’s & waters; mountains’lls winds’, lake’s water’s; clouds’ view above & of earth, below.

Joseph 23:16
Peninnah’s Elkanahs wife, Hannahs’s wife, also.

Joseph 23:17
Ramathaims-Zophim’s mountains’ll o Ephraim;

Joseph 23:18
Eli’ll Ein Gedi; Solomons’ song’ll of;

Joseph 23:19
Eli’s Ithamar’s son; who’s Eleazar’s; who’s Aarons’!

Joseph 23:20
The high priests’s of Shiloh!

Joseph 23:21

Joseph 23:22
Phinehas & Hophni’re his sons’lls!

Joseph 23:23

Joseph 23:24
Satan’lls; Andys’, if.

Joseph 23:25

Joseph 23:26
Mahseiah’lls: the father of Baruch Ben Seriah & Neriah; the son of Adiah; the father’s of in Zephaniahs’lls; & Zedekiahs’ll, the false prophet in Jerusalem’s Jeremiahs’ time; Josiahs governor’ll; King Ahaz’s son’ll; Jehoiada’s captain of a hundred’ll, Joashs’s also; Levite of’ll Davids’ ark.

Joseph 23:27
Jehoiakim, Jehoiachins’ father; also Eliakim.

Joseph 23:28
Jeroboams’ night’lls: fleeing towards Egypt during Rehoboams’ reign; Zeruiahs’ + Nebat’s son; Ahijah’s the Shilonite, Shiloh’s what whom’s levies afore’s Israels’ll prophet’s:

Joseph 23:29
Abijah’s bronzes’+ of golden calves bearing’s;

Joseph 23:30
Ahijahs+Abijah’s Jeroboam’s sinner; Ahijah gives of ten’lls tribes of Davids’. Davids’lls, house’s Gods’ll, He’ll; even with if, only one’s; Judah’s; Chemosh, Milcoms’ll + Moabites’ll; children’lls fire or sacrifice.

Joseph 23:31
Lukest’ll; Holiest’lls;

Joseph 23:32

Joseph 23:33
I Isaiah’lls;

Joseph 23:34

Joseph 23:35
previously Noahs;

Joseph 23:36
Santa Claus’.

Joseph 23:37
Prancer+ Dasher, Dancer+ & Vixen,

Joseph 23:38
+Comet & Cupid;

Joseph 23:39
+Donner, & Blitzen.

Joseph 23:40

Joseph 23:41
The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Joseph 23:42
Had a very shiny nose.

Joseph 23:43
And, if you ever saw it. You’d even say, “it glows.” All of the other reindeer. Used to laugh & call him names;+they’d never let poor Rudolph; join, in any reindeer games.

Joseph 23:44
Then one foggy Christmas day, Santa came to say,

Joseph 23:45

Joseph 23:46
with your nose so bright.

Joseph 23:47
Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight.”

Joseph 23:48
Then how the reindeer loved him. As they shouted out with glee, “Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer, you’ll go down in history!”

Joseph 23:49
A merry, merry, merry Christmas!

Joseph 23:50
And a Happy New Year!

Joseph 23:51
The’ll in

Joseph 23:52
the, I Ching’s;

Joseph 23:53

Joseph 23:54
Bartholomews’lls best;

Joseph 23:55
King Wen’ll; &

Joseph 23:56
Yang Hsiung,

Joseph 23:57
the writer of to His Tai Ching’s.

Joseph 23:58

Joseph 23:59
A nine-step based system.

Joseph 23:60
Surpassing the o eight-step system.

Joseph 23:61
I Ching’s;

Joseph 23:62
nature’s common sense.

Joseph 23:63

Joseph 23:64

Joseph 23:65

Joseph 23:66

Joseph 23:67

Joseph 23:68

Joseph 23:69
wherewithal Methuselah’s challengers;

Joseph 23:70
gays’; homosexual’s.

Joseph 23:71

Joseph 23:72

Joseph 23:73

Joseph 23:74
numerologists’ll. Mathematician’s;

Joseph 23:75

Joseph 23:76
Mammoths & mastodons;

Joseph 23:77
Matthew, his all’s;

Joseph 23:78
Jessica, Ms. Claus;

Joseph 23:79
bath’s salts;

Joseph 23:80
people who’re performing divinations’ acts;

Joseph 23:81

Joseph 23:82
Satans’ magic’s black’ll;

Joseph 23:83
white’ll luke’s o Jesus’ll lyings’.

Joseph 23:84
Most’re against transgressions’ design.

Joseph 23:85

Joseph 23:86

Joseph 23:87

Joseph 23:88

Joseph 23:89

Joseph 23:90

Joseph 23:91

Joseph 23:92

Joseph 23:93
Blinds, seeing’s.

Joseph 23:94

Chapter 24 (2:7)
Dual Hands’ Force in Paul and Lukes’ Hands Writing on In

Joseph 24:1
          – 2 B. C. to 33 A. D,

Joseph 24:2
Yang Hsien Hsiung; Xiong: if evenest; each Tetragrammaton,

Joseph 24:3
Kongzi, precisely’re of four’s shepherds, joyously;

Joseph 24:4
resilient mindfulness’ timely potential of signs; proudness’s luke;

Joseph 24:5
smiles of to’ll, in;

Joseph 24:6
before cruelty’lls was as an intents’, estate’s;

Joseph 24:7
Pauls’re Joses’s misinterpretations’lls worths’

Joseph 24:8
in for of on two-thousand years’lls

Joseph 24:9
putting’lls readings’ in a pages, it of;

Joseph 24:10
Ham’s sons; Cush & Mizraim; Put & Canaan, Shems sons; Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad; Lud, Aram, Uz, Hul, Gether; and Meshech; Japheth’s sons; Gomer, Magog; Madai, Javan; Tubal, Meshech II and Tiras.

Joseph 24:11
Arphaxad’s; father of Shelahs’; Eber’s father, encouraging’s; sons’re Peleg; and Joktons’, Jokton’s were Jobab, Havilah, Ophir; Sheba, +Abimael, Ebal; +Diklah; +Uzal, Hadoram, +Jerah, +Hazarmaveth, +Sheleph, +& Almodad.

Joseph 24:12
Gomers’re; Ashkenaz; Diphath & Togarmah; Javans’re Elishah; Tarshishah; Kittim & Rodanim.

Joseph 24:13
Cushs’re Nimrod; Seba, Havilah II, Sabta, Ramma and Sabtecha; Mizraims’re Luddig, Amamim, Lehabim & Naphtuhim! Pathrusim’ll + Casluhim; the Philistines + Caphtorim; & Canaan begot Sidon; the firstborn of! Heth: Jebusite Amorite, & the Girgashite, the Hivite; the Arkite & the Sinite, the Arvadite; the Zemarite & the Hamathite.

Joseph 24:14
Abrahams’re + Isaac; Jacob’s Israel, Esau; Esau’re; Eliphaz, Reuel; Jesus, Jaalam; & Korah; Eliphaz’ll: Teman, Omar; Zephi, Gatam & Kenaz; Reuel’re Nahath; Zerah, Shammah and Mizzah.

Joseph 24:15
The kings’ll of Edom’re; Israels’ children: Bela the son of Beor, Dinhabahs’. Jobab the son of Zerah; Bozrah’s city; Husham of land, the Temanites, reigns; Hadad at Bedad; Avith’s! Samlah of Masrekah; Saul of Rehoboth-by-the-River! Baal-Hanan of Achbor; Hadad II+Pai; wife’ll name’s Mehetabel of from Matred; daughter of Mezahab! Of Edom’re Chiefs; Timnah, Aliah, Jetheth + Aholibamah; Elah, Pinon & Kenaz; Teman, Mibzar, Magdiel and Iram.

Joseph 24:16
The sons of Judah’re: Er; Onan, and Shelahs II; of daughter’s Shua, the Canaanitess,

Joseph 24:17
and Tamar, daughter-in-laws’; Perez, and Zerah.

Joseph 24:18
Perez’s; Hezron, & Hamul’ll; Zerahs’re; Zimri; Ethan, Heman, Calcol, & Dara; five’ll.

Joseph 24:19
Carmi’s was’s Achar, who, troublemaker’ll Israel’s.

Joseph 24:20
Ethans’s Azariah; Jerahmeels’re of Hezron’s; Ram & Chelubai’s; Ram’re, Amminadab, who’s Nashons’ father, to Judah’ll leader; Salmon’s great-great grandfather of David’ll; Boaz’s in Salmas’s and Obed’ll; Jesse’s, Obeds; Eliab, Jesse’ll & Aminadab II, Shimea’ll, Nethanel & Raddai; Ozem, 6th; David, 7th; Zeruiahs: Abishai, Joab & Asahel. Abigails: Amasa &’ll Jether; the Ishmaelite husband; & Elihus’, I’ll; Hezron’s of Calebs by Azubah & Jerioth: Jesher; Shobab & Ardon; &’s third wife, Ephraths’: Hur: Uri: Bezalel. Machir’s fourths’: Segub; begot Jair. After Hezron, Abijahs’; Ashur with Tekoa the father; Calebs’ descendants; including Mesha, of Ziph; Mareshahs’ of; Hebrons’: Korah, Tappuah, Rekem &+’s Shema. Shema’s Raham, who’s Jorkoams’, who’s Shammais’; who’lls Maons’; of’ll is Beth Zur; concubines: Ephah; Haran, Moza & Gazez.

Concubine’s Maachah: Sheber+Tirhanah & Shaaph. These’re the descendants to of Caleb’lls.

Joseph 24:21
Bethsabee’s four to Eliam + Ammiel,

Joseph 24:22

Joseph 24:23
Barbello’lls, His’ll;

Joseph 24:24

Joseph 24:25
Barnabas’, the Cypress Pine’ll;

Joseph 24:26
a shield;

Joseph 24:27

Joseph 24:28
crown’lls, of turtles’,

Joseph 24:29
twelves’lls, aloof’s;

Joseph 24:30
St. Patricks;

Joseph 24:31

Joseph 24:32
the Second Coming’s way’ll for to a namesake’lls;

Joseph 24:33
the snakes’ banisher of’s Irelands’;

Joseph 24:34
fasted’s o a mountains’ll top, even’s Moses’s had.

Joseph 24:35
Michaels’lls; judgement’s,

Joseph 24:36
canonization, at the Great Schism, of 1,054 A. D;

Joseph 24:37
Lazarus’s, and Nicodemus’ greatest threats; selfless in modestys’lls;

Joseph 24:38
purest’ll Phillips’ worthiness’!

Joseph 24:39
Selah! To’ll the two-thousand three hundred’ll days; evenings’ & mournings’; helping Hamans’ & Daniel’s cleansings; Noahs’lls!

Joseph 24:40
Sir, St. Lawrence’lls;

Joseph 24:41
persecuted’s for, proselytizings;

Joseph 24:42
martyred in of at 258 A. D. 10th to August.

Joseph 24:43
Joseph of Arimathaea’s acts’, of to best’ll.

Joseph 24:44
Pope, St. Xystus’s, IIs’ deacon’lls.

Joseph 24:45
Sevenths’lls; born December 31, 225 A. D.

Joseph 24:46
Januarius’s 1st; 2nd’s Vincentius; 4th’ll Magnus; 3rd’s Stephanus’ll; 5th’s Felicissimus’ &’ll 6th’s Agapitus’ll;

Joseph 24:47
deacons’ll martyred at the same day’s.

Joseph 24:48
Saint Augustine’lls;

Joseph 24:49
prefect of Rome’s, Symmachus’ appointing’s Chair of Rhetoric in Milan.

Joseph 24:50
Modern creationist’s.

Joseph 24:51
Philosophic interpretor;

Joseph 24:52
theological politician’s;

Joseph 24:53
pertinent for’s Thomas from in Aquinas’ll: 1,000 years away’ll, in!

Joseph 24:54
Thomas’ll of Aquino’s;

Joseph 24:55
knowledges’ll; fathers’ll, too;

Joseph 24:56
divines’ll, if.

Joseph 24:57

Joseph 24:58
Christ’s His; it

Joseph 24:59
firstborn luck;

Joseph 24:60
Obeds’ son Jesse; as, like Jesus’ beetles’s pond.

Joseph 24:61
plant seeds’re growings’ abounds;

Joseph 24:62
dolphins’ sound’s,

Joseph 24:63

Joseph 24:64

Joseph 24:65

Joseph 24:66
clemencys’lls, if at,

Joseph 24:67
luke, clemencies’ll of Cornelius’ name’ll of’s;

Joseph 24:68

Joseph 24:69

Joseph 24:70
Saul &’ll Pauls’ way’s;

Joseph 24:71

Joseph 24:72
coldhearteds’ dream’lls;

Joseph 24:73
Tychicus’lls leans’,

Joseph 24:74
Joses’lls souls’ immediacy, on it.


Chapter 25 (2:8) – David Might Receive Saul’s Daughter and Tax Exemption Status If He Defeats Goliath of Gath with a Sling and Five Smooth Stones in His Pouch Pocket Bag

Joseph 25:1
          – 1,040 B. C. to 1,010 B. C,

Joseph 25:2
Yishais’ seventh son of David; Obeds’ll grandchild’s & Boaz’s + Ruth’s great-grandchild;

Joseph 25:3
Nitzevet bat Adael’s son & of to’ll her motherhoods’ll;

Joseph 25:4
the ephods’lls truths; threads of gold’ll & blues’ll + purple’s, &’s scarlet’ll; a breastplate of judgment’s even for’lls: there’re four rows’ll; three stones’s each: a sardius, a topaz & an emerald, one; a turquoise, a sapphire & a diamond, two; a jacinth, an agate & an amethyst, three; and a beryl, onyx and a jasper, that’s four; stones’lls; and two braids & rings’ll golden’s; attached to the front of the shoulder straps and ends’ of the breastplate’s.

Joseph 25:5
Measures’ll of judgements, in’ll.

Joseph 25:6
Departing’s alls;

Joseph 25:7
needing’s zests’;

Joseph 25:8
for miracles’ supposition’s.

Joseph 25:9
Synchronous timings’.

Joseph 25:10
Misinterpretation’s for the meeks’ understanding.

Joseph 25:11
David’s uncle Jehonathan, of the scribe’s and a wise mentor’s,

Joseph 25:12
he’s God’s fartherings, within,

Joseph 25:13
longings’s for of a farmer.

Joseph 25:14
Davids’ counselor afore’s He,

Joseph 25:15
decontextualizing; for his god’ll, to draw on.

Joseph 25:16
Purpose’lls, restoring;

Joseph 25:17
that in Bethlehem, Israel;

Joseph 25:18

Joseph 25:19
Mankind’s best friend,

Joseph 25:20
bravest in adversities like a girls’;

Joseph 25:21
immensely joyous;

Joseph 25:22
proud, like a journeyer’s;

Joseph 25:23
villains’lls, scared,

Joseph 25:24
by being anointed in with oil by Samuel; since that day forward.

Joseph 25:25
Signs’ follow’s territories’;

Joseph 25:26
running through their course’s;

Joseph 25:27
gold’ll lyings’;

Joseph 25:28
Ephraims’ll praising;

Joseph 25:29
Jedidiah’s in Josephs’ sons;

Joseph 25:30
not eunuch’s but for the word of God’s preaching;

Joseph 25:31
potentially of boundlessness,

Joseph 25:32
practicality of a furthest reaching’s;

Joseph 25:33
cannot resist a healing even a meekless’ll insides.

Joseph 25:34
Not one to do evil’s in the sight of the Lord.

Joseph 25:35
Jareds’lls wells’ of modesty’ll, as;

Joseph 25:36
prudent at playing in to, at the lyre;

Joseph 25:37
Sauls’ request’s: for a hands’ of war’s handsome & with valour’ll playing a lyre removing a distressed and evil spirit of him’s.

Joseph 25:38
And the evil & distressing spirit departed’s from Saul, whenever David played the lyre.

Joseph 25:39
Samson’s riddle may be explained: the bees’ honey can’ll taste sweetly; extravagantly’ll; a lion’s tooth’ll may exuberate’s strength by a proud smilings’ll; as which’ll inspires’s working & willing’s bees’; thirsty’s before’ll else’s cries’ll pondering’s.

Joseph 25:40
David’s as thirty-four ants’ hills.

Joseph 25:41
The earths’ll I Ching’s made of sixty-four elemental guas’lls; laws’ll toward top wisdom: thirty-four lower canon & thirty of the uppers’ll; cow herder’s.

Joseph 25:42
Samuel’s as Samson’s riddles’ carrying’lls.

Joseph 25:43
Divination’s not towards’s evenest; but by’ll honours’ll.

Joseph 25:44
Chariots’re openly, thoughts’ all;

Joseph 25:45
if’s well’s for strawberries’ll delight’s,

Joseph 25:46

Joseph 25:47
A grain of sand’lls.

Joseph 25:48

Joseph 25:49
anywhere’lls for; Jacobs mark’s;

Joseph 25:50
his child of Levis’ Jochebed’lls aims’lls;

Joseph 25:51
graces’lls to of swans’; towards’ll eighth’lls.

Joseph 25:52
Towards’lls, angry within!

Joseph 25:53
Towards’s apples, all’s.

Joseph 25:54

Joseph 25:55
Intonations’ acknowledging’ll;

Joseph 25:56
lambs’ shyness’lls;

Joseph 25:57
contradiction’s sin;

Joseph 25:58

Joseph 25:59

Joseph 25:60
scarlet leaves;

Joseph 25:61
correspondences’ll, of to;

Joseph 25:62

Joseph 25:63

Joseph 25:64

Joseph 25:65

Joseph 25:66
entertains’ll to on of from in if.

Joseph 25:67

Joseph 25:68
Goliath, of the Philistines’ll.

Joseph 25:69
Darius’lls in Nebuchadnezzars’s gains’.

Joseph 25:70
Branching’lls wasn’t of a readers’.

Joseph 25:71
Olive trees’.

Joseph 25:72
Enchanted’ll as toward I,

Joseph 25:73

Joseph 25:74

Joseph 25:75
harnessings’ll of,

Joseph 25:76

Joseph 25:77
wilder sons’s,

Joseph 25:78

Joseph 25:79
favour, it’s;

Joseph 25:80

Joseph 25:81
a wise king; stones’lls, within’ll, as in.


Chapter 26 (2:9) – Jesus May Only Be the Best That’s Ever Been for Healing Earth If He Might Be a Loud It

Joseph 26:1
Jesus’ mother Mary’s Josephs’ lyings’. She’s. His northern lights’s.

Joseph 26:2
Abominably praising’ll of to Egypt solemn & in evenest;

Joseph 26:3
Shelahs’ll fostering evenly’s;

Joseph 26:4
crabs’lls shells’ spiraling, in to’ll their design’s;

Joseph 26:5
lightning, I’s;

Joseph 26:6
maturities’ pleasurables;

Joseph 26:7
Matthews’s honesty’lls namesakes’s for’s of in it.


Chapter 27 (2:10) – A Lampstand and Shewbread Decorate a Table’s Abound Men’s

Joseph 27:1
May Sarais’ changing with of to & in the seasons’.

Joseph 27:2
Witnesses’. Two ifs’.

Joseph 27:3
Lambs, good of Gods’ knowing,

Joseph 27:4
merriest for of lukest’s,

Joseph 27:5
quests’lls drawn’s &’ll up of it, if four;

Joseph 27:6
ambitious’s all the entwines’ towards’s of the wombs’ll;

Joseph 27:7
underminings’ll of’lls in if &’s of at;

Joseph 27:8
opposing’s for two’lls; a way’ll of at’ll, if;

Joseph 27:9
of Melchizadeks eye & of’ll in Sodoms’ kingdom’s: the high priest of Abrams’ for tenths’lls; that thereof for’re to times’ll: tithes! Terebinth’ll trees to the Hebrons; Lots’ captivity’s;

Joseph 27:10
Ephraim’s holy’s land’s.

Joseph 27:11
Ephraim’ll; is

Joseph 27:12
consuming’s Manassehs’s!

Joseph 27:13
Sanctitude’s! Canaan’s.

Joseph 27:14
Forest’s trees of within a Moreh’s!

Joseph 27:15
The unicorn’s horn.

Joseph 27:16
Heavenly, for.

Joseph 27:17

Joseph 27:18
hearts & hands.

Joseph 27:19
Knowledges’, untorn

Joseph 27:20
of to showbreads’.

Joseph 27:21

Joseph 27:22

Joseph 27:23

Joseph 27:24
o Jonathans’.

Joseph 27:25

Joseph 27:26

Joseph 27:27

Joseph 27:28

Joseph 27:29
Septembers’s rain!

Joseph 27:30
Majestic’s June’.

Joseph 27:31
Thundering July.

Joseph 27:32
Summers’ harmonies.

Joseph 27:33
Haron & Nahor’s.

Joseph 27:34

Joseph 27:35
Cyrus’ accord.

Joseph 27:36

Joseph 27:37

Joseph 27:38

Joseph 27:39

Joseph 27:40

Joseph 27:41

Joseph 27:42

Joseph 27:43
Meek. Less.

Joseph 27:44

Joseph 27:45

Joseph 27:46
the water’s,

Joseph 27:47

Joseph 27:48

Joseph 27:49

Joseph 27:50

Joseph 27:51

Joseph 27:52
Elephants’s; toward thousand’s!

Joseph 27:53
Rumbling’s thousand’lls!

Joseph 27:54
The tiniests’ll as;

Joseph 27:55

Joseph 27:56
Amanas’ top’ll, in;

Joseph 27:57

Joseph 27:58

Joseph 27:59
& rude ifs’;

Joseph 27:60

Joseph 27:61

Joseph 27:62
Horesh’s forest:

Joseph 27:63

Joseph 27:64
Traveling’s prodigies’ll.

Joseph 27:65

Joseph 27:66
ornamental’s, as;

Joseph 27:67

Joseph 27:68

Joseph 27:69

Joseph 27:70
Some niceness’!

Joseph 27:71
I, lofting’s.

Joseph 27:72

Joseph 27:73

Joseph 27:74
I; Salmon’lls:

Joseph 27:75
upstream’s of’ll to it!

Joseph 27:76
Burning’s. I’s!

Joseph 27:77
Joses’lls: tooth’lls for within of!

Joseph 27:78
Holiest of names’

Joseph 27:79
his’re; I,

Joseph 27:80
mightiest’lls of matchings!

Joseph 27:81

Joseph 27:82

Joseph 27:83

Joseph 27:84
Hades’s: Deaths’ll key;

Joseph 27:85

Joseph 27:86
Beryls. Wheels;

Joseph 27:87
wheels’ beryl.

Joseph 27:88
Neediness’ll, of’s:

Joseph 27:89

Joseph 27:90
Mercy’s laws!

Joseph 27:91

Joseph 27:92

Joseph 27:93
Ebers father!

Joseph 27:94
Shem’s grandson!

Joseph 27:95
Grandchild of law’s.

Joseph 27:96
Mathematic’s mere’ll designs’ for.

Joseph 27:97
A way afore’lls:

Joseph 27:98
wise words’;

Joseph 27:99

Joseph 27:100
divine lyings’,

Joseph 27:101

Joseph 27:102

Joseph 27:103

Joseph 27:104

Joseph 27:105

Joseph 27:106

Joseph 27:107

Joseph 27:108
expert from of to in on wars’;

Joseph 27:109

Joseph 27:110

Joseph 27:111

Joseph 27:112

Joseph 27:113

Joseph 27:114
pharaoh’ll ways’s!


Chapter 28 (2:11) – Moses and God’s Guide Aaron Follow Ten Plagues Brought on the Pharaoh’s Hard Earned Heartland in Egypt’s Daze

Joseph 28:1
At in – 1,430 B. C:

Joseph 28:2
Moses’ll, three years younger than’s brother Aaron;

Joseph 28:3
Levi’s grand-children.

Joseph 28:4
Yochibeds’ grand children; among Miriam.

Joseph 28:5

Joseph 28:6
anywhere’lls heaven;

Joseph 28:7
I; author’re the;

Joseph 28:8

Joseph 28:9
here’lls, hear’ll;

Joseph 28:10
a of the tenth plague’s:

Joseph 28:11
the death of each families’ firstborn!

Joseph 28:12
In Pi Hahiroth, before Baal Zephon;

Joseph 28:13
the Red Sea tide rises!

Joseph 28:14
The ninth plague’s of darkness.

Joseph 28:15
The eighth plague: locusts;

Joseph 28:16
the seventh plague’s: hail,

Joseph 28:17
the sixth plagues’s: boils.

Joseph 28:18
The fifth plague: diseased the livestock;

Joseph 28:19
the fourth plague’s: flies,

Joseph 28:20
the third plague: spread lice;

Joseph 28:21
the second plague’s: frogs’;

Joseph 28:22
and, the first plague’s: water, becoming blood.

Joseph 28:23
These’re the tens’ plagues of Egypt!

Joseph 28:24
Out of the lions’ den comes something to eat;

Joseph 28:25
& from the bee’s hive, honey, sweet;

Joseph 28:26
this’s the riddle of sacrificing past & way!

Joseph 28:27
The Ten Commandments’re:

Joseph 28:28
first, you may not worship other gods’ likeness beside’s me;

Joseph 28:29
second, you shall not make yourself a carved image to idolize;

Joseph 28:30
third, you shall not take your Lords’ name in vain;

Joseph 28:31
fourth, to keep the Sabbath’s holy.

Joseph 28:32
Fifth, to the honour for both parents: mother & father.

Joseph 28:33
Sixth, to not of murdering!

Joseph 28:34
Seventh, not to commit the act of adultery’s.

Joseph 28:35
Eighth, not to choose of for stealing but to receive’s.

Joseph 28:36
Ninth, do not think to of bear false witness against the neighbour.

Joseph 28:37
Tenth, you shall not covet anything that’s of the neighbour’s.

Joseph 28:38
Admirable, be it, or abominable.

Joseph 28:39

Joseph 28:40
to the of a remnant’s;

Joseph 28:41

Joseph 28:42
Phineas’ & Hophni’ll;

Joseph 28:43
men, bad;

Joseph 28:44
both men’re killed on the very same day,

Joseph 28:45

Joseph 28:46
brother’s; I;

Joseph 28:47

Joseph 28:48

Joseph 28:49

Joseph 28:50

Joseph 28:51
youths’ pure;

Joseph 28:52
the eggs right.

Joseph 28:53
Orange’s I’lls;

Joseph 28:54
saltwater, sapphire’s & scriptures;

Joseph 28:55
rock & stone’s, I’ll;

Joseph 28:56
ponds & reflections’;

Joseph 28:57
Abihu’ll & of Nabor; fire’lls, earths;

Joseph 28:58

Joseph 28:59
Lying, Heavens’.

Joseph 28:60

Joseph 28:61

Joseph 28:62
if, at!

Joseph 28:63
The I Chings’.

Joseph 28:64
It, sixty-fours’,

Joseph 28:65

Joseph 28:66
of eighteen days’s;

Joseph 28:67

Joseph 28:68

Joseph 28:69
curing for & healing’s.

Joseph 28:70
Hours’ souring.

Joseph 28:71

Joseph 28:72
Candid honours.

Joseph 28:73
Partial cleansing;

Joseph 28:74
of sins’ removal.

Joseph 28:75

Joseph 28:76

Joseph 28:77

Joseph 28:78
Of tills of times’.

Joseph 28:79

Joseph 28:80

Joseph 28:81

Joseph 28:82

Joseph 28:83
sorrowful ones;

Joseph 28:84

Joseph 28:85

Joseph 28:86

Joseph 28:87

Joseph 28:88

Joseph 28:89

Joseph 28:90
where, in the.

Joseph 28:91

Joseph 28:92
blind in to seeing of.

Joseph 28:93
From of the.

Joseph 28:94
Acts old, for’s towards.


Chapter 29 (2:12) – Dream-Interpreter Joseph and Jacob Adopt Twins Manasseh & Ephraim Establishing All the Land Israel Before of Jeroboam’s Children

Joseph 29:1
Ephraim’s the best friend of men’s laws’ll;

Joseph 29:2
he’s the father of nineteen & a daughter: Shuthelah I & II and Bered; Tahath I & II, Eleadah then Zabad; Ezer & Elead’re killed at Gath; Beriah; daughter Sheerah; Rephah & Resheph; Tahan & Laadan; Ammihud & Elishama; Nun & Joshua.

Joseph 29:3
Manasseh’s of father o’ll in Machir; a Syrian concubine’s mother’ll; Gileads & Hammolekeths’ grandfather; Asriel’s, Pereshs’s, Jair; Sereshs’s; and Shemidas’ great- grandfather of Maachah, sister of Huppim & Shuppims’; Gileads’ grandchild: Zelophehad.

Joseph 29:4
Jacob gathers his sons’s;

Joseph 29:5
“Reuben my firstborn son, my strength’s beginning; you’re unstable’s water, your ways cannot excel because you went up to your fathers’ couch and defiled it.

Joseph 29:6
Simeon & Levi; brothers of cruelty; let my honour not be united unto their assembly; for in their anger, they slew a man and in their’s will they hamstrung an ox.

Joseph 29:7
Judah, you’ll be the one all your other brothers’ll praise; bowing down’s a lion, who’ll rouse’s him; ’til Shiloh comes’s forth; to him’ll be the obedience of the people.

Joseph 29:8
Grapes of to the choice vine; his garments washed in blood red wine, his eyes darker; his teeth’ll whiter than milk.

Joseph 29:9
Zebulun, a haven shall dwell by, extending to Sidon.

Joseph 29:10
Issachar, of a strong donkey, between two burdens; he saw the rest’s good before mans’; he saw the land’s pleasant & bowed his shoulder to bear of burdens.

Joseph 29:11
Dan’ll be a serpent by the way, as one of the tribes of Israel; justice so that bites the horses heels so that its’ rider falls back.

Joseph 29:12
Gad’ll be a troop trampled on, but he’ll triumph over at last.

Joseph 29:13
Asher’ll be rich and’ll bring royalties’.

Joseph 29:14
Naphtali’s a doe, bringing fruitful words’.

Joseph 29:15
Josephs’s a bough in flowers,

Joseph 29:16
his branches run over the walls.

Joseph 29:17
The archers’ve attacked him with bitterness; shot at with hostility’ll.

Joseph 29:18
By the hands of Jacob’s because Israels’ shepherd’s him; the Rock; his bow remained strong’ll and arms by his hands.

Joseph 29:19
By the blessings of the deep that lies within.

Joseph 29:20
Benjamin’s a ravenous wolf; in the morning he devours the prey & in evening the spoil’d be divided.”

Joseph 29:21
These’re the twelve tribes of Israels’, Jacobs’ and this’s what their father said to them blessing each.

Joseph 29:22
Shechem’s the land where Joseph lays buried.

Joseph 29:23
The brothers begged for’s the pharaohs’ forgivenesses’ll.

Joseph 29:24
Joseph’s cry’s to them, “do not be afraid, for I’m in Gods’ place; you’ve done evil towards me but God meant for it’ll good.

Joseph 29:25
Don’t fear.

Joseph 29:26
I’ll provide to your little ones.”

Joseph 29:27
Jeroboam II; he’lls Joash’s son, that in Israel; Ahaziahs’lls genealogy’s; for’s Jehoahaz’s; Jehus’ reign to ending’ll Ahabs’ seventy-four, himself included; he Ahab, Jezabel; Ahaziah & Jehoram; then the seventy other sons;

Joseph 29:28
Jehoshaphats’ll children’s: Joram, Azariah; Jehiel & Zechariah; Azaryahu, Michael & Shephatiah’s.

Joseph 29:29
Jehoram’s murdered 80 kin’ll: his six brothers & seventy-four of his wife Athaliah’s.

Joseph 29:30
They’re the fathering of Ahaziah II’ll.

Joseph 29:31
Rehoboam’s child of in Abijam;

Joseph 29:32
Abijah’lls; I’lls, Nedab’s;

Joseph 29:33
Rehoboam’s child in of Tamar’lls;

Joseph 29:34
Jeroboam’s child by name’ll so’s;

Joseph 29:35
Zeruahs’ grand-children’ll reigns’;

Joseph 29:36
Abishalom’s grandmother of Maachah, Asa’s;

Joseph 29:37
he’s for forty-one years Judah’s king’ll;

Joseph 29:38
Jehoshaphat’lls father’s;

Joseph 29:39
he’s Ahaziahs’, father of Joash’s;

Joseph 29:40
Jehu did evil’s, by the hand, of the Lord!

Joseph 29:41
The quest for Samsons’ countenance’s;

Joseph 29:42

Joseph 29:43
the Philistine wife’s & of’ll Delilah.

Joseph 29:44

Joseph 29:45
earth quest;

Joseph 29:46

Joseph 29:47
Ephraim’s Lot;

Joseph 29:48
Heaven’s ascending.

Joseph 29:49


Chapter 30 (2:13) – Parable of the Small Caterpillar on a Fig Tree During Job’s Bleak Days in Uz’s Land

Joseph 30:1
A lot in Job’s hand,

Joseph 30:2
frogs & lily pads,

Joseph 30:3

Joseph 30:4
mustard seeds plantin’.

Joseph 30:5
Grains lay at’s feet.

Joseph 30:6

Joseph 30:7
18 days’.

Joseph 30:8

Joseph 30:9

Joseph 30:10
incomplete tithes’ of Jeroboams’.

Joseph 30:11
Rivers, lakes & mountainsides;

Joseph 30:12
Terebinth trees’s lots;

Joseph 30:13
cherries’ branching,

Joseph 30:14
Hebrons’ lot;

Joseph 30:15
dragons’s laying eggs;

Joseph 30:16
Jude’s Benjamins;

Joseph 30:17
namesakes’ in;

Joseph 30:18
rhinos’ &’ll elk horns’.


Chapter 31 (2:14) – Simon the Magus Takes a Golden Calf for an Eye Doll

Joseph 31:1
The stones rejected’s by the builders;

Joseph 31:2
a rocks’s; become an offense;

Joseph 31:3
that he’s taken a Gentile in as father;

Joseph 31:4
afoot’s evildoers’ll way;

Joseph 31:5
observe those’s on the day of visitations’;

Joseph 31:6
don’t stumble’s to fall, ungracefully,

Joseph 31:7
being disobedient yet also of in harsh;

Joseph 31:8
being within obtaining mercy;

Joseph 31:9
of the Holiest lands’ in Zion’s.

Joseph 31:10
Sapphira’s transpire’s; the evenest of central;

Joseph 31:11
Ananiases’ll of well;

Joseph 31:12
the teacher of goddess’ way;

Joseph 31:13
Simon’s calf of gold earned the eye’s of his affections’;

Joseph 31:14

Joseph 31:15
from the house of Bigvais’s: two thousand and sixty-seven;

Joseph 31:16
the twelfth generations’ from Parosh’s.

Joseph 31:17
names’ a lot safe;

Joseph 31:18

Joseph 31:19
high priest’s;

Joseph 31:20

Joseph 31:21

Joseph 31:22

Joseph 31:23
Refine’ll Augusts;

Joseph 31:24

Joseph 31:25

Joseph 31:26

Joseph 31:27

Joseph 31:28

Joseph 31:29

Joseph 31:30

Joseph 31:31

Joseph 31:32

Joseph 31:33

Joseph 31:34

Joseph 31:35

Joseph 31:36

Joseph 31:37

Joseph 31:38

Joseph 31:39
All synchronously;

Joseph 31:40

Joseph 31:41

Joseph 31:42

Joseph 31:43
dream’lls; o,

Joseph 31:44

Joseph 31:45


Chapter 32 (2:15) – Simon a Magus Leads Israel’s House of Forty Lamb Before the Wilderness’ Shearer

Joseph 32:1
O, the impossibilities;

Joseph 32:2
the measure to of sins’s depths

Joseph 32:3
& cries’ll.

Joseph 32:4
I o’ll Clements’;

Joseph 32:5
the minds laws’ll;

Joseph 32:6
sufferer of God:

Joseph 32:7
Barnabas’s if barren;

Joseph 32:8

Joseph 32:9
but I love on!

Joseph 32:10
Saint James’.

Joseph 32:11
Who’s to seek, wander & in error’s in truth;

Joseph 32:12
wherefore we’d communicate care.

Joseph 32:13

Joseph 32:14
Piously & in saving’s!

Joseph 32:15
But if any one after taking adjuration shall act otherwise, he shall incur eternal punishment.

Joseph 32:16
He causing destruction why should not himself be destroyed;

Joseph 32:17
the elders were’ll pleased with James’ sentiment;

Joseph 32:18
Exclaiming “blessed be He who is foreseeing’ll things’ has graciously appointed that’s our bishop!”

Joseph 32:19
When they said this everyone rose &’ll prayed to the Father & God’s glory forever. Amen.

Joseph 32:20
Lukest Hebrews’.

Joseph 32:21
Tumult in Saul raised;

Joseph 32:22
he began to drive into confusion.

Joseph 32:23
Shouting & undoing what’d been arranged with much labour!

Joseph 32:24
And to enrage them like madmen to murder,

Joseph 32:25
saying “what o do ye?

Joseph 32:26
Why hesitate?

Joseph 32:27
Oh sluggish & inert, why do we not lay hands upon they;

Joseph 32:28
pulling these fellows to pieces?”

Joseph 32:29
When he said this seizing a strong brand from the altar, he set example how smiting.

Joseph 32:30
Then others seeing him’re also carried away with like-readiness;

Joseph 32:31
the tumult ensued, on either side, beating & the beaten;

Joseph 32:32
much’s shed,

Joseph 32:33
there’s confusion’s, in the midst of which Saul attacked James;

Joseph 32:34
throwing him headlong from the top of the steps; supposing him to be dead’ll;

Joseph 32:35
caring not to inflict violence unto him.

Joseph 32:36

Joseph 32:37
behold’s he one of John’s disciples declared that John’s the Christ.

Joseph 32:38
Accordingly, Jesus’s called the Christ John’s a mere prophet!

Joseph 32:39
As between Him who gives the law, & he who keeps the law, it.

Joseph 32:40
Simon the Zealot’s asserts John’s greater than all prophets, and whom’re born in woman, yet not greatest than the Son of Man.

Joseph 32:41
Matthias, substituted for’s of Judases’ll called Barnabas exhorted to not regard Jesus’s hatred, nor speak evil of Him.

Joseph 32:42
“For it were far more proper even for one who might be in ignorance or in doubt concerning Jesus’s to love in than of hate Him.

Joseph 32:43
For God’s affixed a reward to love’ll & a penalty to’s hatred.

Joseph 32:44
That He assumed a Jewish body and’s born among the Jews, how’s this not incited us in to’ll love Him?”

Joseph 32:45
Once St. Barnabas’s spoke these words, he stopped.

Joseph 32:46
The high priest known by’s Joseph ben Caiaphas,

Joseph 32:47
attempted to impugn Jesus’ word’ll,

Joseph 32:48
That He spoke vain things, said the poor’re blessed’ll

Joseph 32:49
& promised earths’ll, Heaven’s reward.

Joseph 32:50
That He’d promised those who maintain righteousness shall be satisfied with meat & drink;

Joseph 32:51
many things of this sort; He’s charged in teaching.

Joseph 32:52
Thomas’ll proves that’s his accusation’s frivolous;

Joseph 32:53
showing in whom the prophets Caiaphas believes didn’t show the manner in which these things’re to be taken.

Joseph 32:54
Jesus whereas pointed out how they’re to be understood;

Joseph 32:55
and when he’d spoken these things’s & others of a like kind,

Joseph 32:56
Thomas also held his peace’s.

Joseph 32:57
Therefore in the warning’s of accusations’, Ciaphas looked’ll at for I,

Joseph 32:58
saying I ought to refrain for futures, from preaching Lord Christ;

Joseph 32:59
lest I should do it to my own destruction, lest being deceived myself I should also others,

Joseph 32:60
then moreover, he charged me with presumption,

Joseph 32:61
because I was unlearned, a fisherman & rustic, I dared to assume the responsibility of a teacher.

Joseph 32:62
I replied that I incured’ll less danger if He were not the Christ but’ll of law, that before I’s He’d appeared but in whom’ll else has He never appeared’ll to; in Him, are the faiths’ of others reserved from’ll?

Joseph 32:63
But if I an unlearned, uneducated man’s you say;

Joseph 32:64
do a fisherman, rustic’ve more understanding than elders, wise;

Joseph 32:65
this I ought strike’s terror into you. For if I disputed with any learning and won over you wise learned men it’d appear as that I’d acquired this power by long learning; not by the grace of divine power’ll?

Joseph 32:66
But now’s I’ve said we unskilled men convince & overcome’ll you wise men,

Joseph 32:67
who that’s any sense doesn’t perceive this not’s the work of human subtlety, but of divine will & gift?


Chapter 33 (2:16) – Isaac Takes Rebekah as a Sister for His Wife

Joseph 33:1
Abraham stood up and bowed himself before those people in the land of Heth.

Joseph 33:2
He spoke to the people on that land, saying, “I’m a foreigner & visitor among you. If it’s your wish I bury my dead out of in my sight, meet with Ephron son of Zohar for me; that he might give me the cave of Machpelah which he has, at the end of his field.”

Joseph 33:3
The Hittite answered, “lord, hear me, I can give you a cave in the presence of the sons’; of my people, bury your dead.”

Joseph 33:4
Abraham answered to Ephon & the people, bowing to them “that you’ll give if it, please hear this: I’ll give you money for the field, take it, so o I’ll bury mine there,” and Ephon answered, “lord, if you’ll listen; the land’s worth four hundred shekels, silver; what’s that between you & me? So o bury the dead of yours.”

Joseph 33:5
Abraham listened to Ephon, weighing out the silver’s named; in Heths sons & daughters four hundred shekels, currency in silver among merchants’.

Joseph 33:6
So the field of in Machpelah before Mamre, the field & cave which’s of in it and’ll the Hebron’s in there; surrounding, the borders’re deeded’s.

Joseph 33:7
Afterward Abraham’s buried Sarah his wife of in Machpelahs’ cave in the land, Canaan.

Joseph 33:8
So the field & the cave in it’re deeded’s of to Abraham’s by the sons of Heth,

Joseph 33:9
as property for a burials’ place.

Joseph 33:10
Now Abraham’s old, well-advanced in age; the Lord blessed Abrahams’ll things; Abraham said to the oldest servant of his house, “Please put your hand under my thigh, promise me by the God of in Heaven & the earth’ll you’ll not take a wife for Isaac of the Canaanites’ among dwelling, but that you’ll go into my country &’ll to my family to take of a wife for my son of Isaac. The servant said, “Perhaps the woman’ll not be willing to follow me back of this land’s. May I take your son back to the land which’s at you came?” But Abraham said to him, “Beware you wouldn’t take my son there; the Lord God Heaven of, brought me out of mine father’s household & native land, Haran, promising me ’toward descendants of yours, I give the lands,’ He may send His angel before you and’s you’ll take a wife for my son from there. If this woman’ll be unwilling then you’ll be released from this oath of mine, just don’t take my son back there.” So the servant put’s an hand underneath Abrahams’ thigh & swore to him concerning this matter. Then the servant took ten of his Masters’ camels &’s departed.

Joseph 33:11
He set for Aram Naharaim that’s Mesopotamia, and+ into Nahor. Then he’d his camels kneel near a well of water towards the outside of town at evening when the women go out to draw it. Then he said, “O Lord God of Master Abraham, here I stand. Behold! By a well’re the daughters’s of men to the city coming out’ll to draw water. Let it be that the young woman whom says I’s, ‘please let down your jar that I may have a drink,’ & she says ‘Drink & I’ll give too’ll of your camels’— let her be the one you’ve chosen for your servant’ll Isaac and by’ll this I will know you’ve shown kindness of my Master.” It happened before he’d finished talking that behold; Rebekah, born unto Bethuel, of Milcah wife of Nahor, Abrahams’ brother; with her pitcher on her shoulder. The woman’s was very beautiful of beholding, a virgin; no man’s ever known to’ve been with her. She went to the wells’, filled the pitcher & came up; the servant of Abraham’s hurried to meet her. He said, “please give a little water of your jar.” So she said “Drink my lord.”

Joseph 33:12
Then she quickly lowered her pitcher to her hands and gave him a drink, saying, “I’ll draw water from for your camels, until they’ve had enough.”

Joseph 33:13
She so quickly emptied her jar into the trough then ran back to the well to draw more water for’lls the camels. Himself, not saying a word watching closely’s whether the Lord’d made his journeys’ successful or not.

Joseph 33:14
So when the camels’d finished drinking, the man took a gold’ll nose ring weighing half a shekel & two bracelets’s for her wrists weighing’ll o ten shekels’ in gold and saying, “whose daughter’re you? Please, tell me, is there room in your fathers’ house for us to lodge?”

Joseph 33:15
She answered him, “I’m daughter in Bethuel that’s Milcahs’ son bore o’ll Nahor.” Moreover’ll she added, “we’ve plenty of straw & fodder, and as well’s enough room’s for you to stay.”

Joseph 33:16
Rebekahs’ brothers’ name’s Laban. Laban ran of the man’ll, by the well. So it came to pass, the bracelets on’s that’s Rebekahs’ wrists, and nose’ll ring’ll camels’; & heard words’ll, of his sister’s Rebekah, saying, “Thus the man spoke to me,” that he went to the man, and there he stood by camels’s wells’, spring and said, “Come in. O. Blessed of the Lords’. Why stand of outside, for I’ve prepared the house & a place, for o’ll camel’s.” O so’ll, the servant came into the home and unloaded’ll the camels & gave they straw &’ll fodder’s. Water’s, to wash theirs camels’ feet. The feet of the men’s there, with him. O, food’ll was set’lls there before he to eat’ll but said, he, “I’ll will not eat until I’ve told about my story,” then Laban’d said “then, tell us.”

Joseph 33:17
So he said, “I’m Abraham’s servant. The Lord’s my Master’s blessed greatly & he’s become; given flocks & herds, of silver &+ gold; male & female, servants, camels and donkeys’. And Sarai’s, my Masters’ wife, Sarah bore’ll. Him, a son’ll, Isaac; a son in her ole’ age & given of everything, he. My Master’s made me of swear on oath, said, “You shall not take a wife for in my son from the a Canaanites’, in whose lands’s I here living dwell. Go but, to take to a wife, family’ll of me for the son, Isaac; my son, Eliezer.” Then I asked my Master, “But, if perhaps’ll she’ll not follow of me? With to?” But’s Masters’ words’re “the Lord, before with whom I’ve walked faithfully’ll send His angel’s making your journey a success+ in prosperings’ so that you’s can even get of a wife’s for my son from my own family clans’ & from my fathers’ll, you’ll be released by with this oath whence which’ll arrived therein at; for if they’ll not give her to be, you’ll be released’ll.’

Joseph 33:18
And whence I came’ll to this spring, well o today saying ‘Lord. O my Master Abraham’ll if please, prosper by the well with of which I go, “Please give me little a water o your jar,” I say, and if she’s, “drink and I’ll draw waters’, for within your camels’ also,” let her be the one woman’s for Isaac’s.’

Joseph 33:19
Thereof I finished praying in of mine heart; Rebekah, came out with her pitcher in her hand’s shoulders’, she went down to the spring & drew the water and I said, “‘Please give me a drink.’” And quickly she lowered her jar from shoulder’ll, saying “drink, and I’ll draw for your camels too,” let be her the woman whom the Lord’s chosen’s my Master’s son.’ Now, before I finished praying within of heart Rebekah came out with jar on her shoulder’s went down to the wells’ then I asked her, “Whose daughter are you?” She said, “The daughter of Bethuel’s of Nahor whom Milcah born’ll to him.” So then I adorned to’s the nose ring of hers & bracelets’ll on her wrists, then bowed to her & the Lord and blessed’s the Lord or Master Abraham, who led me in the way+ of truth to take Masters’ brothers’s granddaughter for’s his son. Now, if you’ll show’lls in kindnesses truly’s & faithfulnesses’s towards that’lls to if my Master, tell me; so I’lls have knowings’lls about’s which’lls way’s right+ left.”

Joseph 33:20
Laban & Bethuel’ll answering, commanded “this’s from Lord, we cannot’s speak in either bad’ll or good! Here’s Rebekah’s before you, take her &’s go, you let her be your Master’s son’s wife, as the Lord’s spoken.” And it towards’s came to pass, Abraham’s servant heard their words’lls & he worshipped the Lord on the ground! Then the servant brought jewelry of silver+gold’ll & clothing and gave them to Rebekah. He also gave things’ precious to her mother +& brother’s. Then he & the men who’re with ate and+’ll drank+ spent a night. Then the next morning, he got up+ said “Send away me to in my Master.” Her brother & mother responded “Let the young woman remain with’s a few days’s ten then you’ll go.” Then, he said, “Don’t refrain me now that the Lord’s granted a winds way; so please send me away to my Master.”

Joseph 33:21
Then they said, “Let’s call the young woman & ask her about it.” So then, they called out to the young woman Rebekah & asked her, “will you withal go in with this man?” And she said, ‘“I will go.”’

Joseph 33:22
So they sent their sister’s Rebekah on her way’ll, along o with a nurse’s & Abrahams’ servant & with his men. And they’ll blessed Rebekah saying to her: “our sister may you increase’lls to thousands’ of to ten thousands; may your descendants possess the gates to of their’lls enemies.”

Joseph 33:23
Then Rebekah & her maidens arose’s they rode camels and followed the servant’s back of to Abraham.

Joseph 33:24
Now Isaac’s came from the land of Beer Lahai Roi. He lived in Negev, south dwelling. And Isaac went to a field on one evening toward mediating; he lifted’s eyes & looked of seeings’ in camels’re coming.

Joseph 33:25
Rebekah then lifted her eyes’s & she saw Isaac; she’ll dismounted from her camel & asked’s servants’ll “Who’ll is that man now coming in the field to meet us?”

Joseph 33:26
The servant answered, “It is my Master.” She o took’s a veil of’s & covered’ll of herself. Then his servant told Isaac’ll that’d been done he’s. Then Isaac brought her into’s his mother’s tent, Sarahs’s; and he married Rebekah & she became’s his wife and’ll then he loved her; so Isaac’s comforted after that his mothers’ death.


Chapter 34 (2:17) – God and Abraham Burn Seven Ewes With Wood at Isaac’s Altar Rinsing

Joseph 34:1
Abimelech & God’s hand;

Joseph 34:2
o’ll of knowing, I’ll

Joseph 34:3

Joseph 34:4

Joseph 34:5

Joseph 34:6
summoned’lls official,

Joseph 34:7
afore telling of’ll the dream;

Joseph 34:8
that’lls nightmare’ll;

Joseph 34:9
God thought’ll to destroy Abimelech,

Joseph 34:10
for taking of wife’lls Abrahams’.

Joseph 34:11
Because she’s a married woman,

Joseph 34:12
to that of her brother Abraham.

Joseph 34:13
That’s why God didn’t let him touch her.

Joseph 34:14
So Abimelech arose early in the morning.

Joseph 34:15
Telling’s servants’ll hearings!

Joseph 34:16
Abimelech called Abraham & said,”What’ve you done to us? How’ve I offended you that you’ve brought great sin on me & my kingdom? You’ve done deeds to me that ought not to be done.”

Joseph 34:17
Then Abimelech said to Abraham, “what’ve you done in view that you’d do this?”

Joseph 34:18
Abraham said, “because I thought surely the fear o God’s not in this place & they’d kill me of my wife’lls account! But indeed she surely’s my sister. She’s daughter of my father, Terah but not of my mother Amathlai & she became my wife; & God caused me to’ll wander from my fathers’ house, because I told’ll her, ‘this’s your kindness that you’d do for me: in every place we go wherever say’lls me “He’s my brother.”’”

Joseph 34:19
Then Abimelek took sheep, oxen’s & male and female servants then gave these’ll of Abraham’ll returning his wife Sarah to him. Abimelek saying, “See’s of lands before you; dwell where it pleases.”

Joseph 34:20
Then to Sarah he’s said “I’ve given to your brother a thousand shekels’s of silver. This vindicates you before’ll whom’re with you’s before everybody.”

Joseph 34:21
Thus she’s vilified but now completely clear & justified in hers’ll.

Joseph 34:22
So Abraham prayed to God then He healed’s Abimelek, his wife & female slaves, so then they could have children yet’ll again.

Joseph 34:23
Then they’d bear children worthies. For that God closed up’s wombs of Abimelech’s; that because in of Sarah, Abrahams’ wife.

Joseph 34:24
The Lord went of Sarah as they’d spoken. Sarah’d conceived & bore a son of Abraham; Isaac. Then at eight days old, he’lls circumcised’s God commanded to. Abraham lived one hundred years when his son Isaac’s born. Sarah’ll said “God’s brought laughter in me, all hearing might laugh with me. Who’d have said of Abrahm that Sarai’d nurse his child’ll? For I’ve borne him a son in his old age.”

Joseph 34:25
So then Isaac grew’ll of weaned & Abraham cooked’ll a feast on the same day’s Isaacs’ weans.

Joseph 34:26
And Sarah saw Hagar’s son Ishmael; Egyptian she’d borne toward Abraham, scoffing, he mocked her. And so she said to’ll Abraham “Cast off this slave bondswoman’s & her son, they’ll not ever share by namely Isaac’s heir who’lls my son.” This matter’s distressing of Abrahams’ sight for concerning that’s of son.

Joseph 34:27
And God said of to him, “Don’t let’s it displease’s your sight because of your lad of or bondservant; whatever Sarah’s of said of you listen because in service to Isaac your seed’ll be called & reckoning’ll.

Joseph 34:28
And yet I’ll also make a nation of the boy & bondswoman because he’lls still of’s seed.”

Joseph 34:29
So Abraham’s awoke early that next mournings’ and he took bread & a waters’ skin container’ll; he gave they & the boy to Hagar & then sent them’ll away. They wandered in toward the wilderness’ll of Beersheba. And the water’ll in the skin’s drained’ll o in of,

Joseph 34:30
she’ll as put the boy under a shrubs; then she’ll o went & then sat’lls down across from about’ll at a bowshots’ distance; afore she said to herself, “Let me not see the death of’s my son.” So’s she sat opposing him’s, lifted her voice & cried’ll.

Joseph 34:31
And God heard the boys’ voice crying for his mothers’ & the angel of the Lord said to Hagar’s, “what’s upset o’lls Hagar? Don’t be fearing,

Joseph 34:32
for God hears the voice of the boy Ishmael whence’s. Lift the boy up; lift him by the’ll hand for I’ll make a nation’ll o a for him.”

Joseph 34:33
Then God opened Hagar’s eyes, she saw’s a wells’ of water; then she filled’s the skins’ll full of waters with & gave the child’ll its drinks’.

Joseph 34:34
And God’s with the boy; and he grew & became an archer’s in the wildernesses’,

Joseph 34:35
Ishmael’s dwelling’ll in o the wilderness’s in Paran & his mother’s found in him a wife for of,

Joseph 34:36
Aisha’lls, if;

Joseph 34:37
if, she’s Muhammads’ third wife’s named; second after’s 1st wife’ll Khadija, she’s Muhammads’ twenty-fives’ll monogamous’ll.

Joseph 34:38
Righteously’s all. I;

Joseph 34:39
Bathshua’ll is’s Joseph Smiths’ll;

Joseph 34:40
wisdom of trigonometry;

Joseph 34:41
bridal affairs’;

Joseph 34:42

Joseph 34:43

Joseph 34:44

Joseph 34:45

Joseph 34:46
Bald eagle’s.

Joseph 34:47

Joseph 34:48

Joseph 34:49

Joseph 34:50

Joseph 34:51

Joseph 34:52

Joseph 34:53

Joseph 34:54

Joseph 34:55

Joseph 34:56
L.Ron Hubbards;

Joseph 34:57
Scientologist’lls; I

Joseph 34:58
Bethsabee’ll;+ she’s

Joseph 34:59

Joseph 34:60

Joseph 34:61

Joseph 34:62

Joseph 34:63

Joseph 34:64

Joseph 34:65
World War Is’ casualties’s ten millions’ & WWII’s 60 million.

Joseph 34:66
Vietnams’ War took nearly four’ll millions.

Joseph 34:67
The Cold War’s taken near a one hundreds’s times that.

Joseph 34:68
The War in Iraqs’s cost half a million so far.

Joseph 34:69
4,400 killed on D-Day, 2,500 at Pearl Harbour & 3,000, 9/11.

Joseph 34:70

Joseph 34:71
And it came to pass even then Abimelech &+ Phichol, commander of’s armys’ said to in Abraham, “God’s with you in all that you do. Therefore, swear you’ll not deal falsely of Gods’ but withal me or my offsprings &+ descendants’; but according with kindnesses’s I’ve done to you +& you’ll do toward’s me &’ll + to the lands’ which’ve been dwelt in.”

Abraham said “I’ll swear it.” Then Abraham complained in to Abimelek because of the well’s servants’d seized. Abimelech saying’s, “I don’t understand those who’ve done this; you didn’t tell me nor’d I heard any of it ’til today.” So Abraham took’s sheep +&’ll oxen for Abimeleks’ & the two made a covenant’s; Abraham set seven ewes’ll lambs’s toward of flock by themselves; Abimelek asked “what’re the meaning of these seven ewes’?” And Abe’ll said’s “You’ll take these’ll ewes’s from my hand, they may be’s of witness that I’ve dug an wells’.” So then he called to the place’s Beersheba because the two men swore’s an oath there.

Joseph 34:72
Thus the two men made an covenant of at’s Beersheba. Thus Abimelech +’ll Phichol’lls commander of’s armys’ returned to the Philistines’s land; then a tamarisk tree’s planted by’s in Beersheba there’s called on the Lord’s the Everlastings’ God. And Abraham stayed in the land of the Philistines many days’.

Joseph 34:73
Now’s it came to pass God tested’s Abraham saying’ll of him “Abraham!” And he said “I am here.” Then God said, “Take your son of Isaac whom you love & go’ll to the land, Moriah! Offer him on a mountain’s a burnt offering of which I’lls tell you.”

Joseph 34:74
So Abraham’s rose early in the mournings’ & saddled’s donkey then two of’s men took to him and’lls his son’ll Isaac; then he’d split wood’lls for’s offering & arisen, went to the mountaintop place which God’ll had told of him. Then on of the third day, o Abraham looked up & saw the place God’d spoke of’ll.

Joseph 34:75
Abraham said to o’s his men “Stay with the donkey’s; the lad & I’ll go of worshipping yonder, we’ll come back and of you.” Abraham took wood’s for the offerings’ & laid it on his son Isaac; and he took’s the fire in hands’ & a knife together in eaches’. But Isaac spoke to Abraham & saying, “My Father!” Abraham’s said “Yes’ll, I’m here. My son.”

Joseph 34:76
Then’ll Isaac said, “look, the fire & wood but’s there a lamb for’s an offerings’s burnt?”

Joseph 34:77
Abraham said “My son, God’ll bring for Himself the lamb.” The two of them went’s together.

Joseph 34:78
They then came to where God’ll told him. Abraham built an altar +& placed the wood in’lls order; he’s bound Isaac his son &’s lain him onto the altar+ the wood. Abraham took’s his knife stretching’s hand to slay the son.

Joseph 34:79
O then so an angel of the Lord called to Abe’ll from Heaven & said “Abraham. O Abraham!” So then he’d said “Here I am.”

Joseph 34:80
Then he said, “don’t put your hands’ll o on the lads’ head’s for I know Gods’ fear’s in you that you’ve not withheld your only son’ll from me.”

Joseph 34:81
Abe’ll lifted’s face & eyes’ll looked then, behind him there’s a ram caught by of its’ horn in a bushel, thicket. So then Abe’ll went up to the ram & offered it instead of Isaac; Abe called this land The-Lord-Will-Provide; as it’s this day still said’s “on the Mount of the Lord it’ll be provided!”

Joseph 34:82
Then the angel of the Lord called to Abe’ll again out from Heaven saying, “I. O promise by of myself. O. Declare’s the Lord. O. Because this’ll thing. O you’ve done. And not withheld your onliest son—. I’ll. O this family’ll bless. As I’ll bless descendants multiplying’s the stars. O, of Heaven’ll o, the sands’ on the which, seafloor. O, your children’ll shall’ll take possession of’ll the cities of their enemies’ll. Throughout’ll your seeds’s all nations of earths’ shall be blessed. O’ll because you’ve obeyed my voice. So o then Abe’d returned’ll to’s his young’ll men and they set off together’s toward of for Beersheba; & Abe’ll stayed in Beersheba.

Joseph 34:83
So after’ll these came to pass then it’s was told to Abraham, “in the children’ll. O of Nahor’ll Milcah’s borne of: firstborn Huzs’s; second’s Buz’ll; o third’s Kemuel the father’s to in Aram, Chesed, Hazo; o Pildash’s! O Jidlaph & Bethuel.”

Joseph 34:84
O Bethuels’ begotten; Rebekah.

Joseph 34:85
Nahors’ concubines’ll: Reumah, Tebah, Gaham, Thahash & Maakah.

Joseph 34:86
These’re the children’ll of Nahor; Abrahams’ brother.

Key Legend:

Ææ – ‘auh’
Œœ – ‘ouh’
Åå – ‘aau’; like in ‘all’
Ââ – ‘è’; ‘eh’ or ‘ay’ sound (never at starts of words’) Aα – alpha ‘ah’ or long ‘a’
Çç – ‘s’; soft ‘c’
Ēē – long ‘ee’
Ęę – nasal ‘eh’; like in ‘Joseph’ Eɛ – epsilon non-nasal ‘e’ or ‘eh’ Øø – nasal ‘uh’; like ‘la-la’
Ôô nasal ‘ah’; like in “God”
Ỏỏ – ‘ui’; often with a u or y; like in ‘could’ or ‘joy’ ß – ‘ss’ (German; not Greek); like ‘cross’
ðθ – ‘Th’; like in ‘the’ or ‘they’ Φφ – ‘phi’ or ‘ph’; like in ‘phase’ Żż – ‘Ji’; like ‘Jesus’